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Department of State. Division of Historical Resources. Bureau of Historic Preservation. Overview of Historical Resources Grants-in-Aid. Historic Preservation Grants Special Category Grants Small-Matching Grants Acquisition & Development Survey & Planning Community Education

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Department of State

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  1. Department of State Division of Historical Resources Bureau of Historic Preservation Overview of Historical Resources Grants-in-Aid

  2. Historic Preservation Grants • Special Category Grants • Small-Matching Grants • Acquisition & Development • Survey & Planning • Community Education • Certified Local Government (Federal) • Main Street • Historic Markers • Historical Museums Grants • Exhibit Grants • General Operating Support

  3. Historic Preservation Grants-In-Aid

  4. SPECIAL CATEGORY GRANTS Description: Assist in largerestoration projects of historic structures, major archaeological excavations, and majormuseum exhibit projects involving the development andpresentation of information on the history of Florida. Award: $50,000 to $350,000 Match: Minimum $50,000. May include cash or donated services and materials. Must be expended within the two-year grant period and/or within five years prior to the application deadline. Eligibility: Not-for-profit organizationsand state agencies includinguniversities, city and county governments, and units of localgovernment. Solicitation for Applications: April 1 Deadline: May 31 Application Review: The Florida Historical Commission reviews and ranks the applications at a public meeting each Fall. The list of ranked applications is subject to approval by the Secretary of State, with the approved list sent on to the Florida Legislature. If the list receives a Legislative appropriation, Grant Agreements would be sent out in July of the following year.

  5. HISTORIC PRESERVATION (SMALL-MATCHING) GRANTS Description: Assist in identification and rehabilitation of historic and archeological sites in Florida, and to provide public information and encourage preservation in smaller cities through the Florida Main Street program. Project Types: Acquisition & Development Community Education Main Street Certified Local Government Survey & Planning Historical Marker Award: Up to $50,000 to be expended within one year. Match: Must equal the grant request up to $50,000. May include cash or donated services and materials. Must be expended within the one-year grant period. Eligibility: Not-for-profit organizationsand state agencies including universities, city and county governments, and units of local government. Solicitation of Applications: October 1Deadline: December 15 Application Review: Same as for Special Category Grants, but reviewed in the Spring.

  6. Acquisition and Development Projects Activities include acquisition, preservation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation, stabilization of historical and/or archaeological sites and structures and the excavation of archaeological sites, as well as the taking of photographs and the preparation of measured drawings and such other records as are necessary to record historical and archaeological sites and properties.

  7. Survey and Planning Projects • Activities include: • Identification and evaluation of historic and archaeological sites – surveys and reports must meet the requirements of Chapter 1A-46, Florida Statutes. • Preservation Plans • National Register Nominations – must be reviewed by the Survey and Registration Section for final completeness. • Funding is generally provided to procure the services of qualified professionals to conduct the work.

  8. Community Education Projects • Historic preservation-related publications: • Brochures, maps, posters • Electronic media presentations (DVD, CD, videocassette, audio) • Workshops, educational outreach programs, seminars and lesson plans (must meet Florida Heritage Education Program guidelines)

  9. Certified Local Government Projects (CLG) Certified Local Government status must be established prior to application. Requirements for certification are as follows: 1) Establishment of a historic preservation ordinance and review commission; 2) Maintenance of a system for historic property survey and inventory; and 3) Provisions for public participation in local historic preservation programs, including a process to accept recommendations for nomination to the National Register. Grant Description: 10% of the State’s annual Historic Preservation Fund grant allocation from the National Park Service is reserved for grant awards to Certified Local Governments for Community Education and Survey & Planning type projects.

  10. Main Street Projects Description: One-time start-up grant for new Main Streets to help pay for a Main Street Manager, office rental and office supplies. Award: $10,000 to be expended within one year. No match required.

  11. Historical Marker Projects Award: 50% of the cost of a Florida Historical Marker. Match: Grantee pays the other 50%. Historical Markers must be approved by the Florida Historical Marker Council prior to submission of the grant application.

  12. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING REGARDING THE SUBMISSION OF • ELECTRONIC AND PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES • WITH HISTORIC PRESERVATION GRANTS-IN-AID APPLICATIONS: • Item No. 7: Photograph • A 3”x5” photograph or printed image showing the principal view of the property or a photo that conveys the purpose of the project • Must be attached to the front page of the Application (and copies), in the space provided. • Photographs may be color or black and white, and should be clear enough for reviewers to see details.

  13. Attachment D: Photographic Images • Additional photographs or printed images showing the existing conditions of the subject property or photographs that represent the project concept. • Should be included in each of the copies of the Application. • May be color or black and white, and should be clear enough for reviewers to see details.

  14. 3) Attachment E: Photograph for Presentation • Submit 1 CD (with the original application only) containing up to three electronic images of the principal view of the subject property or the project concept. • May be the same image as that attached to the front of the Application. • The best image(s) will be used as a visual aid in the PowerPoint presentation at the public grant review meeting. • Please do not submit slides for this purpose.  • JPEG files no larger than 1.0 MB.

