rio grande basin implementation plan overview n.
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Rio Grande Basin Implementation plan overview

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Rio Grande Basin Implementation plan overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rio Grande Basin Implementation plan overview. DiNatale Water Consultants. Section 1 State Water Plan Process Rio Grande Basin’s Organization. Based on CWCB Basin Implementation Plan Guidelines Grassroots Process! Rio Grande Basin Roundtable BIP Steering Committee BIP Subcommittees

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section 1 state water plan process rio grande basin s organization
Section 1 State Water Plan ProcessRio Grande Basin’s Organization
  • Based on CWCB Basin Implementation Plan Guidelines
  • Grassroots Process!
  • Rio Grande Basin Roundtable
  • BIP Steering Committee
  • BIP Subcommittees
    • Public Outreach
    • Water Administration
    • Agricultural
    • Municipal & Industrial
    • Environmental

& Recreational

section 2 introduction background and reference for entire plan
Section 2 IntroductionBackground and Reference for Entire Plan


Land Ownership






Water Resources

Water Administration


& Recreational Attributes

section 3 rio grande basin goals and measurable outcomes
Section 3 Rio Grande Basin Goals and Measurable Outcomes
  • Goals and Measurable Outcomes (G/MO) Identified - 3 month process
  • 12 Subcommittee & full RGBRT meetings
  • 14 Goals
    • 8 Goals meet needs of all sectors (Ag, M&I, Water Admin & Env/Rec)
    • Only two goals are single purpose: Env/Rec
section 3 rio grande basin goals and measurable outcomes1
Section 3 Rio Grande Basin Goals and Measurable Outcomes
  • Rio Grande Compact Compliance
  • Sustainability
    • Agriculture
    • Aquifers
    • Watershed

& Soil Health

    • Infrastructure
  • Protect water rights
  • Protect & restore riparian, wetlands & aquatic habitats
  • Promote multi-purpose projects
water administration
Water Administration
  • Basin strictly administers Rio Grande Compact, hence avoiding Law Suits with downstream states
  • Water rights, even those senior to the Compact, are subject to curtailment
  • Groundwater Management Subdistricts
  • Well Rules and Regulations
compact curtailment of diversions a daily fact of life
Compact Curtailment of Diversions a Daily Fact of Life
  • Compact curtailment requires on average 30 to 40% of index flows to be delivered to state line
  • Agriculture uses 99% of Basin’s water
  • Potatoes = $185 million per year
  • Highest value per acre production agriculture in Colorado
  • Agricultural direct revenues exceed $325 million per year
agricultural constraints
Agricultural Constraints
  • Agricultural community is taking action to form Groundwater Management Subdistricts
    • Replace depletions
    • Restore aquifer levels
    • Pending Well Rules and Regulations will profoundly affect the Basin’s economy
  • Initial projection will retire 40,000 irrigated acres in Subdistrict 1 to meet aquifer sustainability
environmental and recreational
Environmental and Recreational
  • Watershed supports wildlife, recreation, agriculture and Compact deliveries
  • Diverse wetland and riparian systems
  • Critical habitat for many species
  • Waterways = high recreation and tourism values
municipal and industrial
Municipal and industrial
  • Increased Municipal demand will be small
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Limited ability to finance rehabilitation or improve infrastructure
  • Municipalities pumping groundwater will have to augment depletions but maybe low
  • Increased Industrial demand will be small
challenges to meeting water needs section 5
Challenges to Meeting Water Needs(Section 5)
  • Climate Change Studies suggest
        • Flows reduced by 33%
        • Earlier runoff
  • Dust on Snow will impact hydrology
  • Beetle kill and forest fires will impact hydrology
basin planning model
Basin Planning model
  • Considers changes in hydrology
    • Dust on snow, beetle kill, wildfire, climate change
    • Identify potential critical needs
    • Impacts of reduction of seasonal flows on water rights and aquatic and riparian habitats
  • Assist in decision making
    • Help identify and prioritize projects
    • Water management opportunities
given the likely future what is our action plan
Given the Likely Future, What is Our Action Plan?
  • Improve water management within constraints of Rio Grande Compact and Colorado Water Law
    • Retime compact and other deliveries for multiple benefits
    • Bring surface and ground water into balance
    • Restore aquifers
  • Agricultural improvements: optimize production and minimize consumptive use
  • Improve watershed and soil health
  • Protect and restore riparian areas and wetlands
  • Maintain and improve infrastructure
    • Reservoirs and diversion structures
    • Municipal
project sheets
Project Sheets
  • Project Name
  • Location and Map
  • Sponsor(s)
  • Uses / Needs Met
  • BIP Goals / Needs Met
  • Description and Picture
  • Estimate Project Costs (2014)
  • Potential Funding Collaboration / Sources
  • Project Timeline& Budget
  • WSRA Funding
  • Project Beneficiaries
rio grande basin implementation plan colorado plan
Rio Grande Basin Implementation Plan & Colorado Plan
  • Rio Grande Basin Roundtable supports the development of the Colorado Water Plan
  • Rio Grande Basin supports concepts developed by IBCC of the framework of an agreement on how a transmountain diversion project from west slope to front range could potentially move forward
our path forward
our Path Forward
  • The written draft Plan is not end goal, but beginning of next phase!
  • Continued communication, education and public outreach
  • Develop and implement Projects and Methods
  • Next steps:
    • Disseminate printed copies of the Draft BIP, hold public meetings and solicit feedback
    • Refine basin planning model and make model runs in response to requests
    • Resolve concerns with conflicting data sources
    • Refine Projects and Methods
    • Finalize Plan
thank you
Thank you!
  • Citizens of the Rio Grande Basin
  • Members of the Rio Grande Basin Roundtable
  • Volunteers who contributed countless hours on the Basin Implementation Plan
  • CWCB Board and Staff
  • DiNatale Water Consultants