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Transfer Contacts

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Transfer Contacts
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Transfer Contacts

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  1. All Russelectric 4 pole Open Transition ATS’s have a fully rated -break before make- switched neutral, identical in every way to the main power poles and integrally designed into the switching mechanism.

  2. A Critical Component: Transfer Contacts Russelectric 2000 ampere rated movable finger contact Assembly Machined from Extruded Copper and Silver Plated

  3. 800 Ampere ATS Contact with Arc Chute Assembly Superior Mechanical Design, Most Rugged Construction… Tungsten on every arcing tip Machined from solid copper bar …Then Silver Plated

  4. Contact Parts Precision Machined from 100% Extruded Copper Bar Stock.Not Cast/Forged or Stamped.

  5. 1. Each and every segment gets a tungsten elementbrazedto it, by hand. Tungsten protects the copper from high heat during arching and dramatically extends the life time of the part.

  6. … Hand Assembled…

  7. After machining and brazing all contact segments –movable and stationary- are silver plated before assembly. Russelectric 100a stationary & movable contact. (Golf ball shown for size reference).

  8. Transfer Switch Contacts (Design Concept) In an “over center,” (spring loaded design). The mechanisms which drive the contacts utilize a spring assisted motor operated concept. This design provides for a “quick-break, quick-make” operation, with full arc interruption, under maximum voltage and amperage. Unlike other manufacturers, the contact speed and closing pressure is not reliant on the speed of the motivator (i.e. Motor or Solenoid). With this design, life span, safety, reliability is dramatically increased and the unit may be safely transferred manually, under load. Initial Point of Contact Over Center Spring Mechanism

  9. Machined phenolic insulatedseparator. Lets look closer at the phenolic separator. Hardened steel, engineered, purpose machined parts for crucial reliability. Solid steel shaft, powder coated. Close-up of a Russelectric connecting assembly to connect the movable contacts to the actuator shaft. With this design, nothing can become misaligned, loose or misadjusted.

  10. Phenolic separator.

  11. Machined Phenolic Machined Bullet Spline Machined in-house

  12. Hydraulically pressed

  13. After pressing

  14. Further machining

  15. After machining and sealant applied

  16. Mounted to Actuator Shaft

  17. 4pole Actuator Shafts in fabrication (100-800amp)

  18. Precision machined from solid steel, many welds. Ground smooth. 3pole Actuator Shafts in fabrication (1000-2500amp)

  19. 4pole Actuator Shaft completed (100-800amp)

  20. Actuator Shaft (Normal Source) & Contacts Assembled (Insulating Barriers omitted for clarity)

  21. Russelectric 4pole Normal Source contact assembly with arc chutes added (Fiberglass Insulating barriers still omitted).

  22. Russelectric 4pole Normal Source contact assembly with arc chutes added &Fiberglass Insulating barriers added.

  23. Machining & Welding Russelectric switches are welded in areas where others use fasteners… They are machined from hardened steel where others use stamped aluminum, cast white metal or even plastic, instead of machining from solid steel. Over Center Spring Mechanism

  24. Russelectric bypass section shown with cover removed. All rod and cams machined, all tension points welded, aircraft ball joints are used to prevent binding.

  25. Close up of Russelectric’sunique “over center” mechanism and mechanical linkages.

  26. Russelectric Bypass & Isolate handles going through the Welding Dept.

  27. Russelectric Enclosures, Cubicles, Cabinets and Metalwork...

  28. All welds on enclosures are MIG welded and ground smooth. All Metal Fabrication Performed in House. • All Cabinetry is MIG Welded by Hand for Strength. Steel for Doors, Mounting, Side Sheets and Top and Bottom is a Minimum of 12 Gauge

  29. There are no “spot” welds in Russelectric’s metalwork. All corners and seams are hand welded and ground smooth. All Russelectric enclosures meet or exceed NEMA standards.

  30. Polyester color powder coating in-house

  31. Russelectric Fabricates its Bus Bar from Solid Raw Copper Stock Copper stock being cut to size

  32. After Cutting, Punching & Bending, Bus is Silver Plated in-house.

  33. Review

  34. Plating after cutting, bending & punching insures 100% plating integrity.

  35. … Uncompromising Design & Workmanship…

  36. Unmatched Quality ofBus Work