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Beowulf. By: Divine Grace Rapelo.

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Divine Grace Rapelo

Grendel is a monster who lives in hell. He is of pure evil. He lives in grief and darkness, and pain. As in the other hand, up in the hall at Herot, Hrothgar (king of the Danes) and his warriors are rejoicing and partying. At night when the Danes are passed out from drinking mead and partying, Grendel comes and terrorizes the hall. He kills the warriors,; ruthless and horrifying. He has the strength to kill 30 men at a time.

“Killing as often as he could, coming Alone, bloodthirsty and horrible.” (pg. 23]

For twelve years did Hrothgar live in a kingdom of sorrow and fear. There was no escape from Grendel. Men tried sleeping as far from the hall. Those who survived were those who escaped. People talked of such tragedy. Talk of this reached over seas. In Geatland, Higlac’s strongest warrior and nephew took on the ‘duty’ of saving his fellow Danes from such evil. He and his men sailed across the sea to Denmark. “…Proclaiming that he’d go to that famous king, would sail across the sea to Hrothgar, Now when help was needed.” [pg.23]
That night, Beowulf and his men took the place of Hrothgar and his warriors in Herot. At night when they were passed out, except for Beowulf who was awake waiting for Grendel, Grendel comes and snatches a Geat. Beowulf watches him devour the Geat. Grendel moves on to snatch at Beowulf. Grendal and Beowulf fight across the hall. Beowulf snaps Grendel’s shoulder taking it apart. Grendel flees back to his cave and dies there. Beowulf hangs Grendel’s claw, shoulder amd arm “…Grendel escaped…he was could flee back to his den…only to die, to wait for the end.”[pg.32]
Beowulf’s victory is celebrated. Yet Grendel’s mother comes and kills one of Hrothgar’s closest friends. She also carries the claw of her son back home. Hrothgar then tells Beowulf about Grendel’s mother and her underwater lair. He describes how she is as gruesome as Grendel. She is like a man walking through the woods, yet even more powerful than any other man. “…The other, they say, walked through the wilderness like a man- but mightier than any man…” [pg.35]
Beowulf decides to seek Grendel’s mother to kill her. He goes to the lake and dives underwater. He reaches the bottom and starts to fight w. Grendel’s mother. She accidentally takes him to a hall where the water’s heat could not harm him. His sword, Hrunting, and his helmet fails him. But luckily he finds a sword on the wall. He kills Grendel’s mother. Yet before leaving, he sees Grendel’s corpse and takes his head with him. “…then struck off his head with a single swift blow.” [pg.38]
Beowulf is honored by Hrothgar. He returns home and becomes king after Higlac and his son dies. Beowulf becomes king for 50 years. Yet a dragon menaces his kingdom. Although he is now old and somewhat weak, Beowulf marches up to the tower, courageous and simply brave. His sword breaks, and he is helpless. Yet Wiglaf comes to his rescue and the both of them kill the dragon. “…And he suffered, wrapped around in swirling flames-a king, before, but now a beaten warrior.” [pg.42]
After killing the dragon, Wiglaf and Beowulf speak. Beowulf is badly wounded and is very weak. He stares at death and waits till it takes him any time now. He asks’ Wiglaf, as a last request, to bring him the treasure that the dragon was guarding. “…For this, this gold, these jewels, I thank Our Father I heaven, Ruler of the Earth-” [pg.45]

As Beowulf dies, he tells Wiglaf that he sold his life for the treasure. He tells him to take what he leaves. He also tells him to lead his people, his fellow Geats. He admits that his time is gone. He asks Wiglaf to have the Geats build him a tomb. He asks Wiglaf to have the Geats burn him and build him a tower at the tower’s edge. “Take what I leave, Wiglaf, lead my people, Help them; my time is gone.” [pg.45]


Wiglaf denounces the warriors who desert Beowulf in the battle. The Geats burn their king’s body on a funeral pyre. Then they built him the tower. They built him the tower sealed with his ashes. The riches, the gold, the jewels are also left in the tomb. Twelve of the bravest Geats Rode their horses around the tower telling of their king’s heroic tale. “…no better king had ever lived,” [pg.46]