Where did services originate
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Where did Services originate? . Chapter 12.1 . Three Types of Services . Consumer services (44% of all jobs in USA) Retail and Wholesale (15%) Education (10%) Health (12%) Leisure and Hospitality (10%) Business services (24% of all jobs in USA) Financial (6%)

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Three types of services
Three Types of Services

  • Consumer services (44% of all jobs in USA)

    • Retail and Wholesale (15%)

    • Education (10%)

    • Health (12%)

    • Leisure and Hospitality (10%)

  • Business services (24% of all jobs in USA)

    • Financial (6%)

      • FIRE: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

    • Professional (12%)

      • ½ are in technical services: Law, management, accounting, architecture, engineering, design, consulting

      • ½ are in support services: clerical, secretarial, custodial

  • Public services (17%)

    • Provide protection and security for citizens and businesses

Early rural settlements consumer services
Early Rural Settlements: Consumer Services

  • Early permanent settlements established to offer consumer services

    • Places to bury the dead

    • Permanent resting place for the dead permanent priests to perform the service encourage building of structures

    • Settlement and gender roles

      • Household based services evolved into schools, libraries, theaters, museums

    • Settlements= manufacturing centers: tools, clothing, shelter, containers, fuel

    • Trading occurred once people became skilled in an area

Early rural settlements public services
Early Rural Settlements: Public Services

  • Followed religious activities

  • Soldiers stationed in the settlement to attack invaders

  • Centers for military powers

Early rural settlements business services
Early Rural Settlements: Business Services

  • Trade because not every group had access to the same resources.

  • Settlements= trade centers and warehouses to store extra food

  • Types of service jobs: regulating the terms of transaction, setting fair prices, keeping records, creating a currency system.

Services in early urban settlements ancient cities
Services in Early Urban Settlements: Ancient Cities

  • Earliest:

    • Ur in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq)

    • TitrisHoyuk (present day Turkey)

      • Urban settlements- houses built around a central courtyard; palaces, temples and other buildings in the center; multiple cooking areas suggested extended families lived together.

  • Ancient Athens

    • City-states: independent self-governing communities that included the settlement and surrounding countryside.

  • Ancient Rome

    • Settlements were centers of administration, military, retail services, trade

Services in early urban settlements services in medieval cities
Services in Early Urban Settlements: Services in Medieval Cities

  • Feudalism revived urban settlements in Europe in the 11th century

    • Lords gave residents rights to establish cities in exchange for military service

    • Urban dwellers expanded trade in the cities

      • Trade between different settlements enhanced roads and rivers

    • Densely built

    • Worlds largest cities were in Asia, not Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Industrial Revolution