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Passenger Rail

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Passenger Rail
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Passenger Rail

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  1. Passenger Rail … one more transportation alternative for NH 1/10

  2. Rail in New England The New England States Have a Vision for Rail

  3. NH Rail Transit Authority Background • NHRTA Established………………………..July 2007 • $75 M Limit Liability Cap Becomes Law….......2008 • NH Capitol Corridor Project Approved…………2008 • NHRTA Executive Board Established………….2008 • Interim Executive Director Position Approved…2008 . NHRTA Board Meets Monthly

  4. NH Rail Transit Authority • Mission: Develop and provide commuter and passenger rail and related public rail transportation services in New Hampshire. • Vision: Develop and implement comprehensive, coordinated and prioritized project and funding plans for passenger rail services that provide New Hampshire citizens: • Commuter rail services to in-state and out-of-state employment centers, • Tourist services to recreation areas, • Easy access to regional inter-city passenger rail services and other multi-modal transportation systems. .

  5. NH Capitol Corridor Overview • Upgraded Tracks Lowell MA to Concord NH ( 73 miles) • Initial Service Five round trips a day • Four NH Stations Nashua, Manchester Airport, Downtown Manchester & Concord • Stops at MA Stations Lowell & North Station

  6. NH Capitol Corridor Designation • NH Capitol Corridor will connect Concord NH to Boston MA at speeds up to 79 MPH with travel times less than 90 minutes. • NH Capitol Corridor will connect Manchester to Boston MA in less than 75 minutes with speeds up to 79 MPH. • NH Capitol Corridor is designated by the Federal Railroad Administration in October 2000 as the Northern New England High Speed Rail Corridor connecting Boston and Montreal. • NH Capitol Corridor will be the first phase of a phased project restoring high speed rail between Boston & Montreal on a 489-mile corridor at speeds up to 110 MPH with travel times of 4 ½ hours. .

  7. NH Capitol Corridor Estimated Ridership • NH service area includes: • Rockingham County • Hillsborough County • Merrimack County • Population within the NH service area is approximately 450,000. Estimated Annual Ridership One Way Trips…………………………440,000 .

  8. NH Capitol Corridor Estimated Capital Costs • Lowell MA to Concord NH Construction Costs - Estimated Capital Costs $300 Million • Engineering & Construction Management • Equipment – Coaches & Locomotive • Train Layover Facility • Existing Grade Crossing Upgrades • Track & Civil Upgrades • Signal & Communication Upgrades • Four Train Stations Estimated Capital Costs………..$300 Million

  9. NH Capitol Corridor Estimated Operating Costs • Concord NH to Boston MA estimated annual operating cost - 5 round trips/day $10 Million • Over 60% of operating costs is estimated to be recovered from fare box revenues.

  10. Estimated Economic ImpactFrom NH Capitol Corridor • Cumulative Economic Impact-First 20 Years (2008 Dollars) • New Business…........................................$2.0 Billion • Jobs ( Average 960/year)…………………….19,150 • Construction Impacts (2 Years) • Added Business Sales/Year…………...……$258 M • Added Wages/Year……………………............$97 M • Present Value of Rail Service • Benefits estimated at…….…………………...$557 M • Costs estimated at……………………..……. $435 M Benefit Cost Ratio 1.28…..28% Return

  11. NH Capitol Corridor Schedule • Apply for Track 3 FRA Grant…............. August 2009 • Environmental Assessment ………….. September 2009 • Complete Preliminary Engineering…... December 2010 (Stations, P3 Agreements, Operating Agreements w/Amtrak, MBTA, EOT, etc.) • Apply/Secure Capital Funding………. 2010 • Complete Final Design……………….. End 2011 • Construction & Revenue Operation… Early 2013

  12. Potential Rail Funding Programs Funding Opportunities: • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) • Freight, intercity, High-speed Rail • Federal Transit Agency (FTA) • Light rail, Heavy Rail • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program • Reauthorization of SAFETEA-LU • 2010-2014, $10.5 B per year • Congress to appropriate $5.0 B per year for next 5 years • Stimulus Program - 2009 • $8.0 B High Speed/Intercity • $1.3 B Amtrak .

  13. Case Studies Downeaster • Started operation in Dec. 2001 • Area population 4,851,582 within 25 miles • Five round trips daily • Initial ridership FY 2002 245,135 • Current ridership FY 2008 474,492 • 93% increase in ridership in six years A study in February 2005 found that $15 million of economic activities could annually be attributed to the Downeaster rail service.

  14. Case Studies Rhode Island • Served by Amtrak: • Acela Express • Regional Service • Ridership FY 2003 528,584 • Ridership FY 2008 805,267 • 52% increase in ridership in five years Amtrak spent over $2.5 million on goods and services in Rhode Island during Fiscal Year 2008.

  15. Case Studies Massachusetts • Served by Amtrak: • Downeaster • Vermonter • Lake Shore Limited • Ridership FY 2003 1,893,897 • Ridership FY 2008 2,620,095 • 38% increase in ridership in five years Amtrak spent over $28 million on goods and services in MA during Fiscal Year 2008.

  16. Citizen Support for Passenger Rail in NH • 78% of people who live in the Nashua/Manchester corridor strongly favor extending passenger rail service into NH • 64% of people in NH strongly favor extending rail into NH UNH Survey throughout NH – Feb 2007

  17. State Support “Re-establishing rail in New Hampshire is critical to our future economic growth as a state. It will help protect the environment and improve the overall quality of life in our state. That is why it is important we work together and take the necessary steps to bring commuter rail back to New Hampshire.” Governor John Lynch

  18. City of Nashua Support “The City of Nashua recognizes the importance of all modes of transportation to the economic viability of New Hampshire and New England. Freight and passenger rail transportation are key components to a comprehensive transportation system for the City, the State and New England.” Donnalee Lozeau Mayor

  19. City of Concord Support “The State of New Hampshire needs to explore the potential of, and provide for, an effective mechanism for developing additional rail service to reduce the State’s dependency on the highway system.” Thomas Aspell City Manager

  20. Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce Support “Rail service will make the Nashua region even more competitive in attracting today’s businesses. Nashua already has a highly educated and skilled workforce, strong broadband capabilities, a solid infrastructure and a friendly tax structure.  The introduction of commuter rail is the final piece that ties Nashua even closer to the Greater Boston market while retaining New Hampshire’s quality of life.” Chris Williams President and CEO

  21. Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Support Robin Comstock President and CEO “We feel here in Manchester that we have a lot of assets that we can offer prospective business owners, but the one thing that we are missing right now is multi-modal transportation.  We have the airport and we have the highways, but we need the train to come in and really complete the puzzle.”

  22. Manchester Boston Regional Airport Support • In 2008 • Served over 3.7 million passengers • Transported more than 178 million pounds of cargo • Contributed almost $1.24 Billion to the NH economy • Approximately 22% of travelers come from MA Mark Brewer Airport Director Passenger Rail Service is Vital to the Growth of the Airport

  23. NH Capitol Corridor Next Steps • Secure funding for Preliminary Engineering through FRA Track 3 • Finalize operating agreements with Amtrak, MBTA, EOT,etc. • Continue working with our State legislators, Washington delegation, NH businesses and residents on the benefits of passenger rail and its positive impacts on economic development and quality of life for NH • Secure the necessary capital and annual operating funds • Pursue public private partnerships for train station implementation

  24. Passenger Rail in NH is: Real & Coming Soon ….. Thank you for your time & continued support of the NH Capitol Corridor & Passenger Rail in NH and New England Mike Izbicki Interim Executive Director NH Rail Transit Authority .