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EarthenCare 2010. Aiding Agricultural Sustainability, Productivity, and Longevity in Burkina Faso. BURKINA FASO. Electricity. LACK OF PRESERVATION AFFECTS. Income. Health. Education.  Short Term Objectives

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Earthencare 2010

Aiding Agricultural Sustainability, Productivity, and Longevity in Burkina Faso

Lack of preservation affects

  • Income

  • Health

  • Education

Earthencare 2010

 Short Term Objectives

- Providing an inexpensive and effective method of refrigeration to both market gardeners and subsistence-farming families in the community.

- Educating the people of the village about the importance of the pot-in-pot and its potential to improve their usable crop yield.

- Increasing the community's awareness of food-borne illnesses, and how this relates to food spoilage.

- Temporarily employing local people.

  Long Term Objectives

- Minimizing the rate at which food spoils by creating conditions in which the food can last longer.

- Increasing the amount of produce that can be taken to the marketplace by prolonging its shelf life.

- Supplementing the income of Oueguelga's market farmers by at least 15% through maximizing the amount of sellable produce. 

- Diminishing the prevalence of food-borne diseases in the village, and monitoring the direct health benefits of our project.

- Increasing enrollment of children, especially females, in elementary schools. 

The pot in pot

  • Materials:

    • •Two Clay Pots • Sand • Moist Cloth or Lid • Water •


Earthencare 2010

Christian Aid + ADIS

  • ADIS, Action Développement Insertion Solidarité

  • and EspoirJeune Burkinabe

  • - contact: YanniePélissié, the president of EspoirJeune Burkinabe, able to help us collect information about elementary school students.

Earthencare 2010

List of Personnel

  • Three Teams Consisting of

    • • EWB Team Leader • Burkinabe from Ouelguelga • Burkinabe Translator • Local Truck Driver •

EWB Team Leaders:

 Etienne Renaud-Roy: works to elevate the livelihoods of Burkina Faso’s farmers with the Conseil à l'exploitationfamiliale (CEF), part of the National Federation of Naam Groupings (FNGN).

FlorianVillaumé: team leader for Agriculture & Micro-Enterprise in Burkina Faso. He is the Program director of the ISF for the provision of potable water, hygiene, and sanitation of Burkina Faso.

Alanna Peters: lives in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, works with Boris Martin.

  • Other Workers

    • •Two Epidemiologists from the University of Ouagadougou • Thirty Potters from the Village of Poa•

Earthencare 2010

Boris Martin

Supporting Engineers Without Borders Canada

Location: Burkina Faso

Earthencare 2010

An initial assessment is required as we need to make a comparison for the follow up.

For our initial assessment, we will be assessing the following criteria:


Earthencare 2010

Total Cost: $ 40 556 comparison for the follow up.

Earthencare 20101
EarthenCare comparison for the follow up.2010

Aiding Agricultural Sustainability, Productivity, and Longevity in Burkina Faso