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Charleston SC Pest Control PowerPoint Presentation
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Charleston SC Pest Control

Charleston SC Pest Control

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Charleston SC Pest Control

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  1. 843-906-9457

  2. Testimonials "Termites and pests don't stand a chance against Anchor Pest Management. Karl's company treated my home for termites and inside bugs nearly a year ago. He was thorough the day of the treatment and has made sure I have been protected with periodic treatments. Since day one--no more bugs! I highly recommend Anchor Pest Management for your termite and pest work.” - David Knab, Google User

  3. Testimonials "Karl and his team at Anchor Pest Management have taken care of my pest control needs for the past two years. Every time Karl has come to my house he has gone above and beyond. He was able to go above and beyond and actually ended up saving me money by identifying problems and treating them before they got out of hand. His extensive knowledge and passion for helping people is unmatched. He is also friendly, prompt and reasonable. Kudos to Karl and the entire Anchor Pest Management Family!” - Rebecca Eipsten, Google User

  4. Testimonials "The work just gets done right... The results speak for themselves! Enough said, but would strongly recommend them to people who want an honest and efficient company enter their home.” - Sharon, User

  5. OUTDOOR TIPS DURING ‘INSECT’ SEASONS • DUSK & DAWN: The most popular time of mosquitos, so if you are outside be sure to use repellant that is marked with an EPA-registered active ingredient like DEET, picaridin or IR3535. • USE CITRONELLA CANDLES: Stock your out-side seated areas with candles containing citronella. • ANTS & FLIES ARE ATTRACTED TO FOOD: Be sure to keep food protected by using sealants like containers and coolers. Be sure to keep crumbs and spills from attracting them as well.

  6. OUTDOOR TIPS DURING ‘INSECT’ SEASONS • FRAGRANCES ATTRACT STINGING INSECTS LIKE YELLOW-JACKETS: Be sure to not use any scented products prior to outdoor activities, especially those around dusk and dawn. • USE CLEAR CUPS: This will avoid the insects from hiding in the cups and potentially being ingested. • SCREEN IN YOUR PORCH: If this is an option, be sure to keep the door shut, and any holes or tears repaired immediately.

  7. Anchor Pest Management Anchor Pest Management offers several commercial and residential pest control services, mosquito treatment and bed bug control plans. Call us today and a friendly representative will be ready to answer any questions and set up a no-obligation inspection by a qualified service technician.

  8. Pest Control Services Our Pest Control Charleston SC services cover general pests, some wildlife and mosquitoes. Most services are performed on the exterior of structures and interior services are performed by request. Extra services are completed at no additional charge. Special requests for pest control treatments are negotiable and tailored to individual needs. There may be extra charges or separate contracts needed for specific pest problems that require special attention.

  9. Our Specialties • Pest Control: Commercial, Residential • Pest Control/Termite Control • Mosquito Treatment/Control • Termite Damage Warranty • South Carolina Wood Infestation Reports • Integrated Pest Management Programs

  10. General Pests include: • Ants: All species of Ants are included except fire ant and carpenter ant treatments. These two species require extra charges for exterior yard treatments. Bees: We do not cover any types of bees. (Specialists will be referred to you) Centipedes, Crickets: Camel, Cave and Field Crickets are included except mole crickets, these require additional charges. • Earwigs, Fleas (Separate Agreement needed), Mice, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, Rats, Roaches: All species of roaches are included except German Roaches. German • Roaches require a separate contract until the infestation is either eliminated or controlled. • Some infestations may be too severe for us to be able to gain control and in that case we will not render the service, the inspection is free of course; Spiders, Sow Bugs, Silverfish, Wasps except Yellow Jackets (Separate Agreement needed).

  11. Wildlife: We offer a free inspection and if we can eliminate the problem we will consult with you the necessary steps and pricing. Should we not be able to assist you, specialists will be recommended.

  12. Mosquitoes: Yard treatments are offered and will be completed on a routine basis during the warmer parts of the year. A separate agreement will be needed for these treatments. We do not install misting systems. We have a set routine for all of our services, but are open to make adjustments for special needs or concerns.

  13. Charleston SC Pest Control Obtain a Free Quote Visit to obtain your free quote or call us at 843-906-9457 today.

  14. Anchor Pest Management, LLC 647 Dupont Rd. Charleston, SC 29407 Phone: (843) 906-9457 or Office: 843 641-0655 Email: Google Plus: Facebook: