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GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles PowerPoint Presentation
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GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles

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GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Om Shanti Why SMS Service? Daily SMS Service BK SMS Portal (Web-2-SMS) ‘Recommend by SMS’ Page on Websites WAP site E-Mail to SMS, SMS to E-Mail Interactive SMS Service BK Content on Mobiles GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles NCO Meeting, Feb. 2008, Madhuban Why ‘SMS Service’?

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GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles

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gsm godly service on mobiles

Om Shanti

  • Why SMS Service?
  • Daily SMS Service
  • BK SMS Portal (Web-2-SMS)
  • ‘Recommend by SMS’ Page on Websites
  • WAP site
  • E-Mail to SMS, SMS to E-Mail
  • Interactive SMS Service
  • BK Content on Mobiles

GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles

NCO Meeting, Feb. 2008, Madhuban


Why ‘SMS Service’?

  • Greater Reach @ Lesser EffortsRegion Mobile UsersE-Mail/Internet UsersWorldwide 41% 17.4%Developed Countries 90.9% 58.6%Developing Countries 32.4% 10.2% - International Telecom Union ( , Dec. 2006
  • Instant Communication at Lowest Cost
    • No need of checking e-mail account
    • From 1 paisa/sms in India & 2 Euro Cent Abroad
  • Easy Tool for Follow-up, Daily Messaging to All
    • Using web-2-sms & one-to-many types of Bulk SMS Services
  • Ability to Grab Attention
    • SMS has 200% more ability to grab attention than e-mail.
    • In last 3 months of 2006, people sent 235 billion sms.


statistics of bk daily sms service in india
Statistics of BK Daily SMS Service in India
  • Total No. of Subscribers for BK Daily SMS Service 39,210.
  • Total No. of Subscribers for Pearl of the Day 30,855.
  • Total No. of Subscribers for Daily Blessing/Slogan 12,221.
  • Subscribers include… BK Seniors, Madhuban Niwasis, BK Teachers, BK Students, Non-BK VVIPs & VIPs from all India.
  • Presently, messages are sent in Hindi / English as per Subscriber’s Selected Language.
  • Subscription Fee: Rs.75/- per Topic per year (India) Rs.750/- per Topic per year (Foreign)
bk sms portal web 2 sms
BK SMS Portal (Web-2-SMS)
  • In simple words, Group Messaging.
  • Very Useful Tool for RCO’s, NCO’s & Centres.
  • You can send Invitations, Intimations, Reminders, Announcements, etc. messages to their Local Contacts for various Programmes.
  • You can also send Thought for the Day to your local contacts.
  • No need of Sophisticated Softwares, special Hardwares, special Mobile Handsets, special Mobile Connections, etc.
  • Just need a Computer with Internet connection.
  • Just log on to BK SMS Portal from website using the ID & PW given to them.
  • You can store mobile numbers in Phone Book on the SMS Portal and can create Groups. No need to type mobile numbers every time.
  • Cost: 1 paisa/sms to India, 2 ec to 8 ec per sms to Foreign countries
usability for bkwsu websites for global service
Usability for BKWSU websites for Global Service:
  • The Visitors of your website can recommend their Contacts to attend a BK Programme or to visit a BK Website by SMS without any cost to them.



Select the Message:

Hello, <Recipient Name>! I came across and found they have got lovely Online Meditation & just thought you might be interested. - <Sender Name>

Hi, <Recipient>! Next Weekend, we are going to Peace Village to attend a Retreat. Let me know if you are interested too. – <Sender>

Hi! This is <Sender>! Do you know about I found it really Empowering and Refreshing! Do catch it up!

<Recipient Name>

<Mobile Number>

<Sender Name>

<Mobile Number>

Send Message

wap site
WAP site
  • WAP sites are very simple websites which can be seen on normal mobile phones with WAP facility
  • Normal websites cannot be seen on normal mobile phones
  • Millions of people use WAP portals for various types of information, updates and downloads.
  • WAP site enables one to use the service without using SMS service and without the need to remember the SMS numbers and the keywords
  • Various information, latest news or updates and ringtones can be kept on the WAP site so that people can access all that from their mobiles from any where.
wap site continue
WAP site (continue…)
  • A trial version of BK WAP site can be visited at the following URL:

