symbiosis n.
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Symbiosis. Living Together. Objective:. SWBAT: Define symbiosis . Identify the 4 types of symbiotic behavior.

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Living Together



  • Define symbiosis.
  • Identify the 4 types of symbiotic behavior.
  • Re-create a habitat showing symbiotic behavior among organisms by: first identifying pictures and relationship signs and secondly cutting out and linking pictures according to symbiotic behavior.
  • Complete Symbiosis Matching Activity!
  • Check blog for Spring Break Assignment!
homework check
Homework Check
  • 1. Table Leaders check to make sure that homework is written in agendas and science folders are on tables.
  • 2. Table Coordinators check to make sure that homework chart on back of notes are complete.
materials needed for today
Materials Needed for Today
  • 1. (2) sheets of loose-leaf paper
  • 2. (1) pair of scissors
  • 3. (1) glue stick
  • 4. Yesterday’s notes
  • 5. (1) pen
  • 6. (1) highlighter
do 1 st fill in blanks in looseleaf
Do 1st—Fill in Blanks in Looseleaf!
  • The niche or __________ of a hawk is to compete/cooperate for food.
  • A community is made up of ______________ populations of animals in a specific environment, while a population is made up of the same ________________.
  • A habitat provides ___________, ___________, and _____________ so that the organism can ________, ____________, and ____________________.
mutualism what does this mean cleaner fish and the moray eel
Mutualism(+/+)—What does this mean?Cleaner Fish and the Moray Eel
  • The cleaner fish eats parasites and food bits out of the inside of this moray eel. It gets a meal and is protected from predators by the fierce eel.
Commensalism (+/0)—What does this mean?Barnacles and WhalesOne species benefits while the other is unaffected
  • Barnacles need a place to anchor. They must wait for food to come their way. Some barnacles hitch a ride on unsuspecting whales who deliver them to a food source. This does not affect the whale in any way.
parasitism what does this mean one species benefits while the other is harmed bedbugs
Parasitism (+/-)—What does this mean?One species benefits while the other is harmedBedbugs
  • Bedbugs are small, nocturnal parasites that come out of hiding at night to feed on unsuspecting humans.  They feed exclusively on blood!  Their bites often result in an allergic reaction.
  • The definitive host of the cucumber tapeworm is a dog or a cat (occasionally a human). Fleas and lice are the intermediate host. the dog or cat becomes contaminated when the eggs are passed in the feces, and the flea or louse ingests the eggs.  The dog or cat (or human) is infected when they ingest a flea or louse.  Hence the importance of controlling fleas on your pet!
predator prey what does this mean
Predator-Prey(+/-)—What does this mean?
  • What is pictured is the hawk killing a mouse. The hawk benefits while the mouse doesn’t.
four types of symbiosis
Four Types of Symbiosis
  • Mutualism (+/+)
  • both species benefit
  • Commensalism (+/0)
  •   one species benefits, the other is unaffected
  • Parasitism (+/-)
  •   one species benefits, the other is harmed
  • Predator-Prey (+/-)
  • one species benefits, the other is killed
e ticket answer on loose leaf in complete sentences
E-Ticket-Answer on loose-leaf in complete sentences!
  • What is symbiosis?
  • What are the four types of symbiosis? (List below and include the signs)
  • You have a set of pictures that you must link to show the correct type of symbiotic relationships. Observe the Teacher Example.