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Wally 118

Wally 118.

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Wally 118

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  1. Wally 118 The Italian group, Wally Yachts, is about to do to motor yachts what it did to the sailing world several years ago. Following the incredible success of its radical sailing yachts, they plan to assault the motor market with this design that looks radical even for the most futuristic movie! Click mouse to advance

  2. Intermarine, the renowned warship builder put the Wally together.The team work allowed for the technical solutions to blend with the styling solutions. The result is a unique yacht with very distinctive characteristics … the vertical bow, the large side air intakes supplying air to the turbo jet engines and the wide open deck superstructure.

  3. The grayish green metallic color of the hull contributes to the appeal of the 118 WallyPower which features unique lines enhancing her nautical characteristics, and a glass superstructure exploiting the Wally concept of inside-outside living spaces.

  4. The 118 made her debut late last summer. Even with some of the most beautiful sailboats in the world to admire, competitors at the St. Tropez classic yacht rally couldn’t take their eyes off the Wallypower. At the maxi-racers’ Rolex Cup in Porto Cervo, the 118 drew spectator boats like a carbon-fiber pied piper. And at the Monaco Yacht Show in September, where she officially debuted, visitors couldn’t get enough of her stealth-bomber chic.

  5. The project has followed an intensive and exceptional R&D program which has involved specialized facilities like SSPA in Sweden and the Ferrari Wind Tunnel Facility in Italy to test the eloquent features of this stunning yacht. As a result, the 118-foot yacht WallyPower stands out for her technology as well as for her contemporary design and unreal high speed capabilities.

  6. The main design and technical features are protected by an international patent based on the futuristic design leap in luxury motor yachts.

  7. The motorized aft sliding gangway just off the poop deck serves as a very large passerelle (dock or diving platform at water level) when completely extended, and as swimming ladder when folded.Watching it extend or retract is mesmerizing. The superstructure is elegantly built in strong and light weight carbon fiber and PVC foam covered with laminated glass. The hull is carbon; the passarelle is carbon. Even the bath fixtures are carbon composites. Just about the only major surface that is not carbon fiber is the decking.Both for its unmatched beauty and longevity in the marine world traditional teakwood was the choice.

  8. Just forward of the superstructure is an inset seating area, which can be shaded by a bimini top. That mysterious tinted glass-sided deckhouse shelters a spacious saloon aft, with white upholstery, plain cherrywood surfaces, and a seductive beach-house ambience.Traditional teakwood is underfoot.

  9. There are very few cabin doors, no switches, no handles. Lighting is operated by discreet touch-screen computer control panels in every area or cabin. These commands just to name a few activates flat Plasma screen TVs which fold down into the deck head, selects music from a 200CD library, operates four separate video units and sets air conditioning levels.

  10. The main deck of the Wallypower is a wonderful living space, protected from sun,wind and rain yet affording spectacular views of the sea and sky for guests, owners, and helmsmen alike. This style of enclosed, open-air living is a major change in the quite select and secretive yachting world.

  11. The dining table , made of carbon fiber sits amidships, just aft of the helm.The whole design allows passage from the sunken alfresco area forward literally aft through the yacht. Note the upskirt skylight under the table for companionway lighting below.

  12. A sliding carbon composite dining table and molded web chairs allow up to 14 people to eat in either a formal or a relaxed atmosphere. Speed issues made lightness of utmost importance throughout therefore all possible construction is PVC foam covered with carbon-fiber layers overlaid with laminated glass. To decrease weight further, all built-in furniture and cabinetry above and below deck is a honeycomb composite, either lacquered or veneered in American cherry. Even the marine toilets are carbon-composite and weigh a mere 16 pounds.

  13. The idea behind this project is to have a boat featuring all the spacious comforts of a mega yacht together with all the nautical characteristics of a super fast coast-guard cutter capable of an incredible 60 knots.

  14. All passengers can enjoy dining , conversation or cocktails here while lounging on custom cushions of closed-cell polyurethane foam molded precisely to the boat's dimensions and covered in simple yet practical terrycloth.

  15. And what about the ridiculously expensive titanium, liberally employed for handrails, blocks, stanchions and trim? It's stylish and 'maintenance free', says Simon Fry. Lower maintenance means fewer crew and less cost within a given length. So the pricey titanium is actually seen as a cost-saving material in the salty marine environment.

  16. In the bow the master cabin enjoys ample sunshine via a skylight extending below-deck for the entire length the of the yacht. The double bed's platform is lacquered carbon fiber and is integral to the hull. The cabin walls are paneled in ecru linen.

  17. The 118 is an express motoryacht with berths for six guests in three en suite staterooms and six crew, and her accommodations are arranged symmetrically on each side of a straight, central corridor in that unique angular hull. The designers employed pearly white acrylic paint, the same used on Formula 1 cars on some surfaces and the companionway is made from translucent varnished carbon fiber. Polyurethane foam cushions are used for the banquettes and humidity-resistant Novolatex for the cabins' mattresses. The pair of identical guest cabins each have two single beds, plus en suite heads and washrooms.

  18. The forward deck of the yacht features the cockpit with a large pop-up bimini roof and tables accompanied by sliding seats. This system provides the opportunity to modify the layout according to various situations and requirements, from dining to sun-bathing or a casual living area.

  19. The tender garage in the bow is exposed when a triangular section of the foredeck lifts on three hydraulic rams revealing a storage compartment for a Zodiac, scuba gear ,fishing supplies and all the other water toys you can imagine.

  20. The Galley is gourmet’s dream and every surface is stainless steel including the ceiling.Titanium fixtures are also in abundance. It takes a lot these days to turn heads in super-chic St Tropez. And yet this year no fewer than seven yachts managed to wow the crowds. The link between these all-carbon, minimalist machines was one name. Wally. Wally yachts have become the object of desire in the carbo-riche fashion elite. And yet it has taken only seven years for Wally Yachts president and owner Luca Bassanito build this reputation, with nine multi-million dollar yachts ranging from 67ft to 107ft afloat and talk of a 125-footer on the drawing board.

  21. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Length 35.6 m (117 ft) Beam 7.45 m (24.4 ft) Draught 1.25 m (4.8 ft) Max speed 40 to 70 knots Cruising speed 45 to 60 knots Range 700 miles Fuel capacity22,000 L (4,850 Gal) Water capacity2,000 L (44o Gal) Accommodation6-8 guests4 crew Cost 16-24 million depending on the power plant.

  22. The propulsion system includes three Detroit or RollsRoyce Diesel gas turbines driving three KaMeWa waterjets generating 16,800 HP and 60 knots of speed with two auxiliary Cummins diesel engines @370hp each for the maneuvering, and driving two waterjets for long range delivery at the relatively slow speed of nine knots. TF50 Detroit Diesel/Gas Turbine @5600hp

  23. There is a more conventional engine option when the yacht is equipped with twin diesels only.You’ll save about $8 million on the price if you opt for the twin 3,650-hp MTU 4000 V16 diesel engines only. In the helm both turbines and diesels are electronically controlled, and simple “clutch in” and “clutch out” buttons take care of gearbox transfer from one to the other. The same control units also operate the waterjets. In fact the helm station looks almost conventional—until you notice the separate engineer’s console on the port side dedicated to the jet turbines. Another notable feature is found in the top section, where navigation radars and antennas are concealed in genuine stealth navy style.

  24. Genuinely new and high-tech, from her engine room to her folding radar mast, the Wallypower 118 has carbon, glass and honeycomb construction, a superbly minimalist Euro interior and a nearly 60-knot top speed. What a combination !

  25. END Takes My Breath Away ! Esc to Exit

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