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Welcome to Kindergarten!. 2014-2015. Arrival. Children should arrive at school between 8:05-8:20am. Students should not arrive before 8:05am as there will be no adult supervision before that time. Students who arrive after 8:35 will be marked tardy. Attendance.

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  • Children should arrive at school between 8:05-8:20am.

  • Students should not arrive before 8:05am as there will be no adult supervision before that time.

  • Students who arrive after 8:35 will be marked tardy.


  • Regular attendance is very important for each child.

  • Reasons for child absences must be recorded in the school attendance records. If your child is out of school for any reason, you must send a note to your child’s teacher explaining the absence (no later than 2 days after your child was absent).

  • Please notify your child's teacher in the event of extended absences before he/she returns to school.

Attendance 2
Attendance 2

  • Please make an effort to have your child at school on time. Breakfast ends at 8:30 and instruction begins at 8:35. You must walk your child in and check into the office if your child is tardy.

  • Students checked out prior to 12:05p.m.during the school day are considered absent for that day.  

  • Students must be present 3.5 hours during instruction to be counted as a full day.

  • Visitors- All visitors, parents, and others are to sign in at the office before interrupting a classroom. Visitors are required to wear a Visitor sticker from the office.



  • If your child is sick (vomiting or running a temperature) or is complaining of a stomach ache or nausea, please do not send them to school. It is in the best interest of your child as well as others at school for your child to stay home if he/she is sick.

  • Please remember to wash your child’s hands often to avoid germs.


  • If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, you must go by the office and obtain a medical form to be filled out by a physician and returned to school.

  • However, whenever possible, all medications should be given at home. Please do not send medicine with a student.


  • We ask all parents to leave a telephone number in case of emergency or illness. If you do not have a telephone, please leave the number of someone of your choice to be responsible in this event.

  • If yournumber changes, please let the teacher know immediately.

Daily folder
Daily Folder

  • Your child will bring home a pink folder each day. The folder will contain your child’s work, important papers for you to read and sign, classroom and school information, “Book in a Bag”, sight word cards, and a behavior calendar.

  • PLEASE sign or initial your child’s behavior calendar each night. This will be checked by the teacher everyday.


  • Kindergarten Classrooms will use the “Clip Chart” system to reinforce positive behaviors: Each student will start with their “clip” on green.

  • Students can climb up the colors of the chart by displaying positive behaviors. Students also move down the chart if they display negative behavior.

  • If students move down the chart, they can always change their behavior and “climb the colors” again. Students will earn extra rewards when they reach the “pink” color.

Clip chart colors
Clip Chart Colors

  • Pink= Outstanding! Hooray!!!

  • Purple= Way to Go!

  • Blue= Doing Good!

  • Green= Ready to Learn

  • Yellow= Think About It

  • Orange= Refocus Time

  • Red= Parent Contact


  • Your child will take home 2 to 4 books each week to read with an adult each night. You may read the book to your child if the book is too hard. Your child can “echo” read the book with you and later will be able to read independently. Question stems will be sent home later in the year to help build their comprehension.

  • Sight Word Cards: 1--Hold up the sight word card so your child can see the word. 2--Your child should read the sight word card to you. If he/she cannot read the word, you can read it to them and have him/her repeat it to you until the words are memorized.


  • Please label (put name on) all belongings such as book bags, lunch boxes, coats, towels, etc.

  • Although we try our best to make sure students have all their belongings, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to keep track of their things.

  • Please do not allow your child to bring outside toys or items to school unless it is for a planned activity.

  • Please send a change of clothes for your child to keep at school. Include a shirt, pants, underwear, and socks in a large zip lock bag labeled with his/her name.


  • Each child needs to have a backpack (that a folder/binder will fit in) to transport papers, library books, notes, etc. to and from school everyday.


  • Your child’s teacher may request additional supplies during the school year.


  • Students will need come to class to drop off their things and then go to the cafeteria if they want breakfast.

  • We will not go to breakfast as a class.

  • Breakfast prices:

    Regular - $1.35

    Reduced - $0.30


  • Lunch time is 11:15am.

    Regular lunch for students is $2.15

    Reduced lunch is $ .40.

  • Parents will be called or sent a note if their child has no money for lunch. Please help your child learn his or her lunch number.


  • Please place breakfast and lunch money in the manila envelope located on the back of your child’s daily folder.

  • If manila envelope has been lost or misplaced, please place all money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, amount ofmoney and what the money is for.

Field trips and fundraisers
Field Trips and Fundraisers

  • Please send exact change when paying for a field trip. No refunds are given forstudents unable to attend a field trip.

  • All parents chaperoning children that are not their own must be a Level II Volunteer.  Volunteer applications are available in the office.

  • Please place all money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, amount ofmoney and what the money is for.


  • Please send a snack (your child can open on their own) with your child each day. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE YOUR CHILD HAS A SNACK EACH DAY!

  • Your child may bring in a bottle of water to drink or get water at the water fountain.

  • Please no colored drinks.

Rest time
Rest Time

  • Your child is not required to sleep, however, we do expect each child to remain quiet and still on his/her towel so that others will not be disturbed.

  • Students may NOTbring mats to school this year.

  • A towel or small blanket is all that they will need.

  • Your child’s teacher will send the towel home on Friday’s for you to wash. Please send it back to school each Monday.

  • Rest time will end at the beginning of the 3rd nine weeks.


  • Car riders, day care van riders and walkers will dismiss at 3:30pm.

  • Buses are later dismissed as they arrive on campus.

  • No children will be signed out in the office after 3:00 without a doctor’s appointmentcard.

  • Before 3:00 you must go to the office and sign the child out before coming to the classroom.

  • You mustshow ID to pick up your child.


  • No changes in transportation will be permitted without a written note from the parent/guardian.

  • A phone call asking for a change will not be permitted, since we cannot identifyparents/guardians over the phone.

Transportation 2
Transportation 2

  • Buses- Please review school bus rules with your child and please help your child learn his or her bus number.

  • Walkers- See Walker Contract

Car riders
Car Riders

  • Please be punctual when picking up your child from school.

  • All persons picking up children should drive enter the parking lot and turn right and then follow the driveway all the way around to the loading area.

  • The child will be dismissed to you from that point by a teacher or assistant. Children cannot be allowed to run off from the group.

  • Please do not come to meet your child outside the classroom or in the hallway.

Progress reports
Progress Reports

  • Conferences will be held before report cards go home the first nine weeks. Parents are expected to attend. Conferences are mandatory. Please call the office if you need to reschedule.

  • Kindergarten Report Cards shall be issued at the end of each nine-week report period.

Dual language program
Dual Language Program

  • Your child will split their days of the week between learning in English and in Spanish.

  • This is a one year commitment.

  • He/she will have sight words to practice from both languages.

  • Studies have shown that students who are in this program test 50-200% higher than other students.


  • Please read the Parent Handbook located on the Selma Elementary website for more details on the rules of Selma Elementary School. If you need a handbook to be printed for you, let the office know.

  • If you need to contact either Mrs. Gonzalez or myself, please call the school or email us.

  • St.Germain- [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • Check out our websites for other classroom information!