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Created by Group G: Amanda Washington Brian Quinn Rachel Strittmatter Steven Santangelo Sydney Waclawik PowerPoint Presentation
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Created by Group G: Amanda Washington Brian Quinn Rachel Strittmatter Steven Santangelo Sydney Waclawik

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Created by Group G: Amanda Washington Brian Quinn Rachel Strittmatter Steven Santangelo Sydney Waclawik - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Created by Group G: Amanda Washington Brian Quinn Rachel Strittmatter Steven Santangelo Sydney Waclawik. General Background. The northern Chilean deserts contain great mineral wealth, especially copper This area dominates the country in terms of population and agricultural resources .

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Created by Group G:

Amanda Washington

Brian Quinn

Rachel Strittmatter

Steven Santangelo

Sydney Waclawik

general background
General Background
  • The northern Chilean deserts contain great mineral wealth, especially copper
  • This area dominates the country in terms of population and agricultural resources
general background3
General Background
  • Copper has played a large role in the Chilean economy since at least 1825
  • Copper greatly impacts the Chilean economy
general background4
General Background
  • Codelco has 5 divisons
    • Codelco Norte
    • Salvador
    • Ventanas
    • Andina
    • El Teniente

*All are operated in the northern or central part of chile

environmental management
Environmental Management

Administration plans to control regulated contaminators issued by the mining process

Efforts are being made to reduce the amount of liquid waste

Efforts are being made to minimize Codelco’s impact on the environment

Technological research is in the process of making a less harmful mining process

codelco good neighbor
Codelco Good Neighbor

A program designed to work with the communities of its mining areas

Is in favor of the economic development of the neighboring populations

Promotes long term projects such as tourist programs, volunteer work, and involving the indigenous populations with the area

Creates solutions for enviornmental problems

policy on sustainable development
Policy on Sustainable Development

“The mission of Codelco is to develop in a responsible and agile way, all of its capacity for the mining and related businesses, in order to maximize economic value and its contribution to the Chilean State in the long-term.” (

Has a high priority for both economic success and community success

policy on sustainable development9
Policy on Sustainable Development

Fosters competitiveness and a drive for success within the company

Develops ethical and responsible business practices

Respects all human rights and the dignities of all employees

Takes responsibility for all harmful environmental impacts on surrounding areas

other information
Other Information
  • The world’s largest copper miner
  • Provides the world with more than 10% of its copper
  • Andina is the third-largest division of Codelco and produces 14% of the company’s total output
engineering principles12
Engineering Principles

The Process by which Copper is mined and purified:

  • Geological Exploration
    • Land is surveyed and inspected. Ore law and best form of exploitation are determined
  • Extraction
    • Mineralized rocks of suitable size are extracted from the mine and are shipped to the plant by truck/train
  • Crushing
    • Electric crushers, reduce the rocks into ore particles that are no larger than a ½ inch in size.
  • Milling
    • The ore particles from the last step are are reduced to a size of 180 microns (≈1.27 cm). Then they are combined with water and other reagents to make a pulp
  • Flotation
    • Pulp is put into flotation cells, and bubbles carry the copper and other sulfide ores to the surface. The froth formed is dried which forms copper concentrate
  • Smelting
    • Copper concentrate is treated at high temps to form RAF (fire refined) Copper. Then this RAF Copper is cast into 225 kg plates called anodes

Engineering Principles

The Process continued:

