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East Gadsden High School PowerPoint Presentation
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East Gadsden High School

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East Gadsden High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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East Gadsden High School

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  1. East Gadsden High School Dare to Do More Ms. D. Bailey, 11th Grade Guidance Counselor

  2. Leadership Reginald James, Gadsden County Superintendent Rosalyn Smith, East Gadsden High School Principal

  3. Departments at East Gadsden High School

  4. Departments at East Gadsden High School Guidance

  5. Departments at East Gadsden High School Academics • Math • Science • Social Studies • Physical Education • Performing Arts • Electives

  6. East Gadsden High School Special Programs JROTC Law Enforcement Florida Virtual School Advanced Placement/Honor Classes Dual Enrollment Gadsden Technical Institute (GTI)

  7. Graduation Requirements Students entering high school in the 2008-2009 school year may choose from the following graduation programs: Traditional 24-Credit Program Three-Year 18-credit College Preparatory Program Three-year 18-credit Career Preparatory Program GED Exit Option Special Diploma (for Exceptional Students)

  8. Graduation Requirements Traditional 24-Credit Program Students take 24 credits in subject areas such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and a Physical Education course to include the integration of health. Foreign Language credit is not required for graduation, but is recommended for community college preparation and IS REQUIRED FOR admission to Florida’s state universities. • Students take 8 Elective credits • 4 credits in a major area of interest • 4 credits of a second major, a minor area of interest, or elective courses

  9. Graduation Requirements • Three-Year, 18-Credit College Preparatory Program • Credits Satisfy the Minimum Standards for Admission into Florida’s State Universities • No Major • Fewer Elective Classes • 2 Credits in a Foreign Language • 6 Credits must be from Specified Courses • Maintain 3.5 GPA • B Average in all Required Courses • Higher Level Math Courses Required • Three-Year, 18-Credit Career Preparatory Program • Prepare Students for Technical or Community College • For Career Preparation or Entrance into the workforce • No Major • Fewer Elective Classes • Earn Specific Credits in a Single Vocational or Career Education Program • Maintain 3.0 GPA • C Average in all Required Courses

  10. Graduation Requirements • GED Exit Option • Permits currently enrolled high school students who are at risk of not graduating to earn a standard diploma through an alternate graduation route • Special Diploma • Only available to exceptional students whose individual educational plan identifies this option as appropriate

  11. Graduation Requirements Making the Decision on which Type of Graduation to Select All of the standard diploma graduation paths include opportunities to take rigorous academic courses designed to prepare students for their future academic and career choices. All students, regardless of graduation program, must still earn a specific grade point average on a 4.0 scale and achieve passing scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in order to graduate with a standard diploma (refer to graduation options charts). However, the two three-year programs are significantly different from the traditional 24-credit program.

  12. Graduation Requirements for Students Entering Ninth Grade in 2008-2009

  13. Minimum Course Requirements for Students who Entered 9th Grade Prior to 2007-2008

  14. Scholarship Information Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program establishes three lottery-funded scholarships for high school graduates who demonstrate high academic achievement and enroll in eligible Florida public or private postsecondary institutions. There are three award levels for which high school seniors may qualify. The scholarship may be used for either full-time or part-time enrollment and is renewable. All initial applicants must meet the general requirements for participation in this program and specific requirements for the individual award.

  15. Scholarship Information BRIGHT FUTURES: Florida Academic Scholars Award

  16. Scholarship Information BRIGHT FUTURES: Florida Medallion Scholars Award Florida

  17. Scholarship Information BRIGHT FUTURES: Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award

  18. Scholarship Information OTHER FLORIDA FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMS Students can apply for all State of Florida financial aid programs, including the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, by completing the Florida Financial Aid Application online at There are three steps in the process: The student must complete the Florida Financial Aid Application. Once the student submits the application, he/she will receive a list of programs for which he/she will be considered and a User ID and PIN to check the status of the application. The student must follow through with needed information and certifications, adhering to individual program deadlines. The student must monitor the status of the application online using the assigned User ID and PIN.

  19. Scholarship Information FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid • Apply after January 1 of the year you will start college • Based on family’s income • Need to fill out the FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid) • MUST HAVE ALL PAPERWORK COMPLETE BEFORE YOU CAN RECEIVE ANY FINANCIAL AID • What you will need • Your Social Security Card • Your driver's license (if you have one) • Your 2008 W-2 Forms and other records of money earned • Your 2008 Federal Income Tax Return • Your parents' 2008 Federal Income Tax Return • Your 2008 untaxed income records - Social Security, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, welfare, or veterans benefits records • Your alien registration or permanent residence card (if you are not a U.S. citizen) • Before you begin… • You must get a PIN for yourself, and your parent. • The pin lets you sign and correct the application without having to print anything out and mailing it. • You can see your results as soon as you finish the application. • Get one from

  20. Clubs & Organizations

  21. East Gadsden High School Athletics Football Soccer Men’s Basketball Women’s Basketball Women’s Softball Men’s Baseball Weightlifting Cheerleading Track & Field Women’s Volleyball

  22. East Gadsden High School Grading System

  23. FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RESOURCES Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) www. Talented 20 Program Career Voyages FCAT Explorer CHOICES Major Areas of Interest (MAI)

  24. East Gadsden High School Dare to Do More