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Interbeton PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Interbeton PowerPoint presentation

Interbeton PowerPoint presentation

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Interbeton PowerPoint presentation

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  1. Interbeton PowerPoint presentation Guidelines for PowerPoint presentations Interbeton

  2. Introduction • There is a new template for BAM/Interbeton PowerPoint presentations. • This presentation explains how the template can be used and is an example of its application. Interbeton

  3. This is the title of the follow-up slide • This presentation shows examples of: • an opening screen • screens with text (such as this one) • screens with images • screens with graphs/diagrams • examples of colour combinations for the different forms of presentation • a closing screen Interbeton

  4. A list of font sizes • Level 1 (24 pt): use this for short texts and headlines. • Level 2 (24 pt): • a bullet appears automatically • can be used for summarised lists • Level 3 (20 pt): this font size is suitable for longer texts. • Level 4 (18 pt): this is for captions accompanying graphs and images. • Level 5 (16 pt): This is the smallest font size. Interbeton

  5. The title can be made up of more than one line, the text box expands automatically • Arial is the standard font for all presentations. • Do not mention to much information on one page, then it is better to make two slides Interbeton

  6. Footers • Footers can be changed in the dialogue box ‘Header and Footer’, which is found under ‘View’ in the menu bar. • The footer states the name of the company and the title of the presentation. The company name and the title are separated by a vertical dash | and two spaces – one before and one after the dash. On the title slide, only the company name may be displayed. • The date can also be amended in this dialogue box. The date may only be shown on the title slide. Interbeton

  7. Use of images • Photographs and illustrations can fill the slide.Preferably place a photograph in line with the upper bar, as shown in the following slide. Interbeton

  8. Full-slide photograph Interbeton

  9. Full-slide photograph Interbeton

  10. Smaller partial-slide photographs are aligned to the left, in line with the title Interbeton

  11. Diagrams • Diagrams can be prepared directly in PowerPoint. • It is also possible to link data from Excel to the presentation. • The colours in the template colour scheme are used automatically. Interbeton

  12. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 other 2D Pie chart Interbeton

  13. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 other 3D Pie chart Interbeton

  14. Colour combinations • The template consists of three different colour combinations. • Choose Format – Slide design in the menu bar to change the colour scheme. Interbeton

  15. The colour combination with a dark green background • The first colour scheme is the default setting for the template. • This colour combination is used for computer-displayed or projected presentations (beamer or regular slides). Interbeton

  16. The colour combination with a white background • The second colour scheme is suitable for colour printing on overhead sheets. Interbeton

  17. The grey tone combination • The third colour combination is suitable for black and white printing. Interbeton

  18. Closing slide If possible, close your presentation with a strong closing message such as a striking photograph or a catchy conclusion. ‘Thanks for your attention’ is not recommended. Being thanked in person is better than being thanked on screen. Interbeton