  • Electrorefination
    • These plates are put into electrolytic cells where copper is stripped by an electric current from the anodes and are plated to cathodes. This produces 99.99% pure copper.
  • Leaching
    • Sulfuric acid is applied to stock piles of mineralized material which dissolves the copper contained in the oxide ores from the flotation step. The copper sulfide solution created is then concentrated.
  • Electrowinning
    • This is the same as electrorefination, but instead 99.99% pure copper is extracted from the copper sulfide.
  • Inspection
    • All the copper cathodes are inspected and packaged for shipping
  • Shipping
    • The cathodes are transported by trains and trucks to shipping ports, where they are shipped out all over the world
engineering principles14
Engineering Principles
  • Workers should definitely have skills and background in engineering
    • Required to operate heavy/technical machinery
    • Planning and analytical skills in order to plan mine shafts and dig sites
    • Sustainability is important to reduce negative environmental effects
    • Chemistry and other processes involved in purification
health and safety issues
Health and Safety Issues
  • Copper is a natural element that is essential to living organisms.
  • Excess copper consumption can produce some short term effects:
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Wilsons’s disease which may lead to more toxic effects
  • Safety Issues Include:
    • Heavy machinery
    • Production machinery (smelter)
sustainable development
Sustainable Development
  • Guidelines to protect the environment, the employees, and the communities related to the corporation; and it introduces in management the preventive principle, which aims to the control of environmental aspects and risks related to all its activities, the copper mining and its byproducts.
    • So new engineering techniques and technologies must be created in order to fulfill the requirements set forth by the sustainable development policy.
engineers and science
Engineers and Science

Since the environment has become an important issue over the past few decades, new engineering principles are needed to change the way which things were done in the past. In order for these changes to be made, for a sustainable development, the engineers must fully understand the materials that they are working with and the byproducts produced from manufacturing. For these reasons engineers need a solid background in the sciences to develop new technologies.

the industry
The Industry
  • Codelco is in the mining industry
    • Their main product is refined copper
    • They also produce copper sub products, refined products, and unrefined products
codelco s competitors
Codelco’s Competitors
  • Freeport-McMoRan of Phoenix, AZ
      • Copper, gold, and silver producers
      • 2nd largest producer of copper (after Codelco)
  • Grupo México of México
      • Mexico’s largest mining company
      • 3rd largest producer of copper worldwide
  • Rio Trinto of Melbourne, Australia
      • One of the world’s largest mining companies
      • Produces iron, copper, uranium, industrial minerals (borax, salt, talc), gold, and diamonds
major product categories
Major Product Categories
  • Copper (obviously)
  • Mining companies in Chile also most commonly produce coal, iron, precious metals, and industrial materials
  • Chile is known to mine and produce many other materials not listed




Industrial Material

unique challenges opportunities
Unique Challenges/Opportunities
  • Environmental Restrictions
    • Farmers and fishermen fight Codelco in court due to the emissions left off in the water and air
  • Can utilize all forms of copper
    • Refined products
      • Cathodes and wire rods
    • Unrefined products
      • Concentrates (copper, iron and sulfide)
      • Blister and anodes (metallic copper)
    • Sub products
      • Molybdenum and Sulphuric Acid
what is the importance of copper

What is the importance of copper?

Copper has important properties for the development of societies:

High electrical and heat conductivity

Resistance to corrosion


It can also be recycled.


Copper´s high conductivity also makes possible a more efficient use of energy, thus adding not only to the quality of the products, but also to the ecological aim of burning less fossil fuel to prevent climatic change.

Its high conductivity will serve to transmit more efficiently the energy generated by alternative non polluting sources. It is also possible to foresee its use in environmentally friendly products, such as electrical vehicles.


DSL has allowed to increase copper wire capacity. The new system has made a strong entry to markets and its use as alternative connectivity will grow.

In the case of microprocessors, the manufacturers have already chosen copper as material to build new high speed models, thanks to its properties of electrical and thermal conductivity.


Many companies now focus on their corporate social responsibility, which is the view that they can help the community by being environmentally friendly or helping lower-class America.

importance to business
Importance to Business
  • From the business perspective if you work within the CSR part of the firm, you could market a product that is environmentally friendly, thanks to copper. It would also be more cost efficient since copper is cheaper than other products used.
importance to engineering
Importance to Engineering
  • Almost all electrical devices rely on copper wiring because copper is inexpensive and highly conductive. With the fast pace of technology, engineers could use copper to make the product faster and more efficient.