Legislative framework
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Legislative Framework. Rights and Responsibilities Fairness and Resolution Branch. Overview. Definition of disability Responsibilities Inherent requirements of the job Reasonable adjustment - what is ‘reasonable’? Developing reasonable adjustments Resources. Definition of disability.

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Legislative framework

Legislative Framework

Rights and Responsibilities

Fairness and Resolution Branch


  • Definition of disability

  • Responsibilities

  • Inherent requirements of the job

  • Reasonable adjustment - what is ‘reasonable’?

  • Developing reasonable adjustments

  • Resources

Definition of disability
Definition of disability

  • Definition is as per the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)

  • Definition in DDA is very broad

  • Condition that has lasted or is likely to last more that six months

  • Includes: illness, physical, mental, intellectual, and learning conditions

Responsibilities supervisor
Responsibilities - Supervisor

  • Consider principles and values when I make decisions.

  • Promptly and constructively manage underperformance.

  • Actively and constructively manage conflict as soon as it arises.

  • Communicate and consult with my employees openly and honestly.

  • Support my employees in achieving life balance.

  • Embrace flexible work practices, such as part-time and home based work to maximise workforce participation.

Responsibilities employee
Responsibilities - Employee

  • Understand and exhibit the required behaviours.

  • Establish and maintain productive workplace relationships and manage issues, problems and conflict.

  • Undertake rehabilitation when needed for returning to work after illness or injury.

  • Apply safety issues as a key consideration in my daily duties.

  • Treat people fairly and with respect.

Inherent requirements
Inherent requirements

  • Inherent requirement refers to the core aspects of a role

  • Inherent requirements includes outcomes, behavioural and safety aspects of role

  • Inherent requirements is outcomes not how the role is performed

Reasonable adjustment
Reasonable Adjustment

  • Reasonable adjustment refers to changes to the work or workplace to assist a person to meet the inherent requirements

What is reasonable
What is reasonable?

‘Reasonableness’ considers the impact on:

  • delivery of outcomes;

  • the workload of other Defence personnel including work colleagues and clients; and

  • cost.

Developing reasonable adjustment
Developing reasonable adjustment

  • What are the inherent requirements of the job?

  • What parts of the work or workplace are posing difficulties?

  • What adjustment could be made to address these difficulties?

  • Are these adjustments likely to address the difficulties?

  • Are the proposed adjustments reasonable?


Defence disAbility site:

  • http://intranet.defence.gov.au/fr/disability/disabilityhome.htm

  • DPI 2/2002 – Department of Defence Access and Disability Policy

  • DPI 6/2004 – Procedures for the provision of Assistive Technical Office Equipment for the Department of Defence employees with disabilities