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Wonderful Weddings By Jessica Diaz PERIOD : 04 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wonderful Weddings By Jessica Diaz PERIOD : 04

Wonderful Weddings By Jessica Diaz PERIOD : 04

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Wonderful Weddings By Jessica Diaz PERIOD : 04

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  1. Wonderful Weddings By Jessica Diaz PERIOD: 04

  2. Executive Summary

  3. Executive Summary Wonderful Weddings will succeed because we Treat our customers with gratitude, we listen to your wants and needs and make your wedding be the most magical day of your life.

  4. Executive Summary Wonderful Weddings has tons of different themes for your wedding. We have from themes like the Victorian Era to Winter Wonderland. We also have a lot of famous designers working on our dresses to fit your needs. Designers like, Priscilla Of Boston, Vera Wang, & ReemArca.

  5. Company Description

  6. Legal form of business

  7. Effective date of business Wonderful Weddings plans on opening Summer of 2013.

  8. Company mission statement / vision My companies mission is to make your wedding the most WONDERFEL Day of your life!

  9. Company location Wonderful Weddings is located in Tallahassee, Florida. You can find us near Lake Talquin State Park. So far, we only have 1 location, but there are MANY more to come.

  10. Immediate development goals Wonderful Weddings wants to get more locations immediately. This is our main goal because we’ve just started this business and we just want it to grow and share our wedding help with the world!

  11. Industry Analysis

  12. Description of industry Wonderful Weddings is a small company, we recently started but I can guarantee that we have the best designers of all time working for us and we will make you feel wonderful on your wedding day!

  13. Trends and opportunities By choosing Jessica Diaz to plan your weddings, you WON’T regret it. Any theme you want? I’ll make it happen! Any style dress you want? My famous designers have it! You’re in good hands when you’re planning your wedding with Wonderful Weddings, INC!

  14. Target Market

  15. Profile I recently opened this business and already I’ve had a lot of people come in asking how much I’d cost for me to plan their wedding and how much do I sell the dresses for and all of that good stuff. I made this business to make anyone and everyone’s wedding the most wonderful day of their life and this has so far been the best, more satisfying job ever!

  16. Needs For our proper performance all we need are some fabrics and also all the things you want for your wedding once we order them! But most importantly, we need your support!

  17. Competition

  18. Key competitors identified • We have a lot of people to keep up with and compete with, for example like, • Wedding Services: • David Tutera Wedding Planners: • OMG WEDDINGS: • Amor Bridal: • Wedding Planner Miami:

  19. Analysis of competitors’ strength’s and weaknesses • Competitors Strengths: • They have a TV show. • Their Website is prepared. • Have lots of varieties. • Have iconic Destinations. • Have bachelorette services. • Competitors Weaknesses: • Not environmentally engaged. • Don’t have dress designers.

  20. Potential future competitors I will have a lot of future competitors and I made this business knowing that. But just because someone’s business might be bigger and stronger than mine doesn’t mean that I should surrender and just give up on my business. If you stand up for what you feel is right for you, it will all just work out.

  21. Operations

  22. Business facility described Wonderful Weddings is a medium- sized building next to Lake Talquin State Park. We don’t have any competition around because were the local Wedding planning business in Tallahassee!

  23. Workforce defined In our medium-sized business we don’t have a lot of workers because we do just fine with a couple of people on the job! We have 3 Wedding dress designers working for us and we also have 5 Wedding planners in total. I’m obviously the main one but they help me when things get a little crazy, so we ALWAYS have everything under control.

  24. Technology We haven’t made a website yet but if you do want to contact us be glad to contact us at: Number: 305-555-9602 Email:

  25. Management and Organization

  26. Key employees Our key employees, also known as our most important employees are our wedding designers which are, Priscilla Of Boston, Vera Wang, & ReemArca. Why you ask? Because without your dress you wont feel like a full princess on your magical day!

  27. Recruitment plan Our recruitment plan is basically to just get a lot of our friends to tell their friends about our business and while in the street give people one of our business cards and then people will come and tell other people about it and our business will grow because the word will spread!

  28. Compensation and incentives While we’re planning your wedding, if anything breaks in the process we will take care of it and give back the money that you paid for that one or multiple items. Our incentive is to make you happy on the most wonderful day of your life!

  29. Long Term Goals

  30. Goals identified Our goal is to make sure that you’re happy with what you see on the day of your wedding! We will make sure to have everything that you wanted and asked for but also there will be little surprises along the way that will make you want to pay us in hugs instead!

  31. Means for achieving the goals identified To achieve these goals we’re counting on you to cooperate but also its our job to keep you satisfied with what were doing. But if you just give us a chance, our goal will be complete!

  32. Financials

  33. Type of accounting system We have a book where we put all of your expenses and we also keep it in our files on the computer, we have proof of everything so that you will never have to worry about how much you spent, etc!

  34. Financial projections Once our business keeps growing, in the future we will need a more advanced program to keep our financial records. Therefore, our financial projections will always be upgrading!

  35. Supporting Documents

  36. Licenses

  37. Advertising

  38. Letters