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Distance Learning Options. A Presentation for the Bimonthly Records and Information Discussion Group October 21, 2004. My Name is…. Andy Potter Archivist NARA’s Northeast Region (413)236-3605 andy.potter@nara.gov. NARA’s Strategic Directions .

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Distance learning options

Distance Learning Options

A Presentation for the

Bimonthly Records and Information Discussion Group

October 21, 2004

My name is
My Name is…

  • Andy PotterArchivistNARA’s Northeast Region(413)236-3605andy.potter@nara.gov

Nara s strategic directions
NARA’s Strategic Directions

  • Records Management Redesign (RMI) includes expanded training opportunities:

    • Introduce new tools and techniques that will connect RM more directly to agency business programs and priorities

    • Support and assist agency RMOs in providing training and support to key staff throughout their agencies

Supporting the rmi
Supporting the RMI

  • In support of the RMI, NARA’s National RM Program will offer selected training classes to national audiences through a variety of distance learning formats.

Nara s records management training
NARA’s Records Management Training

  • NARA's National Records Management Training Program covers all aspects of current law, regulation, policy, procedure, and official guidance related to records management (RM) in the Federal Government.

Supporting the rmi1
Supporting the RMI

  • Videoconference

  • Teleconference

  • virtual classroom

  • online, web-based

  • and broadcast.

Nara s records management webinars
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • The technology-based Webinar is one part of the expansion of NARA’s RM training program

  • Using the webcast technology to offer webinars combines web-based, real-time interaction with a teleconference to deliver distance learning in an affordable, easy-to-use package

Nara s records management webinars1
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • During Fiscal Year 2004, the National Records Management Training Team (NRMTT) organized and delivered two successful Webinars to the Federal community

  • NARA’s Northeast Region offered the two sessions called “E-mail as a Federal Record: The Basics.”

Nara s records management webinars2
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • Promoted solely through the use of e-mail to regional records management contacts, both sessions were filled within 24 hours.

  • Strong interest on the part of NARA’s records management customer base for this type of presentation.

Nara s records management webinars3
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • The sessions were designed as short, topical sessions, giving a brief overview of the subject.

  • Participants were provided with a URL to access the Internet and a toll-free teleconference number.

Nara s records management webinars4
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • Participants log into the Web site and join the meeting online.

    • chat window,

    • presentation window

    • a participant window that allows them to "virtually" raise their hands

    • a polling feature can be used to capture feedback on the session.

Nara s records management webinars5
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • Audio is provided through a toll-free teleconference line.

  • Most participants sat at their own computers but some sites used their conference rooms so that more staff could see and listen to the presentation.

Nara s records management webinars6
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • Feedback was very positive.

    • A participant from the Coast Guard said “This morning’s presentation was great.”

    • Another from EPA said “It is a great way of attending sessions!...I would be very interested in attending future webinars! I can not always get out to meetings. The feature of not having to leave the office but being able to attend is great!”

Nara s records management webinars7
NARA’s Records Management Webinars

  • Fiscal Year 2005 will be the pilot year for a national program of webinars in support of NARA RMI goals:

    • Topical webinar sessions conducted by NARA Headquarters and Regions;

    • National Records Management Training Program Introduction sessions;

    • Partnering with agencies in developing sessions tailored to specific agency needs.

Topical webinar sessions
Topical Webinar Sessions

  • Sessions that build on the success of the FY 2004 pilots:

    • E-mail will be included as a topic with at least three more topics to be identified,

    • The sessions will be designed to last no more than 45 minutes and include no more than 25 participants,

    • Presented free-of-charge for agency managers and staff.

Training program roll out
Training Program Roll-out

  • NARA is introducing a significant change in the curriculum and methods it uses to provide records management training for customer agencies.

  • Webinar format allows agency RM staff to become familiar with the new curriculum and methodology.

Partnering with agencies
Partnering with Agencies

  • The webinar approach is perfect for the tailored delivery of agency-specific records management information throughout a Federal agency’s organizational structure.

  • NARA can provide a significant tool to assist agencies with developing a comprehensive records management program.

Partnering with agencies1
Partnering with Agencies

  • NARA will work with agencies to identify and create web-based training using the webinar format in support of:

    • schedule implementation roll out,

    • records freeze implementation,

    • program support,

    • Agency-specific inventory projects

    • and other agency records management issues and concerns.