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Summit Medical Group Social Media SAMPLE PROPOSAL PowerPoint Presentation
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Summit Medical Group Social Media SAMPLE PROPOSAL

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Summit Medical Group Social Media SAMPLE PROPOSAL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Summit Medical Group Social Media SAMPLE PROPOSAL. “Nothing influences people more than a  recommendation  from a trusted  friend .” - Mark Zuckerberg.

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Presentation Transcript
summit medical group social media sample proposal
Summit Medical Group



“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.”

    • - Mark Zuckerberg

Social Media is more than just numbers. American Pop seeks to empower our roster of dedicated brand ambassadors to share your company’s message authentically, keeping personality intact. We design seamless media plans that feel useful to audiences; similar to a friendly recommendation from a reliable source.

We do more than just place advertisements: we produce organic recommendations between insightful thought leaders and empowered, highly-segmented audiences.

american pop clients and campaigns
American Pop: Clients and Campaigns

We are dedicated to building lasting relationships between brands and their target consumers. Since launching in 2009, we've mastered influencer marketing online, telling your brand story through tastemakers as amplified through their preferred social channels. 

We’re an interpersonal agency that provides tailored results for any objective. We work closely with our clients to collaborate on fresh ideas, tackle short- and long-term goals, as well as look ahead from the ground floor to deliver excellent results. 


Our Services

American Pop offers a variety of services to meet any promotional goal:

Comprehensive listening reports to analyze chatter surrounding a particular campaign or brand

Empower brand enthusiasts using exclusive campaign information and assets to facilitate pass-along and ignite fan base

Build and/or manage promotions accomplishing a variety of on-brand goals

Construct and foster community engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other networks

Facebook ads, sponsored tweets, and other paid media plus analysis

Infiltrate both local and widespread markets to drive attendance at influencer concerts, parties, and festivals


Our Plan: Objective

This proposal will outline how we plan to create a flow of content across various Engagement Channels and use social media Influencers to tell a compelling brand story.


Included in this proposal is a list of viable Social Media Channels and types of strategies and tactics that have been designed to speak to your target consumers/influencers and to fully take advantage of the viral nature of social media.

our plan channels reached
Our Plan: Channels Reached

American Pop’s primary goal is to spread awareness in a way that compels consumers to engage and spread our message within their sphere of influence in social media.


  • The diagram at right shows the most common channels for cross-promotion, and how information is shared among them.
  • Contact typically originates on Blogs then extends as influencers share to their preferred networks,
  • Content is easily re-posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social networks.

Our Plan: Proposed Rollout

Below shows typical campaign flight, with projected dates, to illustrate ideal timing for our promotion:


Live Campaign



Our Plan: Outreach Strategy

Tactics range, but all campaigns start with a vertical, top-down approach in spreading the campaign material. Our ambassadors start with key thought-leaders as a vehicle to spread word to their larger networks. As these individuals have already established credibility within the community, message “stickiness” is optimized within these one-to-many networks.

This proposal illustrates how outreach is designed to facilitate consumer engagement, how we can measure it and how it allows the brand to “Speak With” and not “Talk At” consumers.


Who Are Our Influencers?

  • A Social Media Influencer is:
  • An individual who has a significant sphere of influence within Twitter, Blogs, Message Boards, Pinterest, etc. and is passionate about their niche of the online space
  • Where do we find them?
  • The majority of bloggers are active across a variety of social networks – for example, you’d be hard-pressed to find a blogger who doesn’t tweet. Blogs are our typical starting point, allowing us to reach influencers via personal communication, with coverage extending across the online universe as a result.
    • You can tell a compelling brand story through blogs and that message will be amplified across the influencer’s networks of choice
  • Measuring Influence Includes:
  • Blogs – Unique Visitors Monthly (their readership)
  • Twitter – Second Order number of followers per Tweet
  • Pass-Along – message migrating from channel to channel, Re-Tweets
  • Engagement – Reader Comments, Re-Tweets

