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All You Need to Know… How to Use this Presentation This presentation provides information on all components of F.I.L.M. (Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies) This guide is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and consists of approximately 35 individual slides

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how to use this presentation
How to Use this Presentation
  • This presentation provides information on all components of F.I.L.M. (Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies)
  • This guide is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and consists of approximately 35 individual slides
  • The Table of Contents provides a list of all topics in the presentation. By clicking on any of the topics you can jump to that slide
  • There are two ways of using this presentation:
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of F.I.L.M. by going through each slide in order
    • Using the Table of Contents, jump around to the topics of your choice
  • Use the navigation buttons below to advance and go back. The home button will return you to the Table of Contents.
table of contents
How to use this Presentation

What is F.I.L.M.?

About the Partners

About the Programs

3 Steps of Completion


Past and Current Films


Movies – In Theaters and DVD

Literacy/Media Grants

Activity Guide



Supplement Guide

Service Projects


Tracking Service Hours

Presidential Service Awards

Youth Led Service Grants

About the Programs, cont.

Certificate of Completion


Post Program Surveys

Program Timeline

Supporting Resources


Newsletter – Behind the Scenes

Message Board

Conference Calls

Facilitator’s Training Guides

F.I.L.M. Extras

Members’ Resources

NYDIC – National Youth Development Information Center

Other Youth Development Resources

Table of Contents
what is f i l m
What is F.I.L.M.?
  • F.I.L.M. is an acronym for Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies
  • A partnership between the National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) and the Heartland Film Festival - Truly Moving Pictures.
  • A literacy and film program that encourages youth associated with NCY organizations to screen the featured films, read the books associated with the films, utilize the activity guides, and complete a related service project.
  • F.I.L.M.’s mission is to engage youth in making positive decisions in movie viewing. Literacy is also promoted as youth read quality literature associated with the release of each film.
  • By mobilizing NCY member organizations and the youth they serve around the project, F.I.L.M. has the opportunity to reach 40 million youth. With this outreach, F.I.L.M. has the power to influence “Hollywood” to create more movies with positive messages.
about the partners
About the Partners
  • The National Collaboration for Youth (NCY)
    • Coalition of the National Assembly member organizations that have a significant interest in youth development.
    • 30-year old organization
    • Members of the National Collaboration for Youth include more than fifty national, non-profit, youth development organizations.
    • The mission of NCY is to provide a united voice as advocates for youth to improve the conditions of young people in America, and to help young people reach their full potential.
  • Heartland Film Festival’s Truly Moving Pictures
    • Heartland Film Festival, a non-profit organization founded in 1991, recognizes and honors filmmakers whose work explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life
    • During the course of nine days each October, Heartland screens films from around the world, ranging from dramas to documentaries to animation, all of which take entertainment to a higher level.
    • In 14 years, Heartland has awarded more than $1.4 million to support filmmakers in their quest to create Truly Moving Pictures
    • Heartland created the Truly Moving Picture Award in 2000 as a way to honor those films that inspire and enrich lives
about the programs
3 Steps of Completion– steps to complete each F.I.L.M. program

Themes– positive themes from the movies and books are the focus of the programs

Past and Current Films- F.I.L.M. consists of a library of past and current featured films

Books – youth read the books associated with each movie

Movies – In Theaters and DVD– youth see the films

Literacy/Media Grants– organizations can apply for grants to receive discounted or free books and DVDs

Activity Guide– each program has a free, downloadable activity guide for youth to do with a facilitator

Modules– each activity guide is divided into theme-based modules

Activities– there are several different activities within each module

Supplement Guide-youth use this as they follow along with a facilitator

Service Projects– as part of the 3 steps of completion, youth complete a related service project. F.I.L.M. has partnered with Youth Service America to create a service-learning supplement.

