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Final Examination. Tuesday, May 27 th and Wednesday, May 28 th in class. Final Exam is “Open Notebook”. You may use any of your class notes, assignments and handouts during the examination. Everything you use must be your own . “Sharing” during the exam is not allowed.

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Final examination

Final Examination

Tuesday, May 27th

and Wednesday, May 28th

in class

Final exam is open notebook
Final Exam is “Open Notebook”

You may use any of your class notes, assignments and handouts during the examination.

Everything you use must be your own. “Sharing” during the exam is not allowed.

Use time wisely – don’t spend too much time combing through your notes.

Writing exactly what is found in your notes without adding your own thoughts and words will not receive full credit.

Format all written

Two essays each day

Format: All Written


Day Two (Wed 5/28)


Day One (Tues 5/27)

Do both A and B

Spirituality in General (notes)

Saints and Mystics (notes and excerpts from writings)

Do both C and D

Prayer (notes)

Life Connection (Your noggin and life experience)

Some questions
Some questions …

What is spirituality?

What are the characteristics of Catholic spirituality?

Why do we speak of spiritualities, even within one religious tradition?

Some questions1
Some questions …

  • What would you say is a key spiritual insight we gain from the following people?

    • St. Francis of Assisi

    • St. Catherine of Siena

    • St. Ignatius of Loyola

    • St. Therese of Lisieux

    • Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

    • Thomas Merton

    • St. Thomas More

    • Others?

Some questions2
Some questions …

How could prayer be defined?

What are the prayer practices we learned about?

Some questions3
Some questions …

How have you grown spiritually over the course of your high school years?

What insights have you gained from this course that will remain with you in the future?