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NXPowerLite. December 2005. NXPowerLite. Essential for any Microsoft PowerPoint user, NXPowerLite is a small stand-alone tool that allows users to optimise their presentations. NXPowerLite automatically reduces the size of PowerPoint files by as much as 95% with no discernible loss of quality.

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December 2005

  • Essential for any Microsoft PowerPoint user, NXPowerLite is a small stand-alone tool that allows users to optimise their presentations.
  • NXPowerLite automatically reduces the size of PowerPoint files by as much as 95% with no discernible loss of quality.
  • It achieves this by compressing the graphics and embedded documents contained within a presentation.
  • NXPowerLite is fast, effective and incredibly easy to use. Simply drag your PowerPoint file onto the NXPowerLite icon, choose your compression level and click on the 'optimise' button. NXPowerLite will automatically search through your presentation, finding ways to optimise the content.
  • With NXPowerLite, you can focus on creating a great presentation. There's no need to manually tweak your images, or flatten any embedded objects, saving you a great deal of time and effort.
nxpowerlite 2
NXPowerLite 2
  • NXPowerLite 2.0 was released on 1st November 2005 after an extensive development period.
  • Completely rebuilt from the ground up, NXPowerLite 2 is faster and more effective than previous versions and features a streamlined user interface.
  • It now works directly with the PowerPoint file format, so users don't need to have PowerPoint installed in order to use it.
  • NXPowerLite 2 can optimise presentations created using PowerPoint 97 or later, as well as StarOffice and OpenOffice.org presentations saved in the PowerPoint format.
  • The optional Integrated Edition of NXPowerLite 2 lets users optimise their presentation from the PowerPoint menu bar*, or by right-clicking them in Windows Explorer. Please note that, unlike the stand-alone version of NXPowerLite 2, the Integrated Edition requires installation.

*PowerPoint 2000 and later

why optimise your presentations
Why optimise your presentations
  • In today's mobile business environment, storage and bandwidth are at a premium. Optimised PowerPoint presentations take up less space.
  • They lessen the load on corporate communication networks, decrease the chances of oversize mails being returned and reduce bandwidth costs for people that regularly transfer PowerPoint presentations over the web.
  • Optimised presentations run more smoothly on computers with low specifications.
  • Manually optimising a presentation can be a dull and time-consuming process. NXPowerLite automates the job, resulting in increased productivity.
how nxpowerlite works
How NXPowerLite works

NXPowerLite uses complex techniques to intelligently select the most appropriate file format and compression level for every graphic and embedded object in a presentation.

  • NXPowerLite analyses all the graphics contained in the presentation and chooses the most appropriate file format and compression level for each of them.
  • The physical size of each image is then altered to the size that it will actually be displayed at within the presentation (PowerPoint stores every image full-size, regardless of the size it is to be displayed at).
  • Each image is then cropped at the points specified by PowerPoint (when you crop an image within PowerPoint, the entire full-size image remains stored in your file).
  • If NXPowerLite encounters any embedded objects such as Excel charts, Visio drawings or Photoshop images, it will ask if you wish to flatten them. Flattening an embedded object converts it to an image in the most appropriate file format, stripping out any background data.
  • Finally, NXPowerLite saves the optimised presentation and displays the percentage size reduction achieved.
what file formats does nxpowerlite use when optimizing graphics
What file formatsdoes NXPowerLite use when optimizing graphics?

When optimizing the graphics contained in PowerPoint presentations, NXPowerLite intelligently chooses one of three file formats, depending on the type of graphics:

  • The JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) format is great for photographic images containing lots of colours or smooth gradients.
  • The PNG(Portable Network Graphics) format provides an excellent replacement for the popular GIF file format, offering better compression (between 5% and 25%) and more features for us to take advantage of.
  • The EMF(Enhanced Meta File) format enables very clear vector graphics to be stored at a tiny file size, making it perfect for flattened embedded objects such as Corel Draw drawings or Excel charts.
easy integration with your existing it infrastructure
Easy integration withyour existing IT infrastructure
  • Choice of Stand-Alone or Integrated Edition:
    • The Stand-Alone Edition is a small, stand-alone program that does not need to be installed.
    • The Integrated Edition enables users to optimise presentations from within PowerPoint or Windows Explorer, but requires installation.
  • Pre-registration option facilitates an easy rollout across large organisations.
  • Fully compatible with all versions of PowerPoint – from 97 to 2003, running on any version of Windows, from and including Windows 95. NXPowerLite has passed Microsoft’s ‘Designed for Windows’ logo programme.
  • Also compatible with presentations created using OpenOffice.org or StarOffice, providing they are saved in the PowerPoint file format.
  • Fully customisable, allowing users to choose the perfect balance between quality and compression. There are built-in compression options for popular applications - from viewing a presentation on a projector screen to viewing it on your mobile phone. Plus you can create your own custom compression settings.
  • Presentations retain the PowerPoint file format and remain fully editable - so they can be opened and edited by anybody with a copy of PowerPoint.
maintenance escrow agreement
Maintenance &escrow agreement
  • Optional annual maintenance agreement offers the following benefits:
    • Priority technical support: 48 hr response time guarantee (excluding weekends and public holidays).
    • Free upgrades.
  • Optional annual escrow agreement provides clients with access to the NXPowerLite source code, should Neuxpower fall into liquidation or fail to perform under the terms of the license agreement.
nxpowerlite reviews
NXPowerLite reviews
  • “A neat, simple solution to the PowerPoint size problem.”Computer Shopper magazine, April 2002
  • “Compresses most PowerPoint presentations to a fraction of their original size.”Director magazine, October 2003
  • “An easy and affordable way to keep PowerPoint files down to a manageable size.”Inside PowerPoint magazine, June 2002
  • “Quickly shrinks the size of bloated presentations”Laptop magazine, August 2005
  • “An invaluable tool that will easily pay for itself a million times over in recovered productivity.”Lockergnome.com, March 2004
nxpowerlite testimonials
NXPowerLite testimonials
  • “Amazing! This is is the best PowerPoint utility I have ever seen. I am gobsmacked by the compression gain and quality.”Philip Bergman, Bergman & Company
  • “It is definitely by far the best compression tool for PowerPoint out there.”Frank Martone, CH2M Hill
  • “My PowerPoint presentation was over 300 MB and far too large to run on my laptop. I used your trial software and it compressed the file down to 3.5MB!!! I'm extremely impressed. I'm a software developer myself, and know a good product when I see one.”Matt Martens, Core 49 Technology
  • “I found NXPowerLite to be a product that does what it claims. It has reduced file sizes significantly, so we decided to deploy NXPowerLite to all the 'heavy users'. Now the problem of choked bandwidth during the month end is a thing of the past. I certainly would recommend it to anyone who looking for a similar solution.” Jaafar Mohamed, The East Asiatic Company
nxpowerlite testimonials1
NXPowerLite testimonials
  • “We have been using NXPowerLite in our Marketing Department for approximately 3 months. We are simply amazed at the results. We are getting 80 to 95% reduction in file sizes, not to mention download times. I recently used NxPowerLite to reduce a 34.5 MB file down to a much more manageable 526 KB... a reduction of 98.5%! Everyone who has used this utility is impressed with its ease of use and the results. Simply put, this is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used.” Shane Delorme, Manulife Financial
  • “We recently compressed a 208MB file down to 8MB - NXPowerLite is a life saver! It now means we can use all presentations on our intranet in a format that everyone can use. The best thing about NXPowerlite is that it saves in PPT format (rather than Flash, SWF or EXE) - I can't tell the difference between the original and the compressed file - it's absolutely amazing! Thank you.” Claire Palmer, McDonald's Europe
nxpowerlite key features at a glance
NXPowerLite key features at-a-glance
  • Reduces the size of PowerPoint files by as much as 95% with no discernible loss of quality.
  • Optimised presentations are fully editable and remain in the PowerPoint file format.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, from Windows 95.
  • Requires no installation.
  • Fully customisable compression settings.
  • Does not require PowerPoint (or any other presentation software) to be installed.
  • Also works with OpenOffice.org and StarOffice presentations, providing they are saved in the PowerPoint format.
  • Optional Integrated Edition lets users access NXPowerLite functionality from within Windows Explorer and PowerPoint.