how to build a time fountain l.
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How to Build a Time Fountain

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How to Build a Time Fountain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Build a Time Fountain. By Shawn Patton. How to order parts for a time fountain. And then hold on to them four 22 months without doing anything. By Shawn Patton. How to Build a Time Fountain in a Night!!. After having bought the parts almost 2 years ago…. By Shawn Patton.

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how to build a time fountain

How to Build aTime Fountain

By Shawn Patton


How to order parts for a time fountain.And then hold on to them four 22 months without doing anything.

By Shawn Patton

how to build a time fountain in a night

How to Build aTime Fountainin a Night!!

After having bought the parts almost 2 years ago…

By Shawn Patton

how i built the time fountain you ll see today which isn t done yet but it s still pretty cool

How I Built theTime FountainYou'll See TodayWhich isn't done yet, but it's still pretty cool…

By Shawn Patton

what is a time fountain
What is a time fountain??
  • A time fountain is a fountain that can stop time!
  • Not really, but it is a fountain that uses a strobe light to give the illusion that drops are hanging in mid-air.
  • I got the idea from Nate True by way of… two years ago.

nate true s time fountain
Nate True’s Time Fountain

totally sweet but
Totally sweet, but…
  • Hard to build, uses a drip sync mechanism requiring an elaborate setup and programmed chip. Boo!
  • Uses Fluorescein dye which stains everything. Boo!
  • UV light can burn your retina. Boo!
  • Why can’t you just strobe a light? Humm….

to the internet
To the internet!!
  • Found a page by Alain Bellon, who says, yes, you can just strobe, if you have a constant drip rate.
  • He even gives a schematic for a circuit using a 555 timer chip.
  • He also discusses how cool white liquid looks with white LEDs shining on it (no more toxic dye and retina searing light!)
  • What makes water white you ask?

Why, Miracle Milk, sold right in Southside at the Cuckoo’s Nest Magic Shop.

  • 3 drips are better than 1, I could have backwards time, stopped time, and slow time with three different strobe rates! All the forms of time, at my control!!
  • Metal is cool! Let’s use that a lot!
  • Tall, no, taller! Make it big!!

design revamp
Design Revamp
  • 3 drips, am I insane?!? Let’s get one working first.
  • Steady drip needs water at same level always. Must pump in, must have drain back down.
  • Would be cool to run the tubes for water up the metal support tubes.
  • Have block of wood inside bottom metal piece to support poles. Store electronics in bottom too.

rough schematics
Rough Schematics

and now a word from our sponsor
And now a word from our sponsor:
  • A timer 555 chip from Radio Shack: $2
  • A printed circuit board : $3
  • Not having to buy either and finally using that gift your cousins gave you when you were 12: Priceless.

  • Strips of white LEDs from Hong Kong
  • Various resistors, capacitors, and switches from Radio Shack.
  • Hardware from Lowe’s and Home Depot.
  • And, another trip to Radio Shack for a new soldering gun, since I couldn’t find my old one.


New soldering gun:

Sweet sunbeams:

leads to a bunch of stuff
Leads to… a bunch of stuff:

assembly notes
Assembly Notes
  • Don’t try to make your fountain all in one night.
  • Drilling stainless steel is very difficult.
  • Having a spigot to control water drip-rate is key (Yes, finally I did something right!)
  • Wood is easy to work with, and it’s better to get something done than nothing : )

Plus, it actually looks kind of cool, and I think the final design will use wood.

yada yada yada demo time
Yada yada yada: Demo Time!!

For some links, this

presentation, and a

placeholder for photos

and instructions, visit:

Makes your water, whiter!