Partnerships – organizations can partner with other local organizations to facilitate the service projects

Tracking Service Hours – youth can log their service hours as they complete their service project

Presidential Service Awards – F.I.L.M. is a certifying organization and can provide qualified youth with these awards

Youth Led Service Grants – youth can apply for grants to fund their service projects

Certificate of Completion – youth receive certificates when they complete a program

Checklist – checklist of completion

Post Program Surveys – facilitators are asked to fill out surveys after youth complete the programs

Program Timeline – F.I.L.M. has no strict timeline; youth can access any of the programs at any time through the F.I.L.M. website

About the Programs
3 steps of completion
3 Steps of Completion
  • Participate in the Activities from the Youth Development Activity Guide
  • Take the Lead to Help Others by Completing a Service Project
  • See the Film and Read the Book
  • Each program focuses on the central themes of the featured movie/book combination
  • The Youth Development Activity Guides are developed around the central themes and messages of the films and books
  • These themes are positive in nature and inspire youth to reach their full potential
  • Themes are developed with guidance from NCY member organization program officers
past and current films
Past and Current Films
  • The F.I.L.M. project consists of both the current program and past programs featured in the project
  • Information on the current program is featured in the homepage of the F.I.L.M. website, in the “Current F.I.L.M.” page and in the F.I.L.M. newsletter, Behind the Scenes
  • The current film is “current” because the movie is still in theaters or is coming soon to theaters. Once the current film leaves theaters it becomes a “past” film.
  • Each F.I.L.M., whether current or past, has a program (includes activity guide, service project supplement & certificate) based on the central messages of the respective film/book.
  • One can access and use the programs for the past films at any time
    • Links to the past film/book pages can be accessed through the “Past F.I.L.M.” link on the F.I.L.M. page
  • F.I.L.M. is committed to promoting youth literacy
  • Each movie featured in F.I.L.M. has a book associated with it
  • Youth are encouraged to read the book as part of the 3 steps of program completion
  • The books are available for purchase on Amazon and in all major bookstores. Look for the Amazon logo on the F.I.L.M. website.
  • At times F.I.L.M. will have an opportunity to provide discounts in book purchases.
movies in theaters and dvd
Movies – In Theaters and DVD
  • Each movie featured in F.I.L.M. is a mainstream film that opens in theaters throughout the country
  • On occasion F.I.L.M. receives a select number of free screening passes to distribute to youth served by NCY member organizations and their affiliates.
  • Youth have the opportunity to see the films while they are in theaters or they can see them when they are released on DVD
literacy media grants
Literacy/Media Grants
  • Organizations are encouraged to apply for literacy and media grants
    • To receive free or discounted F.I.L.M. books and DVDs for their youth
    • To receive funds for purchasing F.I.L.M. books and DVDs for their youth
  • Information on specific media and literacy opportunities are available on the F.I.L.M. website and in the newsletter, Behind the Scenes
activity guide
Activity Guide
  • The F.I.L.M. activity guides, a free resources for youth, complement the books and movies featured in F.I.L.M.
  • The guides are designed for a facilitator to engage youth in both group and individual activities relating to each featured movies' central messages
  • Prior viewing of the films is not necessary for children to successfully utilize the guides
  • Obtaining the activity guides is a simple process– they are free, downloadable and available through the F.I.L.M. website
  • Activities in the activity guides are grouped together by module (similar to chapters in a book)
  • The Table of Contents at the beginning of the activity guides lists the modules
  • Each module is based on a different theme or message from the movie/book
  • Typically there are three to six modules per activity guide
  • At the start of each module there are helpful “Notes for the Facilitator”, providing information on how to approach the activities in the module as well as measurable outcomes.
  • Within each module there are a variety of activities, which are geared towards the overall theme of each module
  • The Table of Contents at the beginning of the activity guide lists the activities within each module
  • At the top of each activity is a key which tells facilitator if it is a small group, large group, individual, or partner activity. Often the activities can be done both individually and as a group (noted on the key)
  • Under some activities there is a an introduction called “Link to the Film (or Book),” which can be read aloud by a group member or facilitator for all to hear, or it may be read individually before the activity
  • The activities vary from being group discussions, individual reading and/or writing exercises, to creative and interactive partner and group activities
  • By participating in the activities youth gain important developmental skills, specifically those noted in the “Measurable Outcomes” of each module
supplement guide
Supplement Guide
  • The activity guide supplement complements the facilitator’s activity guide
  • The supplement contains only the activities in the guide
  • Youth should use the supplement guide as they follow along with a facilitator or parent
  • Each program has a supplement guide – they are free, downloadable and available through the F.I.L.M. website