  • Here are views of the same…
e mail to sms and sms to e mail
E-Mail to SMS and SMS to E-Mail
  • No need of costly Blackberry Phones for the Advanced facility of E-Mail to SMS and SMS to E-Mail
  • Now, you can receive SMS alerts of important/urgent e-mails to your normal/simple mobile phone also instantly
  • You can also send e-mail by sms from your normal/simple mobile phone
interactive sms service
Interactive SMS Service
  • Technically speaking, it is based on Auto-Reply Messaging System.
  • Using pre-defined Keywords, mobile users can retrieve various informations:
    • BK Programmes on TV channels
    • Om Shanti Help Line Numbers
    • Special Programmes like JAM, Padyatra
    • Address and Phone No. of a BK Centre in any City of India (working), in any country abroad (can be done)
    • Address and Phone No. of a BK Centre in specific areas of the Metro cities.
  • One can Automatically Subscribe for or Unsubscribe from any topic of the Daily SMS Service.
  • Can be used for Opinion Polls, Voting, etc.
bk content on mobile networks
BK Content on Mobile Networks
  • Provision of the Most Awaited Cellular Goodies of…

Ringtones, Wallpapers, Caller Tunes, Videos, etc.

For Download from the Mobile phone directly.

  • A Tie-up with Reliance Infocomm is in progress for provision of the above on Reliance CDMA Mobile users in India.
  • To download Ringtones, From any part of the world, using WAP or GPRS, you can visit this WAP site on your mobile
  • You can also download Ringtones on PC from
  • For the Rest…we are on the Quest…with the Best of our Zest…with only a bit of Rest…
thanks for your valuable feedbacks
Thanks for Your Valuable Feedbacks…

In Response to Daily SMS Service:

  • “i am a cable opetaor on parola dist jalgaon & you slogan daily display on btv marathi thanking you...” – 9890740859
  • “you are sending me glucose not pearls it gives me energy to work throughout day” – 9823149755
  • “the pearls of wisdom being relayed are so wonderful thanks very much.looking forward for more.” – 9434066098
  • “dear divine brother anandbhai, u r doing wonderful sms service. since we make 500 members to receive pearls. thanks a lot. b.k.n.swamy.kolar” – 9342269950
  • “thanks for all good messages it makes me posetive& motivat.” - 9833444311

Some of the Pearl of the Day messages:

  • Death is Not Greatest Loss in Life; the Greatest Loss is what (Moral Values) Dies Inside Us while we are Alive.
  • No Need to Complain about Others; Just Change Urself. It is Easy 2 Protect ur Feet with Shoes than to Carpet the Earth!
  • To Give Up is Easy. To Keep Going & to Keep Giving Needs Inner Powers.
  • People will Forget what you Said. They will Forget what u Did. But they will Never Forget How u Made them Feel.
response to sms campaigns for godly service projects
Response to SMS Campaigns for Godly Service projects:

In Response to SMS Campaign for Padyatra:

(About 7 lakh SMS sent in Gujarat.)

  • “on which date i am at bhuj how i can participate in event. i also offer my voluntary services too. Gopesh”
  • “mai bhi un faristoko pahchanna chahta hu, because i like this. aum shanti ki branch kya mehsana me hai? hai to please give me address” – 9879227380
  • “i m honored to rcvd. the msg., thanx for information, i would like to visit the website. have a nice time, sir. gud night.” – 9898406797
  • “could you send on more details on my id ……………………” – 9825055369

In Response to SMS Campaign of Helpline:

  • “i need positive thoughts to save me” – 9842040406
  • “om shanti. im not getting any type of peace plz help me with ur beatiful n powerful thought's.” – 9427403535
  • “pl. contakt me i am very depresd.” – 9824022299
  • “i want help otherwise i may die.” - 9890846803
recognition to diwali greeting sms
Recognition to Diwali Greeting SMS:
  • The Pearl of the Day sms sent on the Day of Diwali as a Diwali Greeting was…
  • "Nanha sa Diya, Khud Jala aur Sada Prakash Diya par Na Kuchh Liya! Tabhi to wo Har Ghar me Jiya! Kya Meine Bhi Aisa Kiya?“
  • “A Little Lamp, Burnt the Self and Gave Light Always but Never Asked Anything! That’s why it lived in Every Home! Did I also Do something like this?”


  • “The Diwali Greeting SMS was sent to a daily newspaper in Delhi – ‘Amar Ujala’. And our Diwali message was not only published, but it was the first (topper) among the best five Diwali messages those were published. Quite a good number of feedback were received in return, and people really liked this message and said it was a different message which is thought provoking too.”
    • Chanakya Place Centre, New Delhi
gsm godly service on mobiles15

Om Shanti

GSM – Godly Service on Mobiles

For more information and updates, visit or or e-mail to...

NCO Meeting, Feb. 2008, Madhuban