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Maria Trejo. Title: Does My Head Look Big i n This? Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah Publisher:Pan Macmillian Australia Publishing Date: 2005. Introduction.

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maria trejo

Maria Trejo

Title: Does My Head Look Big in This?

Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah

Publisher:PanMacmillian Australia

Publishing Date: 2005


Amal Mohamed Nasrullah Abdel-Hakim has made the greatest decision of her life; she has decided to wear the hijab. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Amal must face the prejudice and stereotypes that come along with being a Palestinian-Muslim. Her friends and family stand by her despite of having their own problems. Amal’s strength and courage proves that her faith can overcome any obstacle.

protagonist amal mohamed nashrullah abdel hakim
Protagonist: Amal Mohamed Nashrullah Abdel-Hakim

Amal Mohamed Nasrullah Abdel-Hakim is the main protagonist of the story. She is a sixteen year old Australian girl of Palestinian-Muslim descendency.Amal goes to McCleans Preparatory School where she is teased by a popular girl named Tia. Amal is religious and decides on wearing the hijab to show her responsibility and courage after being inspired by an episode of Friends.Amal has a crush on her friend Adam Keane, but she follows her religion and doesn’t date or kiss him. Amal is a loyal friend and sticks up for her friends.

antagonist tia tamos
Antagonist: Tia Tamos

Tia Tamos is the antagonist. She is a bully and enjoys teasing Amal and her friends. She teases on Eileen for being Asian, Simone for being slightly overweight and Amal for being Muslim. Tia is very beautiful, however she is incapable of being nice and is conceited. Tia is racist and picks on anybody that’s unattractive, different ,or people of other ethnicities.

central conflict
Central Conflict

Problem:Amal has to face stereotypes and racism in a time after the 9/11 attack on the world trade center. She risks being ostracized for wearing the Hijab. Amal has to go through all the teasing at her school and prejudice out of school. Amal must see how strong her faith is.

Solution: Amal’s friends give her strength and encourage her to be who she wants to be without worrying about what others think.

minor character leila
Minor Character: Leila

Leila is one of Amal's best friend. She is a seventeen year old Turkish Muslim girl with a strict mother who believes Leila should marry instead of chasing her dreams of becoming a lawyer. Leila, fed up with her mother’s attempts to arrange a marriage for her, runs away and sleeps in a woman's shelter. In an attempt to get Leila to come back home, her mother stops trying to arrange marriages. Leila wears the hijab and she has a rebellious, non-religious brother named Hakan.

minor character yasmeen
Minor Character: Yasmeen

Yasmeen is another of Amal’s best friends. Yasmeen is sixteen and of Pakistani and British descendancy. Yasmeen does not wear the hijab and is the least religious out of Leila and Amal.

minor character simone
Minor Character: Simone

Simone is one of Amal’s best friends at McCleans Preparatory School. She’s a sixteen year old Australian who’s mother forces her to lose weight. Simone is obsessed with diets and starts smoking as a way to ease her cravings. Simone has a low self-esteem and is the most affected by Tia’s rude remarks. She stops smoking after her crush, Josh Goldberg, tells her that she’s beautiful the way she is and doesn’t need to lose weight.

minor character eileen
Minor character: Eileen

Eileen is sixteen and she’s Japanese. Eileen gets picked on by Tia for being Japanese. She has no romantic interests and constantly teases Simone for liking Josh and Amal for liking Adam. Eileen tried to defend Amal from Tia.

minor c haracters adam keane
Minor Characters:Adam Keane

Adam is Amal'scrush and is also her friend. His mother ran away when he was seven. He lives with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend,Charlene. Amaland Adam became great friends and began flirting leading Adam to believe she wanted a relationship with him. Adam attempted to kiss Amal at a party, but Amal rejected his kiss, choosing her religion over physical intimacy. Adam became mad and ended his friendship with Amal, however their friendship resumed.

minor character josh goldberg
Minor Character: Josh Goldberg

Josh Goldberg is Amal's friend at McClean's and he has a crush on Simone. He is Jewish and supports Amalthe most when she starts wearing the hijab. He begins a relationship with Simone near the end of the book. Josh helps Simone quit smoking and he helps her overcome her self-image issues. Josh’s best friend is Adam Keane

  • ‘One of the most remarkable young adult novels of the year.’ -The Times (UK)

  • ‘A smart, lively and contemporary story that manages to blast through prejudices without feeling ponderous or worthy…Every teenager in Britain should read it.’- The Sunday Times (UK)

  • ‘Put Does My Head Look Big In This? on the syllabus immediately. It’s sharply written, funny and, most of all, timely.’-The Weekend Australian

  • ‘Eye-opening…funny and positive. A book about defiance, determination, intelligence and self-respect.’ -Telegraph (UK)

  • ‘Funny and often passionate story about Amal’s journey through adolescence.’-Blue Peter-Top Books of the Month

  • ‘It’s funny, it’s foolish, it’s serious, it takes up real issues, it tells a story and it strikes a chord. What more can you want of any book?’-Books for Keeps

my thoughts
My thoughts

This book opened my eyes to the way people that are different are treated unfairly by society. It also showed me the practices and believes of a religion I am not familiar with. Amal’s strength and loyalty is truly inspiring. Amal and her friends, despite being different from each other, show what a true friendship is like. Each one has a story of their own that teens should be able to relate to. I really recommend Does My Head Look Big in This?