service projects
Service Projects
  • One of F.I.L.M.'s main objectives is for youth to take the initiative and give back to their communities by completing a service project
  • F.I.L.M. has partnered with Youth Service America (YSA) to create a service project supplement. This supplement provides tips and lessons on planning and completing a service-learning project.
  • National Youth Service Day (NYSD) falls on three days in April each year. An additional NYSD supplement is available for F.I.L.M. programs that fall on or around NYSD each year. When this happens youth are encouraged to complete service projects as part of NYSD.
  • Service projects should be geared towards the central themes of the F.I.L.M. program being used
  • F.I.L.M. encourages participating organizations to form partnerships with other regional or local organizations to facilitate the service project component of the program or to see the film
  • F.I.L.M. is always eager to hear from participating organizations about partnerships they are forming.
  • “Partnership Spotlight” on the website and in the newsletter, Behind the Scenes, features these partnerships
  • F.I.L.M. is more than happy to assist in the formation of partnerships – contact Liza,
tracking service hours
Tracking Service Hours
  • F.I.L.M. encourages all youth to track their service hours on the President's Volunteer Service Award website,
  • There are many benefits to logging service hours:
    • Logging hours looks impressive on college applications
    • Youth can fulfill community service requirements
    • Youth gain organizational skills
    • The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a prestigious national honor
    • Youth develop a commitment to volunteerism at a young age
    • Youth learn how to take little steps to strive for a larger goal
presidential service awards
Presidential Service Awards
  • F.I.L.M. is a "certifying" organization and is able to give their own "President's Volunteer Service Awards" to those youth and/or organizations who log enough hours to qualify
  • When youth start logging service hours they should follow the steps below:
    • Go to
    • Create a volunteer account (Click under the "Not Yet Registered" tab to the right)
    • Under the "Profile" tab, fill in "TBZ-16075" in the "Your Certifying Organization" space
  • When youth log onto President's Volunteer Service Award website, they can track and add service hours when needed. There is also the option of creating a group account, in which your youths' hours can be tracked under one account.
  • F.I.L.M. keeps track of all volunteers and their hours. Bronze, silver, and gold awards are given to those individuals and organizations with enough hours to qualify
youth led service grants
Youth Led Service Grants
  • There are many funding opportunities for youth who want to start their own service projects
  • Youth service websites serve as great resources for locating grant postings
  • Youth Service America (YSA), one of NCY’s member organizations and partners on the service component of F.I.L.M., has a listing of grant opportunities on their website,
  • The Foundation Center website,, also includes a listing of available grants
  • Up-to-date grant postings are also featured under “Service Projects” in the F.I.L.M. website and in the F.I.L.M. newsletter, Behind the Scenes
certificate of completion
Certificate of Completion
  • Each F.I.L.M. program has a certificate of completion for youth who complete all 3 steps -
    • Participate in the activities from the activity guide
    • Take the lead to help others by completing a related service project
    • See the film and read the book
  • These certificates are signed by the main characters of the movies and/or the authors of the books
certificate of completion checklist
Certificate of Completion Checklist
  • In order for youth to receive the certificate of completion for a given program, an electronic checklist must be filled out by an adult or facilitator
  • Organizations, too, can be rewarded with a certificate of completion if a group of youth within the organization have completed the program
  • If the three steps of the program are complete, the facilitator will receive the certificate via email. Then, the facilitator just needs to print it out, write in the name of the youth/organization, and give it to the deserving youth/organization
  • Links to the checklists are available on the F.I.L.M. website
post program surveys
Post Program Surveys
  • The facilitators are asked to provide feedback on their experience with F.I.L.M. as well as any suggestions for improvement
  • The electronic post program surveys are emailed to participating organizations and are also available on the F.I.L.M. website
  • The surveys only take a few minutes to fill out and submit
  • The information provided by the facilitators helps improve the quality and effectiveness of the F.I.L.M. programs
program timeline
Program Timeline
  • Flexibility is one of the benefits of the F.I.L.M. project – programs can be started at any time and do not follow a strict timeline
  • Because all resources for each F.I.L.M. program (past or current) remain accessible via the F.I.L.M. website, an organization can choose to start a program at any time
  • Programs are easier to do when the movies are either in the theater or already released on DVD so youth have the opportunity to see them
  • The activity guides vary in length depending on the program, but the activities typically can be completed within one or two sessions with a facilitator
  • The service project component requires the largest time commitment – however, the length will vary depending on whether the service project is a one-time service activity or an on-going project
supporting resources
