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Food and Wine Pairing PowerPoint Presentation
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Food and Wine Pairing

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Food and Wine Pairing
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Food and Wine Pairing

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    1. Food and Wine Pairing With Everyday Food

    2. Todays Schedule In a 15 minute lecture I will: Define and explain food flavors, wine flavors and textures Explain the industrys standard wine matching principles Then you will have 10 minutes to: Describe smell and taste of each wine Then you break up in teams to: In 15-20 minutes experiment with as many food and wine combinations as possible In 2nd hour of class each team and individual will express teams conclusions and personal preferences Hopefully demonstrating that there is a match for every food item and that food tastes better with wine and visa-versa

    3. Todays Learning Objectives While enjoying ourselves, learn to: Identify the tastes and textures of wine with and without food Understand industrys standard traditional wine matching principles Apply, analyze and compare the principles with various choices Justify and explain your match choices, both positive and negative

    4. Food Flavors and Best Matches SALTY Crisp, dry whites, with addition of salt oaky reds become less tannic SAVORY Medium to full bodied reds depending on the intensity of seasonings or smokiness, i.e. Shiraz or Zinfandel SOUR Light, slightly fruity white or light Italian red, i.e. Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Valpolicella SPICY Spice reduces the sweetness of wine or enhances its fruitiness, i.e. German white SWEET Wine should be sweeter than dessert because the sweetness makes the wine drier

    5. East/West Taste buds Western Four: sweet, sour, salt & bitter Eastern Five: sweet, sour, salt, bitter & hot NEW REVOLUTION Japan replaces hot with Unami a heightened taste but their definition evolves today to the taste of perfection. Very few wines evoke Unami wine must be at its apex of flavor and matched with slow food. Most modern fast wines match well with fast foods and the todays Western four.

    6. Thinking out of the Bottle as I see it Fried fast food white Zinfandel, Riesling, Gamay or Aussie Shiraz Cold cuts, Hamburgers, Pizza, Hotdogs or Quesadilla Gamay, Beaujolais-style Tacos/burritos, Cheeseburgers, Cheese Steak Sandwiches or Crudite with dips Cabernet Franc instead of the traditional Sauvignon because its fruitier and less tannin

    7. Out of Bottle cont Fish & Chips Pinot Noir the white wine in a red suit Pizza & Pasta Sagiovese or your favorite red Thai Riesling the versatile wine or a Gewurztraminer Chili Red Bordeaux, an inexpensive one Corn on the cob or tamales a new world chardonnay that has toasty oak taste with a creamy, buttery finish

    8. Dry & Off-dry Whites From Lightest to Heaviest Soave, Orvieto, Pinot Grigio Off-dry Riesling Dry Riesling Sparkling Wines & Champagne Chenin Blanc, Chablis Chardonnay (unoaked) Sauvignon Blanc White Bordeaux & Burgundy Gewrztraminer Aged US & Aussie Chardonnay

    9. Reds Lightest to Weightiest For Sauces of Similar Weight Valpolicella Beaujolais Dolcetto, Rioja CA Pinot Noir Burgundy Barbera, Chianti, Barolo Bordeaux Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon Rhone, Shiraz, Syrah

    10. Next Weeks Assignment Learning the Aroma Wheel Experiencing wine with our sense of smell to evoke emotion, mood and memory Descriptors Qualitative and Structural, apply them to the wine we taste Learn the expected Aromas characteristics of the each of the wine Varietals