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Researching Climate Change

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Researching Climate Change. In vino veritas? Researching International Environmental Law with a Clear Head in the Hazy Era of Climate Change Marylin Johnson Raisch International and Foreign Law Librarian Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto

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researching climate change

Researching Climate Change

In vino veritas? Researching International Environmental Law with a Clear Head in the Hazy Era of Climate Change

Marylin Johnson Raisch

International and Foreign Law Librarian

Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto

CALL Annual Meeting, Niagara-on-the-Lake, May 26, 2003

building a knowledge base
Building a Knowledge Base
  • How would an information specialist approach creating a resource on the web which would integrate on- and off-line materials, legal research, scientific data gathering and analysis (reports), and policy information?
approaches to complex research
Approaches to Complex Research
  • Narrative, contextual approach
  • Annotated links approach
  • The former provides a richer experience for learning; the latter will eventually become a set of bookmarks, some of which may rarely be used.
narrative approach
Narrative Approach
  • Tell the story of climate change: the issues, the treaties, the efforts at compliance, new or amended treaties
  • The story will unfold chronologically but in different locations:UN conferences, EU meetings, the US political scene, Canadian Parliament and ministries
  • Highlight the major documents which emerge from the process in each venue
framework convention on climate change 1992
The story:

UN FCCC adopted 9 May 1992, New York

Berlin Mandate, Decision 1/CP.1: The Berlin Mandate: Review of the adequacy of Article 4, paragraph 2(a) and (b), of the Convention, including proposals related to a protocol and decisions on follow-upFCCC/CP/1995/7 :earliest doc at site (COP 1)

Geneva Ministerial Declaration FCCC/CP/1996/15/Add.1(not adopted)

The documents:

Text pamphlet pdf at; may be Googled with strong title words, A/CONF.151/26/REV.1(VOL.I) (Rio Earth Summit) , 13 I.L.M. 851 (1992) Official documents search page- keywords Berlin, Geneva; limit to COPs; earliest two years should be selected

Framework Convention on Climate Change 1992
kyoto protocol to unfccc 1997
The story:

The Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC

Buenos Aires Plan of Action, 1/CP.4 1998

Bonn implementation of above, COP 6 Part II, 25 September 2001

Marrakesh Accords, 21 January 2002

Canada ratifies 17 December 2002

The documents:

Treaty text at site or via Google, strong words; citation for actual UN doc., FCCC/CP/1997/7/Add.1

Buenos Aires Plan of Action at FCCC official doc site; UN Doc. FCCC/CP/1998/16/Add.1

Bonn, FCCC/CP/2001/5

Marrakesh Accords, U.N. Doc. FCCC/CP/2001/13 (report) and Add.1-3

Kyoto Protocol to UNFCCC 1997
unfccc and kyoto travaux and commentary
UNFCCC and Kyoto Travaux and Commentary
  • ;“Travaux” including Kyoto,
  • Commentary, including Kyoto,
  • Oberthür, Sebastian and Hermann E. Ott, The Kyoto Protocol: International Climate Policy for the 21st Century. Berlin: Springer, 1999. Chronology of the climate change regime, citations to travaux préparatoires, and article-based commentary.
  • Climate Change “for dummies” (Beginner’s guide at the FCCC site):
  • Do not forget to look at UNFCCC text. Example: Dispute settlement: Art. 19 Kyoto incorporates FCCC Art. 14 in many respects and Art. 33 of UN Charter (peaceful negotiations  ICJ or arbitration
compliance system and kyoto mechanisms
Compliance System and “Kyoto Mechanisms”
  • Compliance Committee: See
    • Facilitative branch
    • Enforcement branch
  • Emissions reduction and trading: 1) joint implementation, art. 6 2) clean development mechanism (CDM), art. 12 and 3) emissions trading, art. 17. See
    • Industrialized or Annex I countries -marked by *
    • Developing countries
european union and its european community
European Union and its European Community
  • Created first “bubble” with collective fulfillment of commitments under art. 3, para.1 and art. 4
  • Activities and legal texts across the institutions (Council, Parliament, etc.),
  • European Commission “green portal” with Climate Change home page, and European Climate Change Programme (ECCP),
united states
United States
  • Pace Law School Global Warming Central, helps “cut to the chase” in a complex policy arena, myriad Congressional and executive documents, US federal and state developments
  • Climate Change Activities in the United States, June, 2002

Pew Center on Global Climate Change

  • Climate Change Plan for Canada, Nov. 21, 2002, Environment Canada (English version)
  • Government of Canada Climate Change Web Site,
ngos databases advocacy policy and science
NGOs, Databases: Advocacy, Policy, and Science
  • NGOs: list of admitted organizations under FCCC art. 7,
  • National Communications,
  • Science:
    • GHG inventory database,;
    • Atlas of Population & Environment, American Association for the Advancement of Science,
  • Focus on Climate Change, Global Sustainable Development and International Law at Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto,
can t stand the heat from global warming get out of the kitchen but don t forget
Can’t stand the heat (from global warming)?Get out of the kitchen, but don’t forget…
  • Bubbles-group of countries with joint emission reduction plan
  • Baskets-single obligation to reduce all GHGs
  • COP/MOP- Conference of the Parties sits as Meeting of Parties
  • PAMs-policies and measures, art. 2
  • COW-Committee of the Whole
  • Alphabet soup: SBI, SBSTA-Subsidiary Body :for Implementation, for Scientific and Technological Advice