media convergence in our daily life n.
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Media convergence in our daily life PowerPoint Presentation
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Media convergence in our daily life

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Media convergence in our daily life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Media convergence in our daily life
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  1. Media convergence in our daily life • Newspaper • Television • Telephone APAN Manila Meeting

  2. Newspaper Paper Web site complementary APAN Manila Meeting

  3. Television broadcast CATV HFC(Fiber & COAX) CATV FTTH Analog Digital bidirectional IP network multicast APAN Manila Meeting

  4. Telephone Modem DSU+TA (ISDN) ADSL modem ONU Analog Digital (ISDN) VoIP/SIP(ADSL) VoIP/SIP(Optical Fiber) IP network APAN Manila Meeting

  5. Media convergence toward IP, Internet Protocol TCP/IP UDP/IP APAN Manila Meeting

  6. Economic TransformationsGeneral Purpose Technologies and Long-Term Economic Growth • The authors of the book list the Internet as number 20 of the 24 General Purpose Technologies throughout human history. • Authors: Richard G. Lipsey, Kenneth I. Carlaw, and Clifford T. Bekar G. Lipsey, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Simon Fraser University, Kenneth I. Carlaw, Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury, and Clifford T. Bekar, Assoc Professor of Economics, Lewis and Clark College APAN Manila Meeting

  7. 24 Technologies Chapter 5: A Survey of GPTs in Western History: Part I 10,000 BC to 1450 AD     Domestication of plants 9000—8000 BC Process     Domestication of animals 8500—7500 BC Process     Smelting of ore 8000—7000 BC Process     Wheel 4000—3000 BC Product Writing 3400—3200 BC Process     Bronze 2800 BC Product     Iron 1200 BC Product     Waterwheel Early medieval period Product APAN Manila Meeting

  8. 24 Technologies Chapter 6: A Survey Of GPTs in Western History: Part II 1450 to 2010The Three-Masted Sailing Ship 15th century ProductPrinting 16th century ProcessThe Steam Engine Late 18th to early 19th century ProductFactory system Late 18th to early 19th century OrganizationalRailway Mid 19th century ProductIron steamship Mid 19th century ProductInternal combustion engine Late 19th century ProductElectricity Late 19th century Product APAN Manila Meeting

  9. 24 Technologies Chapter 6: A Survey Of GPTs in Western History: Part II 1450 to 2010Electricity Late 19th century ProductMotor vehicle 20th century Product Airplane 20th century ProductMass production, 20th century Organizationalcontinuous process, factory Computer 20th century ProductLean production 20th century OrganizationalInternet 20th century ProductBiotechnology 20th century ProcessNanotechnology Sometime in the 21st century Process APAN Manila Meeting

  10. CHANGES Internet Society APAN Manila Meeting

  11. Peter Ferdinand Drucker We have been experiencing the future. The Ecological Vision: Reflections on the American Condition. APAN Manila Meeting

  12. New Members of APAN will be introduced to you at General Assembly on Friday. APAN Manila Meeting

  13. Enjoy the revolution APAN Manila Meeting