respectively the minimum age requirement for members of the house of representatives and the senate n.
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This is the only officer of the House mentioned in the constitution. PowerPoint Presentation
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This is the only officer of the House mentioned in the constitution.

This is the only officer of the House mentioned in the constitution.

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This is the only officer of the House mentioned in the constitution.

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  1. Respectively, the minimum age requirement for members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  2. Respectively, members of the House and the Senate are required to have resided in the United States for at least how many years?

  3. In 1963, following the decennial census, the number of seats in the House decreased from 437 to 435 as a result of this process.

  4. The Supreme Court ruled that this process which allows Congress to adjust to population shifts by redrawing congressional districts may be done more frequently than after each U.S. census.

  5. Although Congress alone is given formal law-making power, this action by the President also has the force of law.

  6. Even though the Constitution specifies that all revenue bills must originate here, it is not unusual, today, to see budget bills considered simultaneously in both houses.

  7. Power to charge the president, vice president, or other civil officers with Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  8. Required to convict the president in a trial of impeachment, approve major presidential appointments, and approve presidential treaties.

  9. The enhanced power of this particular officer has eroded the majority authority to control committee agenda

  10. This formal gathering of all Democratic party members is held to nominate or elect party officers, review committee assignments, discuss party policy, and impose party themes

  11. House Republicans have a ‘Committee on Committees’ to make committee assignments and the Democrats version is called this.

  12. This is the only officer of the House mentioned in the constitution.

  13. This person is second in the line of presidential succession

  14. The professionalization of the Speaker of the House reached its peak in 1903 under Speaker Joe Cannon. It was revitalized in the 1990’s giving this Speaker unprecedented control over the House.

  15. This is the most powerful member of the Senate

  16. This representative acts as the communications link within each party, takes nose counts on key votes and convinces members to toe the party line.

  17. Presiding officer of the Senate when the Vice President is absent.

  18. This house of Congress puts less emphasis on organization and formal rules

  19. The establishment of these bodies which allow for greater specialization are especially important in the House when considering legislation.

  20. The first and last place to which most bills go for consideration.

  21. Investigations and special studies are conducted by both houses of Congress in this committee that often focuses public attention on major matters.

  22. The committee where differences between Senate and House versions of a piece of legislation are ironed out.

  23. The devaluation of this has led to the imposition of term limits on committee chairs in the House.

  24. Temporary committee appointed for a specific purpose.

  25. Bills considered under this rule cannot be amended .

  26. This committee performs the traffic cop function.

  27. These committees have considerable power and can kill bills, amend them radically, or hurry them through.

  28. In the face of committee inaction, a vote of 218, through this action, can force a bill out of committee to the floor for a vote.

  29. Which members of Congress hold few committee assignments and are allowed to become policy or issue specialists?

  30. House Members

  31. In which house is legislation more likely to be rewritten on the floor?

  32. Senate

  33. Complete the following statement made by a political scientist;“_________ ___________ are to members what stocks are to investors.”

  34. Committee Assignments

  35. Measures that allow legislators to bring jobs and new public works programs back to their districts, improve their chances of reelection, and ironically attract much public criticism are called what?

  36. Pork and/or Earmarks

  37. Congress can approve programs, but unless money for them is approved they are largely symbolic. This committee, which has this monetary impact, also provides its members with power and influence among their colleagues.

  38. Appropriations and Budget

  39. Time of continuous service on a committee.

  40. Seniority

  41. The number of years (term limits) a member of the House or Senate can serve as a committee chair on any one committee

  42. Six

  43. One recent study found that 43 percent of the 198 House members as well as 50 percent of the Senate members who left Congress between 1998 and 2004 registered as this.

  44. Lobbyists

  45. The fact that most Americans approve of their own members of Congress while having very low regard for Congress collectively illustrates the power of this.

  46. Incumbency

  47. The largest single occupational group in Congress.

  48. Attorneys

  49. When the President is a Republican and the majority in Congress is Democratic.

  50. Divided Government