the ipad accessories and accessibility l.
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The iPad: Accessories and Accessibility PowerPoint Presentation
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The iPad: Accessories and Accessibility

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The iPad: Accessories and Accessibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The iPad: Accessories and Accessibility. AT Network at CSUN Presenter: Debbie Drennan Parents Helping Parents iTECH Center. Parents Helping Parents iTECH Services. Trainings Techsplorations T.I.P program (Early Start ages 0-3) Consultations AAC/Communication expertise

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the ipad accessories and accessibility

The iPad: Accessories and Accessibility

AT Network at CSUN

Presenter: Debbie Drennan

Parents Helping Parents

iTECH Center

parents helping parents itech services
Parents Helping Parents iTECH Services
  • Trainings
  • Techsplorations
    • T.I.P program (Early Start ages 0-3)
  • Consultations
  • AAC/Communication expertise
  • Information and referral
  • Toy-switch surgeon
  • Member, AT Network of California (855)727-5775 toll free

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation

Overview of accessories for the iPad, including stands, cases, speakers, switches, etc. that can make iPad more accessible

Hands-on with iPad OS5 built-in accessibility features

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

before the device
Before the Device…
  • What's the task? 
  • What is the student/client's level of performance at this time?
  • What is the student/client's level of participation at this time?
  • What are the features the student/client needs? 
  • How does the iPad AND THE APP you are considering match those tasks and features? 
  • What data do you have that the student/client can use the iPad for those tasks?
  • What's the expected benefit to the student/client?

Don’t forget SETT!

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

a word on apps
A Word on Apps
  • Feature matching!
    • Iapp evaluation rubric
    • Created by Jeannette Van Houten, M.Ed.ATP
  • Websites for assisting in searching for apps

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

why use idevices
Why use iDevices?
  • Ease of Interface
  • Socially Acceptable- “cool”
  • One device can be used for a variety of goals; communication, reading, writing, etc
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Economical, especially in comparison to dedicated AAC devices
  • Readily Available

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

the downside
The Downside..
  • Potential for Theft
  • Easy to Lose
  • Management of apps requires time for all the updates
  • Potentially need time to set up each device for each user
  • Easy for device to become an entertainment tool
  • Funding (in some states Medicaid is now paying for iPad and apps- CA is apps only still)

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

using ipad for aac what isn t available
Using iPad for AAC: What isn’t available
  • Training on app (limited to YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Technical support using iPad as AAC
  • Limited alternative access
  • Limited speaker volume control
  • App for monitoring use
    • Performance measurement
    • Outcomes measurement
  • Infra-red ECU functions

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

  • Can make iPad viable tool for some
  • Required for those using iPad for communication
  • Can extend the life of an iPad

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

  • Cases
  • Stands and Mounts
  • Bluetooth Switches and Keyboards
  • Stylus/Pointers/Keyguards
  • Screen protectors and cleaners

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

  • Things to ask:
    • Portability
    • Durability vs. Ease of Use
    • Mounting needs
    • Case features

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

  • Otterbox $89.95 (iPad 2)
  • RJ Cooper iPad Ultimate Carry Case $
  • AMDI iPad iAdapter1 ($198) and iAdapter2($265)-
  • iBallz ($19.95-$34.95)
  • Griffin Technology Survivor $79
  • Big
  • iBack Flip
  • iPad Flex case (out soon)

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

do it yourself options
Do It Yourself Options
  • Attaching a strap to a case for ease of carrying

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

stands and mounts
Stands and Mounts
  • Modularhose iPad kit ($75) -
  • CJT Mounting-
    • iPad security plate plus wheelchair mounting systems
  • RJ Cooper stands and mounts

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

stands and mounts15
Stands and Mounts
  • MountMe! Freedom II –
  • Enabling
  • Daessy mounts-
    • Works only with hard-backed cases, i.e., iAdapter or Otterbox
  • SeaSucker/RAM iPad holder-

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

stands and mounts16
Stands and Mounts
  • Do-It-Yourself Stands and Mounts
    • Therese Willkomm

Use SeaSucker, flagpole holders, Modular Hose, Velcro and Cloroplast

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

bluetooth switches keyboards
Bluetooth Switches & Keyboards
  • Switches:
    • Bluetooth Switch Interface- $99, Super-Switch $149
    • Blue2-Pedal switches- $149
  • Works as a space bar on iPad
  • Can turn on/off iPad, works within certain apps only

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

other access options
Other Access Options
  • Tornadowww.orincom - it’s coming!
  • iPortal-
    • For Power Wheelchair users using DX2 joystick
  • Hook
    • For iPod/iPhone only
    • Controls music with switch

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

stylus pointers keyguards
  • Stylus- many available- Pogo, Targus, etc. or, make your own-
    • Stylus no longer needs electric conduit in it- look for cushion bottom on it
  • Make a stylus into a head/hand pointer-

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

stylus pointers keyguards20
  • Keyguards-
    • Certain app configurations, i.e., Proloquo2Go, TypOHD, etc. $19.95
    • iPad keyboard in landscape mode-$110
  • Button Cover- BubCap Home Button Cover-$5 for 4

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

screen protectors cleaners
Screen Protectors/Cleaners
  • InvisibleShield
  • Ivisor
  • Do it Yourself:
    • 1 gallon ziplock bags with holes cut out for speaker and camera, packing tape to seal
    • 4 gauge clear vinyl tablecloth
    • Can then add textures or visual prompts with puffy paint to above two

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

screen protectors cleaners22
Screen Protectors/Cleaners
  • Cleaners:
    • SQUEEgit-
    • iKlear-
    • Few drops baby shampoo with water
    • Hospitals encase in gallon Ziplock bags, then discard bag after use

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

questions on accessories
Questions on Accessories

What are YOUR favorites?What hasn’t been mentioned?

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

general hardware features
General Hardware Features
  • Power Button
  • Home Button
  • Slide Switch
  • Volume Button
  • Camera
  • Mic

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

general software features
General Software Features
  • Copy/Paste
  • Selecting an image
  • Editing a document
  • Pairing with Bluetooth
  • Updating apps
  • Turning on/off violence
  • Restrictions
  • Organizing apps into folders

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

features of operating system
Voice Over


Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalization

International Keyboards

Font Size up to 56

White on Black

Support for Bluetooth Braille displays

Speak Selection (OS 5)

Assistive Touch (OS 5)

MultiTasking Gestures (OS 5)


Features of Operating System

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

where do i find these settings general
Where Do I Find These?Settings-General
  • Under Accessibility:
    • Zoom: Double-Tap with three fingers to zoom, use three fingers to move around screen when on
    • Large Text- goes up to 56 point text in built in apps
    • White on Black
    • Speak Auto-text- Speaks auto-corrections and capitalizations out loud

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

apps that are included
Calendar with Alerts


Photos (picture library)


Voice Memo




iPod (Music library)


App Store

Game Center




Apps that are Included

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

new to os 5
New to OS 5
  • Face Time
  • Notification Center
  • Reminders
  • Twitter
  • iCloud
  • iMessage
  • Newstand
  • Reader for articles on the internet

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

using voice over
Using Voice Over
  • With iBooks
  • Changing VoiceOver settings

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

using assistive touch
Using Assistive Touch

PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12

parents helping parents itech contact information
Parents Helping Parents iTECH Contact Information

Sobrato Center for Nonprofits-San Jose

1400 Parkmoor Ave, Suite 100

San Jose, CA 95126


PHP’s iTECH Center 2/12