welcome to esl 11 14 11 n.
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Welcome to ESL, 11/14/11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to ESL, 11/14/11

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Welcome to ESL, 11/14/11 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to ESL, 11/14/11 . Warm Up: 1. Pick up your ESL notebook 2. Write on the next blank page: 1. “1 thing that I did well in my creepy classic was….” 2. “1 thing I need to work on is ….” 3. “My favorite part of writing my story was…” . I can statement/agenda . Today, 11/14, I can…

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Welcome to ESL, 11/14/11

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welcome to esl 11 14 11
Welcome to ESL, 11/14/11
  • Warm Up:

1. Pick up your ESL notebook

2. Write on the next blank page:

    • 1. “1 thing that I did well in my creepy classic was….”
    • 2. “1 thing I need to work on is ….”
    • 3. “My favorite part of writing my story was…”
i can statement agenda
I can statement/agenda
  • Today, 11/14, I can…
    • Know: identify successes in writing a creepy classic.
    • Do: share my creepy classic with my classmates.


    • Warm up reflection: 10 minutes
    • Share monster stories: 20 minutes
    • Monster clips/ boxes and bullets note taking: 20 minutes
what are creepy characteristics
What are creepy characteristics?
  • How can you tell when something is creepy?
  • In your notebook:
    • Boxes and bullets
      • Character:
        • Traits
    • Here are some famous examples of creepy characters:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVPxAgy7lBA



happy monday 11 14 11
Happy Monday! 11/14/11
  • Materials Managers: Please grab your social studies and READERS notebooks.
  • Warm-up:

In your readers notebook:1. label TOC: Meaning map

    • Cession

2. Next blank page“Meaning Map:Cession”

learning target
Learning Target
  • Today, 11/14, I can…
    • Know: Identify two historical events that led to the United States’ current geography
    • Do: Develop an opinion about one of these events.


    • 1. meaning map (5 minutes)
    • 2. Purchases lecture (30 minutes)
    • 3. Reflection (10 minutes)
    • 3. Exit slip (5 minutes)
louisiana purchase
Louisiana Purchase
  • http://www.history.com/topics/states/videos#louisiana-purchase-doubles-size-of-america
turn and talk
Turn and Talk
  • Decides who is Partner A and who is Partner B
  • A: What jumped out at you as interesting? Why?
  • B: Respond to what partner A said. Do you agree? Do you agree but have a different reason why? Or did you think something else was interesting?
characters in the louisiana purchase
Characters in the Louisiana Purchase
  • Britain: at war with France
  • The French: Claimed ownership of the land
  • Napoleon Bonapart: France’s military leader who needed money to fight the British
  • Thomas Jefferson: wanted France’s land to ensure economic stability (money) through trade and to expand US boundaries
  • United States Government: negotiated purchase with France for $15 million
  • Native Americans: lived on the land for centuries
turn and talk mexican cession
Turn and Talk: Mexican Cession
  • Partner A: What does cession mean?
  • Partner B: Make a prediction – what do you think the Mexican cession was based off of the definition?
  • Partner A: Do you agree with Partner B’s prediction? If not, make your own.
characters in the mexican session
Characters in the Mexican Session
  • US Military: Ignores Mexico’s warning to retreat beyond their borders
  • Mexico’s military: defends their territory
  • US Congress: Declares war with Mexico (lasts one year)
  • James K. Polk: Negotiates a treaty with Mexico ceding half of Mexico’s land for $15 million to the US
  • Mexican Americans: permitted to keep their property and become US citizens. However, as Americans moved west, they took over 20 million acres of Mexican Americans’ property. The government did nothing about this.
show me you understand
Show me you understand!
  • In your notebooks, on the same page as your notes, answer the following prompts (questions):
    • Choose 1 of the events discussed & review notes
    • What is your opinion of this event?
      • 1. Was it fair?
      • 2. Who did the purchase or cession/treaty help? Who did it hurt?
      • 3. What would you have done differently if you were in charge? If nothing, explain why.
exit slip
Exit Slip
  • Look at your notes so far from our geography unit
  • On a post-it please list:
    • 1. What region or state are you interested in?
      • Pick top 3 (regions OR states)
welcome to language arts 11 14 11 materials manager writers notebook

Welcome to Language Arts, 11/14/11 Materials Manager: Writers Notebook

Warm Up:

Turn and talk:

What were some of the characteristics of the hero in fairy tales?

2. What were some of the characteristics of the villain in fairy tales?

  • Writing homework
  • Read, log, and make a quick note about a character archetype
  • Upcoming
    • Spelling Test
    • Map project
    • Claim paragraph
    • Piece of writing published
i can statement agenda1
I can statement/agenda
  • Today, 11/14, I can…
    • Know: identify and describe the characteristics of an archetype.
    • Do: Create quick notes for three different archetypes from my silent reading book or my life.


    • Warm up/planner (10 minutes)
    • Introduce weekly writing assignments (10 minutes)
    • Archetypes/ group practice (25 minutes)
    • Independent practice (5 minutes)
your table s task
Your table’s task
  • After each clip:
  • Use evidence to make a claim
    • This character was the hero because he….
    • The man was the villain because…
who is the hero
Who is the hero?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYOYewO_Veg
    • Young
    • Brave
    • Courageous
    • Loves family
    • Good looking
    • Wants to “slay the dragon”/ save the day
who is the dark hero
Who is the dark hero?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCTDVNgNUeY
    • Wears dark/dark features
    • Not always good looking
    • Mysterious or dark past
    • Dangerous
    • Character of action
    • Seeks revenge
    • Has to decide to do the right thing (is tempted)
who is the villain
Who is the villain?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjGpcEA-FyE
    • Verbal (talks a lot)
    • Intelligent
    • Terrorizes
    • Usually older
    • Strong
    • Evil
    • Powerful (stronger than the hero, more experience than hero)
    • Is in conflict with hero/dark hero