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Anatta Humanversity:Drugs and Alcohol rehabilitation center PowerPoint Presentation
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Anatta Humanversity:Drugs and Alcohol rehabilitation center

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Anatta Humanversity:Drugs and Alcohol rehabilitation center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anatta Humanversity Pvt Ltd is an addiction treatment centre which helps their clients in quitting the addictions. They provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and organize programs to spread awareness about these addictions. Here they have the best team that looks after their clients and ensure that total confidentiality is maintained. Anatta provides various facilities and have treatment programs that are client specific which will ensure a speedy recovery.

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our vision

Paving the way towards a life beyond Substance Abuse

about us

The disease of addiction to alcohol and drugs has always been existent in society. It is a great leveller afflicting all classes,intellectual calibres, the rich and the poor alike.

Awareness about the solution is lacking. The elite of our society afflicted [dependent] and affected [co-dependent-family & friends] are primarily concerned about matters of anonymity, confidentiality, ambience and treatment modalities, which has not been available in our country.

Anatta Humanversity is a facility which has been catering to the treatment of specifically this strata of society since the year 2003.

We are also a guide to all who require help in the right direction.



Mahesh Hiranandani

Managing Director

Counselor and Trained Facilitator of Meditations

Mahesh is the primary counselor treating those afflicted and affected by Chemical dependency with Meditation and Counseling since 2003 .He is also a visiting Counselor at various rehabilitation centers and a spokesperson on rehabilitation and meditation at various venues. He has thus been a catalyst in transforming several lives.

Ms. VandanaHiranandani,


Public & Customer Relations/Admin Manager& Counselor

Vandana is a Management expert and a Counselor. Vandana is the back bone in organising Seminars, Workshops and Awareness Programs facilitated by AnattaHumanversity. She has extensive knowledge of planning, managing and designing public and customer relation programs. She is responsible for developing and maintaining company’s corporate image and identity. Apart from being a management expert, she has experience in counseling and helping Co-Dependants of Chemically Dependent people. She also renders counseling regarding fitness and health issues.



Dr.Sujatha Nair


B.H.M.S., PG Hom(Lon.)

A Homoeopathic Physician and Counselor,

she has been working in the field of Rehabilitation since the year 2005 in Clinical Homoeopathic practice since 2000.A “humane doctor” as termed by a client, she blends Yoga and homoeopathy in the treatment of those afflicted. She too is a spokesperson on Addiction at various venues. She aids in facilitating meditations and delves into its scientific aspects.

Dr.Rajiv. N. Jerajani


M.D., Ph.D., DFM.

A Psychiatrist and veteran in the field of Addiction since more than 30yrs and a spokesperson at the National and International level on the subject. A meditator and guiding force to many. There are many other resource people who form an integral part of our team.


We maintain the Highest level of Confidentiality and Anonymity of our clientele, who come to us, purely by word of mouth. Our Alternative Life Treatment program is Client Specific, Voluntary and Non-Medical in nature.

The ambience provided is similar to the one the client is used to, minus the Substance- hence it is a controlled environment conducive to recovery wherein the individual re-learns living a life beyond Alcohol/drugs with our help. We also have unique in house treatment programs for co-dependents and are the only facility in the country who do this.

The Cornerstone of our treatment program are Counseling,Therapeutic assignments and Meditation.

We use specially designed meditation techniques which are psychotherapeutic, that further the physical,psychological and spiritual transformation of the affected individual which is essential for Recovery.

a diversification of our expertise

We facilitate Workshops for Individuals, groups and Corporates on

  • From conditioning to self actualization
  • Blending verbal and non verbal communication
  • Science of polarities
  • Physical awareness
  • Language of the body

All workshops are supported with Meditation


Thank You!

Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd

701/702, Diwani Mahal, Opp ONGC colony, Juhu Scheme,Gulmohar Road No.1,

Mumbai 400 049;

Contact No.+91 9967334000;

Email: vandana@anatta.in

Websie. www.anatta.in