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Short-term, platform-like inhomogeneities in observed climatic time series Peter Domonkos Centre for Climate Change University Rovira i Virgili, Tortosa, Spain. Introduction.

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Short-term, platform-like inhomogeneities in observed climatic time seriesPeter DomonkosCentre for Climate ChangeUniversity Rovira i Virgili, Tortosa,Spain

  • Series of experiments show that observed climatic time series usually contain large number of platform-like inhomogeneities (IHs). These IHs mostly have short durations and relatively small magnitudes, therefore their direct detection is usually impossible. They act as a special kind of noise when the homogenizer is looking for large, persistent IHs.
  • Platform-like IHs have considerable impact on the IH-detection results.
Standard Dataset: Statistical properties of detected IHs are similar to the ones detected in real temperature time series
large number of small platform like ihs why
Large number of small, platform-like IHs: Why?
  • Observation-errors often persist only for limited time, because they are eliminated after their realisation.
  • Changes in climatic gradients
  • IHs in the components of reference series
  • Anything is their origination: they exist when homogenizers work.

Statistics of detection frequency

IH(all) = all the IHs detected with ACMANT

IH(S) = IHs detected with the Secondary detection

The frequency of short-term IHs is lower in the simulated

datasets than in the observed datasets.

  • Small, platform-like IHs occur with large frequency in observed climatic time series.
  • The presence of small, platform-like IHs changes the performance of homogenisation methods, therefore they should be present also in simulated datasets for testing the efficiencies of homogenisation methods.