Supporting Resources
  • Website – Information on the F.I.L.M. website
  • Newsletter – Details on the F.I.L.M. newsletter, Behind the Scenes
  • Message Board– Organizations and youth workers can communicate about the programs on this electronic resource
  • Conference Calls– Periodically participating organizations can engage in discussions about F.I.L.M.
  • Facilitator’s Training Guides– Facilitators learn how to lead youth in the F.I.L.M. activities
  • The F.I.L.M. website is – all F.I.L.M. programs (past or present) and their accompanying activity guides can be accessed through this site.
  • On the homepage is news on the current program and general information on the F.I.L.M. project and partners
  • Along the top of the homepage (and all F.I.L.M. web pages) are links to the other F.I.L.M. web pages
    • Home
    • Behind the Scenes (Newsletter)
    • Current F.I.L.M.
    • Past F.I.L.M.s
    • Activities
    • Other Resources
    • Service Projects
    • Message Board
    • Contact Us
    • About Us
newsletter behind the scenes
Newsletter – Behind the Scenes
  • The F.I.L.M. electronic newsletter is entitled Behind the Scenes
  • Although there is no set timetable for the newsletter, a new issue is typically released every 3-6 weeks
  • All participating organizations receive the newsletter via email on the day of its release. New organizations can sign up for the newsletter by filling out a brief form on the F.I.L.M. website
  • All issues of the newsletter (both past and current) can be accessed via the F.I.L.M. website on the Behind the Scenes link
  • Behind the Scenes provides an update on all information pertaining to the overall F.I.L.M. project and the current featured F.I.L.M.  Each newsletter will contain the following sections:
    • Current F.I.L.M.
    • F.I.L..M. News
    • Let’s Chat
    • Program News
    • Tips and Ideas
    • Community Service Update
    • About the Project and Partners
    • Contact US
message board
Message Board
  • The F.I.L.M. message board is an electronic resource available through the F.I.L.M. website
  • Organizations are invited to use the message board to:
    • Give feedback on the activity guide(s), the book(s), or anything else regarding the F.I.L.M. project
    • Network with other organizations who are participating in the program
    • Share their unique story or experience with any of the programs or share an appropriate program or resource
    • Share details on service projects youth in their organization have started.  They can describe any partnerships they have formed with community organizations to facilitate the projects
    • Make suggestions for improvement.  Recommend any book/movie combinations that they would like to be featured as future F.I.L.M.s
conference calls
Conference Calls
  • Periodically the organizers of F.I.L.M. hold hour long conference calls, open to anyone interested in becoming a part of or already participating in F.I.L.M.
  • Participating organizations receive emails detailing the agendas of any upcoming conference call opportunities. Information on the calls is also available via the F.I.L.M. website
  • Each conference call features a different speaker
  • The calls are an excellent means for learning more about the project, sharing experiences with the programs, and connecting with other participating organizations.
  • PowerPoints from the calls will be available on the F.I.L.M. website following each call
  • Individuals can also replay the calls for free
facilitator s training guides
Facilitator’s Training Guides
  • Each activity guide has a facilitator training guide, which serves an instructional manual for how to implement the activities and serve as a facilitator
  • The facilitator training guides are intended for a facilitator to review before leading a group of youth in the activity guide
  • The facilitator training guides are an electronic resource and available via the F.I.L.M. website
f i l m extras
F.I.L.M. Extras
  • Members’ Resources– NCY members’ resources and programs that correspond to the films or books
  • NYDIC – National Youth Development Information Center-an initiative of NCY, this website is an excellent resource for youth workers
  • Other Youth Development Resources– outside activities, games, and ideas that organizations and youth will find helpful
members resources
Members Resources
  • NCY member organizations are encouraged to share their own resources and/or programs that correspond to any of the F.I.L.M. programs or central themes
  • The F.I.L.M. website includes a section on NCY member activities and resources– links included to their own websites
  • This is an opportunity for NCY members to spotlight their own programs and receive more visibility and attention

NYDIC – National Youth Development Information Center

  • NYDIC is an initiative of the National Collaboration for Youth (NCY)
  • NYDIC is a website ( for youth workers with interest in any and all of the following areas: funding, programming, research, policy, job and training opportunities
  • The project provides current news with its online library to the youth development field and provides opportunities for others to share knowledge and expertise
  • The NYDIC website is a helpful resource for youth workers who facilitate the F.I.L.M. programs
other youth development resources
Other Youth Development Resources
  • On the F.I.L.M. website facilitators and youth can access a number of outside resources
  • These resources come from other websites or other organizations with a focus on youth development
  • Such resources include links to activities, games, and service project ideas that pertain to the central themes of each F.I.L.M. program
  • To access web links to these other youth development resources, click on “other resources” on the F.I.L.M. website