the international justice public safety network n.
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The International Justice & Public Safety Network. Nlets. WHO WE ARE. Mission / Vision About Nlets History. Mission & Vision. Mission. Vision.

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who we are

Mission / Vision

About Nlets


Nlets & IFTA

mission vision
Mission & Vision



To provide, within a secure environment, an international justice telecommunications capability and information services that will benefit to the highest degree, the safety, the security, and the preservation of human life and the protection of property.

To continue to be the premier provider of the network, system, and services that will support and encourage a totally standardized, integrated, international justice system.

Nlets & IFTA

about nlets
About Nlets
  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit
    • Owned and governed by the states
    • Operated by a professional staff of 25 full-time and two part-time employees
  • Operational site located in Arizona
    • Disaster recovery site located in Kentucky

Nlets & IFTA

about nlets cont
About Nlets (cont.)
  • Computer-based message switching system
    • Provides information services and support for justice-related agencies applications
    • Serves all U.S. states and territories, Federal agencies with a justice component, and select regional and international agencies

Nlets & IFTA

about nlets cont1
About Nlets (cont.)
  • Nearly 1 billion
    • Transactions a year
  • 900,000
    • PC, mobile and handheld devices in the U.S. and Canada
  • 45,000
    • User agencies
  • 1.2 million
    • Individual users

Nlets & IFTA

what we do




Nlets & IFTA

24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year
24 hours a day7 days a week365 days a year

Right Information

Right People

Right Place

Right Time

Nlets & IFTA

information exchange
Information Exchange

Legacy Services for…

…and Access To

  • Driver and vehicle registration
  • Criminal history records
  • Wanted persons data
  • Sex offender registry
  • Probation and parole registry
  • Concealed carry databases
  • State warrant records
  • Driver license and corrections images
  • Interpol
  • Data from Canada and Mexico
  • Homeland Alert messages
  • LEO Flying Armed
  • INS databases at LESC
  • Amber Alerts
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Aircraft registrations
  • GSA federal/diplomatic plates
  • And hundreds more!

Nlets & IFTA

  • Private T1 network
    • Multi-Protocol Label Switching
    • Encrypted 3G wireless backup
  • VPN – AES encryption
  • Firewall at every connection
  • 24 x 7 x 365 operation center
  • 99.97% uptime
    • Disaster recovery

Nlets & IFTA


Nlets & IFTA

our members

Membership Types

User Agencies


Nlets & IFTA

core membership types
Core Membership Types
  • Principal
  • International
  • Federal
  • Associate
  • Regional

Nlets & IFTA

user agencies principle international
User AgenciesPrinciple & International


District of Columbia

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam


Nlets & IFTA

user agencies federal

Air Force


Coast Guard

Customs & Border Protection

Dept. of Defense (PERSEREC)

Dept. of Interior

Dept. of Justice

Dept. of State

El Paso Intelligence Center

Federal Aviation Administration


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin.

Federal Protective Service

Immigration & Customs Enforcement


National Weather Service / NOAA


Office of Personnel Management

Postal Inspection Service

Secret Service

Social Security Admin., OIG

Transportation Security Admin.

U.S. Courts

Veteran’s Affairs

Nlets & IFTA

user agencies associate


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

National Insurance Crime Bureau

National Vehicle Service

Western Identification Network

Nlets & IFTA

user agencies regional

Automated Regional Justice

Information System (ARJIS)

Capital Wireless

Information Network (CapWIN)

Nlets & IFTA


Nlets & IFTA

our partners

Strategic Partners

Partner Activity

Nlets & IFTA

strategic partners
Strategic Partners

ACS State & Local Solutions

American Law Enforcement Network

American Traffic Solutions


ATSC Voyager

B&W Sensors

CMA Consulting

CPI Openfox


Duncan Solutions









Redflex Traffic Systems




Nlets & IFTA

partner activity
Partner Activity

Strategic Partner

Activity with Nlets

  • ALEN
  • ATSC Voyager
  • Datamaxx
  • InterAct911
  • Uses Nlets’ networking capabilities to provide law enforcement officers wireless access to NCIC, Nlets, and/or State data in order to provide support and consulting to law enforcement, criminal justice, and government organizations.

Nlets & IFTA

partner activity cont
Partner Activity (cont.)

Strategic Partner

Activity with Nlets

  • ACS
  • ATS
  • B&W Sensors
  • CMA Consulting
  • Duncan Solutions
  • Lasercraft
  • Optotraffic
  • Redflex
  • RedSpeed
  • Traffipax
  • Uses Nlets to access driver and vehicle information. Data is used by law enforcement agencies for traffic enforcement purposes.

Nlets & IFTA

partner activity cont1
Partner Activity (cont.)

Strategic Partner

Activity with Nlets

  • Intrado
  • LoJack
  • OnStar
  • VINLock
  • Provides lien information and vehicle recovery services for law enforcement, and/or uses Nlets to notify an agency.

Nlets & IFTA

partner activity cont2
Partner Activity (cont.)
  • Appriss
    • Provides victim notification services.
  • CPI Openfox
    • Provides a secure path for connectivity between CPI and state message switching equipment at many states for proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • InsureNet
    • Provides roadside verification of insurance info over Nlets.
  • Nixle
    • Broadcasts notification messages from law enforcement and public safety officials to citizens in a targeted geographic area via network connectivity facilitated by Nlets and the Nixle equipment hosted at Nlets.