Our Influencers: Sample Reach

Sample Site List

* This is a sampling only, the final list will be larger and sent for client approval before launching

Projected Reach

* Projected Reach is based on executing most of the engagement tactics outlined on previous slides


Branded Sweepstakes

American Pop uses approved assets to control branding

Custom Landing Page (including branded short link: )

  • Let American Pop build deeper engagements and encourage customer interaction with a sweepstakes targeted to our exclusive network of influencers:
    • Our time-honored relationships with top influencers make promotion a breeze
    • American Pop handles full set-up and winner selection
    • Full reporting and analytics provided upon promotion end

Duration aligns with campaign plan

  • Entries are gathered per client’s unique campaign goals
    • Gaining Twitter followers or mailing list subscribers, earning unique Pinterest content, etc.

Blog Coverage Examples

All Twitter and Social Times are both part of the Media Bistro network, a site that covers topics relevant to those with an interest in all-things social media.


Sample Reporting

The goal of our reporting is to represent the numbers of impressions and engagements in an accurate and honest way coupled with real world success stories. There is no “Universal Number” that points to word of mouth success. Our reporting tells a story and builds a case for success, sustained return on engagement, and ROI.

  • Within reports we include cumulative data reflecting our quantity of outreach, volume of campaign posts, unique reach, and impressions created – both per channel and as an overall total. Data is collected via Quantcast/Compete, Radian6, and other available sources.
  • In additionto statistical reporting, we include screen shots of placement and data to illustrate how campaign information was passed along from our ambassadors throughout blogs, Twitter, forums, and social networking channels.

Influence: 41,839

Influence: 845,105



  • Drive ticket sales for Lincoln Center performances of Bello is Back
  • Create awareness of Big Apple Circus performances by way of blog placement and forum seeding
  • Drive fans to community building efforts on Facebook and Twitter


Promotional Code

Distributed $30-off promotional code to bloggers, asking them to share discount along with performance information with their readers.


Offered complimentary tickets to performances , allowing bloggers to review and share their experiences with their readers. Ticket packs were also provided for blogger-hosted giveaways.

Giveaway Contests

Administered ticket giveaways from official Facebook and Twitter profiles to elicit sustained interest in circus performances, as well as drive traffic to both sites.

Event Follow-Up Information

Sought sustained asset distribution from Mom bloggers by following up with them regarding special events and giveaway opportunities.


Big Apple Circus, Bello is Back!

Lincoln Center performances


  • Results
  • Created 12+ million campaign impressions, uniquely reaching 10.6+ million
  • Created 1,200+ campaign posts surrounding performances of Bello is Back at Lincoln Center
  • Rallied an increase of 300+ fans on Facebook, and 1,100+ followers on Twitter
  • Twitter chatter from @BigApple_Circus created 1+ million impressions


NYC area Moms

Campaign Duration

Eight Weeks



  • Create awareness of three threatened and endangered animals via online petition and interactive Twitter accounts
  • Drive buzz, leaving behind a legacy of organic, empowered conversations surrounding SOS
  • Strategies
  • Blogging Program
  • Reached key influencers in the blogosphere, helping to create passionate blog posts about the campaign. Blog efforts elevated Facebook and Twitter metrics too as many bloggers used these channels to quickly share about SOS.
  • Social Network Outreach
    • Seeded campaign info and petition to relevant groups and fan pages within Facebook and Message boards, reaching niche groups of empowered conservationists and animal lovers.
    • Twitter Buzz
    • Users followed the SOS animal Twitter accounts to stay abreast of develops for the endangered animals, also increasing number of followers on the account.

Agency Partner


Save Our Skins

  • Target
  • Green Living enthusiasts
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Eco Conscious Moms
  • Results
  • 900K Direct Impressions via Blogs
  • Saw a 327% increase in SEO data (number of Google search results) surrounding SOS throughout campaign duration
  • Twitter and Facebook were vital to overall metrics:
    • Campaign yielded over 456K+ Twitter impressions
    • 1MM+ Facebook impressions

Campaign Duration

Four Weeks