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WOUNDED WARRIOR REGIMENT. National Marine Corps Council Fall Conference Colonel John L. Mayer Commanding Officer Wounded Warrior Regiment October 2011. Wounded Warrior Regiment Mission.

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Wounded warrior regiment


National Marine Corps Council Fall Conference

Colonel John L. Mayer

Commanding Officer

Wounded Warrior Regiment

October 2011

Wounded Warrior Regiment Mission

Provide and facilitate assistance to Wounded, Ill, and Injured Marines, Sailors attached to or in support of Marine units, and their family members in order to assist them as they return to duty or transition to civilian life.

Strategic Reach

Marines taking care of Marines and their families.

Medical Case Manager

Primary Care Manager

Marine Section Leader


Civilian RCC


VA Polytrauma Center Minneapolis

Andrews Air Force Base

Naval Hospital 29 Palms

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Naval Hospital Portsmouth

VA Polytrauma Center Palo Alto

VA Polytrauma Center Richmond

Wounded Warrior Regiment

Quantico, Virginia

Balboa Naval Hospital


Camp Pendleton, California

Battalion East

Comp Lejeune, North Carolina

Tripler Army Medical Center

WWR Headquarters

San Antonio Military Medical Center

WW Battalions

VA Polytrauma Center Tampa


District Injured Support Coordinators

Recovery Care Coordinators

Success throughout transition
Success Throughout Transition

Providing Marines and their families individualized support through the phases of recovery.

Marines prove everyday that they are resilient!

Wounded Warrior Complexes

Battalion-East BEQ


Battalion-West BEQ

Fisher House



Comprehensive Approach to Care

Warrior Hope and

Care Center

Naval Hospital

Warrior care way ahead
Warrior Care Way Ahead

12 months


350 Days

Return to Duty / Transition


Expected LIMDU Period

Additional Headquarters Marine Corps-Approved LIMDU

Point of Injury

Comprehensive Transition Plan

Mandatory Lines of Operation


Ensure delivery of world class medical care


-Return to Duty

-Civilian Life


Provide activities to improve the Marine’s self-worth, mental stability, a sense of purpose, and clarity of mind


Strengthen the Marine’s body through physical activity

and nutrition to develop life-long healthy habits


Maintain the spark with the Marine by reinforcing a sense of belonging, purpose, pride, and a renewed sense of self-worth

  • Whole

  • Mentally

  • -Physically

  • -Emotionally


  • Encourage, nurture, and guide the Marine’s family

  • through the recovery process and beyond

A Marine’s mind, body, spirit and family are not just healed;

they are strengthened and improved.

Advocate for marines
Advocate for Marines


  • Coordinatewith BUMED to ensure delivery of world class medical care and timely movement through the Integrated Disability Evaluation System

  • Provide reserve medical support

  • Provide resources and referral support for behavioral health challenges (i.e., suicide, TBI, PTS)

  • Inform Marines of alternative therapies and training opportunities

  • Identify new and emerging technologies

Improving self worth
Improving Self Worth


Transition Skills Development

  • Comprehensive web-based employment toolbox

  • Preparation: resume writing, skills translation, networking

  • Transition Courses

  • Job Placement

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Guides WII Marines and families through the employment process and provides a range of employment resources and referral information

Empowering marines physically
Empowering Marines Physically


  • Providing activities and adaptive sports opportunities that reignite the Marine’s “spark”

    • Mandatory participation for Marines joined to the WWR

    • Sports / activities are tailored to accommodate Marine’s medical condition

    • Building-block approach to reaching ultimate goals

    • Competition builds camaraderie

    • Adaptive sports camps, sporting events, and Marine Corps trials

  • Activities are based on Marine’s medical capability

  • Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program

Swimming * Cycling * Shooting

Archery * Track & Field * Sitting Volleyball

Wheelchair Basketball

Warrior Games

2011 Games 16 – 22 May

Chairman’s Cup Standings

1st Place: Marine Corps

73 medals

131.4 points

2011 Ultimate Champion:

Capt Jonathan Disbro

Marine Corps

16 points

Improving Self-Esteem and Confidence


  • The WWR works to strengthen a Marine from the inside out.

  • WWR staff provides resources and programs that work to improve a Marine’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.

  • This is achieved through:

    • Marine Leadership

    • Mentorship

    • Participation in lines of operation

    • Individual and Unit Athletics

    • Community Service

There are some things medicine and technology cannot heal, where scalpel cannot reach and therapy cannot alter.

Building Capacity in the Marine

Driven by the WWR’s motto, “Still in the fight”

Celebrating our Marines’ Achievements

Reconditioning Sports * Education * Employment * Staying Marine

  • Focus on Ability

    • Highlight stories of Marines who have surpassed their own or others’ expectations

    • Provide opportunities for Marines to improvise, adapt, and overcome in all lines of operation




Support for the entire family
Support for the Entire Family

The WWR ensures support is comprehensive, to include the needs of families and caregivers.


Communication &


Training &


Photo by Carol Guzy, Washington Post

Resource & Referral

For more information
For More Information

Visit our Website


Contact the Resource and Information Center: Sgt Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center 1.877.487.6299

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Our Marines and their Families are Still in the Fight!

Thank you for your continued support.