Nlets & IFTA

strategic partner growth areas
Strategic Partner Growth Areas
  • LPR
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Regional sharing systems

12 new companies are currently being

explored for strategic partnership,

as well as 10potential hosting customers

Nlets & IFTA








Nlets & IFTA


Nlets & IFTA

chief chris

Funded by

the Bureau of Justice Statistics

  • Criminal History Information Exchange Format
    • To promote the interstate exchange of standardized Rap Sheets.
  • Criminal History Record Information Sharing
    • To support statistical research and recidivism studies.

Nlets & IFTA


Participating States

for CHIEF, as of September 2010

e port

Funded by

the National Institute of Justice and

the Department of Homeland Security

  • Enhanced Portal for Image Exchange & Increased Functionality over Nlets
  • Expand the Nlets Portal to allow image exchange
  • Produce a CONOPS regarding multi- factor authentication and authorization into the Nlets Portal
  • Provide pro-active alerting (NCMEC is the pilot site)

Nlets & IFTA


Funded by

the National Institute of Justice and

the Department of Homeland Security

  • Geospatial Service Oriented Architecturefor Public Safety
  • Enhance, expand and accelerate participation in the Nlets GIS-enabled alert capability
  • Define an interstate GIS transmission specification for geospatial information exchange
  • Define a GeoSOAPS web services specification
  • Pilot a demonstration of geospatial information exchange

Nlets & IFTA


Funded by

the National Institute of Justiceand

the Department of Homeland Security

  • Nationwide Corrections Image & Information Exchange over Nlets
  • Implement additional states for corrections photo sharing
  • Develop NIEM standards for sharing corrections photos
  • Develop image standards (size and quality)

Nlets & IFTA

ncien background
NCIEN Background
  • NCIEN leverages methodology developed as a result of the NISP grant project.
    • NISP funds created and implemented standards for exchanging driver license images.
  • Nlets Interstate Sharing of Photos
    • NISP was also funded by NIJ with support from DHS.

Nlets & IFTA


Participating States

for NISP & NCIEN, as of August 2010

new tools to keep america safe
New Tools to Keep America Safe
  • Nlets recently was granted contract work for DHS in four main areas:
    • Tribal Nation Sharing
    • State Warrants Shared Interstate
    • LPR Data Sharing and Cloud Computing
    • Facial Recognition and Iris Technology

Nlets & IFTA

training education

Support Opportunities

Nlets & IFTA

  • Certified Nlets Educator (CNE) Program
    • The CNE Program is designed to provide Nlets System Agencies (NSA) with a resource to assist in the development and implementation of a statewide education program to increase awareness and use of Nlets message keys.
    • The CNE establishes the minimum level of training and education necessary to design and conduct Nlets based training.

Nlets & IFTA

support cont
Support (cont.)
  • Instructor Development Course (IDC)
    • As a complimentary component to the NCE, we offer a very basic (16-hour) “train the trainer” certification program for the staff of any NSA that has not had the opportunity and/or means to obtain such training.
  • System Awareness
    • Year-long focus on under-utilized message keys.

Nlets & IFTA

idc content
IDC Content
  • Customized to fit the needs of the agency

Nlets & IFTA

the nlets ifta transaction
The Nlets IFTA Transaction

How is it used?

How does it work?

Nlets & IFTA

how is it used
How is it used?
  • The purpose of the Nlets IFTA transaction is to provide a resource that enables access to real-time data for criminal justice purposes to Nlets members responsible for roadside enforce-ment of fuel tax laws.

Nlets & IFTA

how does it work
How does it work?

Inquiry: FQC

Response: FRC

  • The FQC will search the IFTA database and return an FRC message with exact matches based upon the Federal Identification Number (FEI).
  • The FQC requires:
    • Valid, 9-character, sending ORI
    • 2-character destination ORI (‘FT’)
    • FEI
  • The response (FRC) will include:
    • IFTA number
    • Organization name
    • Jurisdiction
    • Contact number
    • Status
  • Nlets supports this transaction in legacy text, as well as in XML.
  • Participating states include Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Nlets & IFTA

the nlets prism transaction
The Nlets PRISM Transaction

How is it used?

How does it work?

Nlets & IFTA

how is it used1
How is it used?
  • In addition to the Nlets vehicle queries already available, PRISM provides inquiry ability to access the SAFER-PRISM database.

Nlets & IFTA

how does it work1
How does it work?

Inquiry: ACQ

Response: AVQ

  • The inquiry for a Carrier Status Request by USDOT Number and a Vehicle Status Request for targeted information is by:
    • VIN; or,
    • License plate & State.
  • With an exception of the data field headings and depending on the MCSIP Steps, all Nlets Carrier Status Response messages provide the same data elements:
    • If the carrier is targeted;
    • If the carrier is under Federal OOSO; and,
    • If the carrier registration is suspended or revoked.
      • Vehicle Status Responses will return the carrier data for the carrier responsible for safety, but only when there has been a carrier designated.
  • It is important to note that information obtained via Nlets is not updated in real-time. This means persons running the transaction should also confirm if an OOSO is still in effect.
  • Nlets is currently working with PRISM to provide real-time access to data.

Nlets & IFTA


Bonnie Locke

Director, Business Development


Nlets & IFTA