  15. ATTACHMENT CHECKLIST Attachment A: Civil Rights Assurance of Compliance Form Attachment B: Documentation of Confirmed Match or Local Cost Share Attachment C: Letters of Support Attachment D: Photographs describing the existing condition of the property or site Attachment E: A CD with electronic image for the Grant Review PowerPoint Presentation Attachment F: If completed, Architectural Project Schematics or Construction Documents

  16. Attachment G: Copy of Florida Master Site File Form Contact the Florida Master Site File at 850-245-6440 for assistance.

  17. ATTACHMENT CHECKLIST CONTINUED… • Attachment H: Acquisition projects only: • Appraisal by a Florida State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser • Ownership and encumbrance search • Executed option or purchase agreement • Property survey • Copy of existing professional archaeological surveys • (if the proposed purchase is a significant archaeological site) • Attachment I: Historic marker projects only: • Historic Marker Application for prior approval by the Florida Marker Council. • Attachment J: Museum Exhibits only: • If completed, museum exhibition designs with appropriate sketches • Attachment K: Non-Profit Organizations only: • Documentation of non-profit status • Attachment L: Optional Attachments

  18. Historical Museum Grants-In-Aid

  19. Historical Museums Program • Two Types of Funding • General Program Support (GPS) • Non-profit Florida History Museums (not state agencies) • Request up to 20% of operating expenses, max $75,000 • Public Educational Exhibits • Public Education: state and local governments, corporations (non-profit and for profit) • Request up to $35,000 $1:$1 Match & Maximum One Year Term

  20. Historical Museums Schedule • Next Application Deadline: December 15, 2007 • Next Review Meeting: March 26-27, 2007 • Contact: Scott Moore, Division of Cultural Affairs DSMoore@dos.state.fl.us

  21. Historical Museums Grants Panel Review • Chaired by Florida Historical Commission Member • Peer Review • Five Panelists • Separate Panels for Exhibits and Operating Support • Secretary of State Appointed

  22. Additional Information www.flheritage.com

  23. Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) • Rural Economic Development Initiative. • Available to counties meeting certain • economic distress factors. • Governor’s Office of Tourism, Trade & Economic Development • Projects in REDI areas may have cash match requirement waived. • Exception is Historic Preservation Special Category Grants. • List of REDI Counties Reviewed Annually. • Rural Cities within other counties can apply for REDI status.

  24. Can my organization apply for more than one Historic Preservation or Museum Grant? • Yes, but be aware of eligibility requirements/policies for each program. • May only receive one General Program Support grant from the Department of State. • A project may be funded by more than one grant in the same fiscal year, but must have a different scope of work.

  25. Tips for Successful Grant Writing • Read the application through first. • Follow Instructions. • Call staff with questions. • Proof! Proof! Proof! • Meet the Application Deadline. • Sell Your Application!!!

  26. Answers to Common Mistakes • Don’t wait until the last minute to submit the application. • Make sure any current grants are in compliance. • Make sure the application is complete. • Get detailed estimates prior to writing the budget. • Answer the questions – mo more, no less. • Get all the appropriate signatures. • Avoid math errors. • Use “quality” support letters. • Avoid overkill on support materials.

  27. So Now You Have a Grant… • Make a separate file for each grant and label it with the name and grant number. • Mark important grant dates on your calendar. • Follow all instructions and submit documents as required. • Notify the Department of any contact or address changes. • Project Sign for Construction Projects and Publicity. • Thank your legislators and other project supporters, and let them know how your grant will benefit the community. • Keep receipts and related financial documents for 5 years after last grant activity.

  28. For additional Information concerning the Historical Resources Grant program please contact the Bureau of Historic Preservation, Grants & Education Section at: 1-800-847-7278 or 850 245-6333 Please direct general grant application questions to: Alissa Slade (Grants Supervisor) amslade@dos.state.fl.us Sam Wilson (Special Category Grants Assistance) slwilson@dos.state.fl.us Michael Zimny (Special Category Grants Assistance) mfzimny@dos.state.fl.us Crista Hosmer (Small-Matching A&D Grants) cmhosmer@dos.state.fl.us Sharyn Heiland (Small-Matching Survey Grants) seheiland@dos.state.fl.us Scott Moore (Historical Museums Grants) dsmoore@dos.state.fl.us Please direct technical questions about Acquisition and Development and Special Category "bricks and mortar" applications to: David Ferro, R.A. (Architect Supervisor, South Florida) dferro@dos.state.fl.us Phillip Wisley, R.A. (Architect, North Florida) pwisley@dos.state.fl.us

  29. HELPFUL WEB SITES • FLORIDA OFFICE OF CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL PROGRAMS http://www.flheritage.com • DIVISION OF HISTORICAL RESOURCES GRANTS-IN-AID http://www.flheritage.com/grants • FLORIDA HISTORICAL MARKERS PROGRAM http://dhr.dos.state.fl.us/services/sites/markers/ • FLORIDA MASTER SITE FILE http://dhr.dos.state.fl.us/preservation/sitefile/ • NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES http://www.cr.nps.gov/nr/about.htm • SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR’S STANDARDS FOR REHABILITATION http://www.cr.nps.gov/hps/tps/rehabstandards.htm • ILLUSTRATED GUIDELINES FOR REHABILITATING HISTORIC BUILDINGS http://www.cr.nps.gov/hps/tps/tax/rhb/

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