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Cloud Hosting- You Pay For What You Use PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloud Hosting- You Pay For What You Use

Cloud Hosting- You Pay For What You Use

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Cloud Hosting- You Pay For What You Use

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  1. Cloud Hosting You Pay For What You Use

  2. Cloud Hosting - Definition • Businesses in the market today are best trying to improve their service deliveries by taking advantage of the latest established hosting service called the cloud hosting. • This hosting is guiding business to meet the demands of the advancements in technology world. • This hosting is also called clustered hosting and has gained a wide popularity in such a short period as it came up withideologies that overcame the disadvantages of the otherhosting service types.

  3. How Cloud Hosting Works? • All the hosting services that were offered before offered business the resources that were limited to a server. • Instead cloud hosting offers hosting services that are delivered from a network of servers.

  4. How Cloud Hosting Works? • More over the servers are not bound to be present in the samedata center which means that they may be distributed even globally. • In other words the resources of distributed servers are pooled together and are supplied to the business over the internet. • Cloud Hosting is capable of handling massive data that are tobe delivered to millions and that is the reason why giant companies like Google and Amazon use this type of web hosting.

  5. Cloud Hosting – Service Benefits • Cloud hosting is drawing the attention of all kinds of businesses as it is growing to be the most advantageous web hosting type. Some of the major benefits are listed below: • Cloud Hosting is cost effective and more reliable as the end user will be able to expand his business without any additional inventory or overhead. • This is because there is an opportunity to have more resources in this type of web hosting. • Billing is based on usage which means that you need to pay your hosting company as you pay your electricity or water supply bills.

  6. Cloud Hosting – Service Benefits • You may not need to pay for the entire bandwidth which you do not use while the traffic is low as you do with the other web hosting service types. • This may help your business to meet the sudden gushes in traffic without having to fear about the resources. • Cloud Hosting offers better flexibility and allows you to use asmall hardware inventory which in turn reduces the power consumption. • There is no need of upgrading like you doing in the other service types and hence you save money that you would pay to upgrade. • Reliability is the most attractive feature of cloud hosting as it does not rely on just one server to function but a group of servers which will not interrupt the business in anyways.

  7. Who Can Use Cloud Hosting? • This type of hosting serves all kinds of flourishing e-business from the developing to the developed. • Cloud hosting is becoming even more protuberant and projectingin the web hosting field as it can be very beneficial to both small and large businesses alike. • Less-downtime being the priority in any online business the interest in cloud hosting may widely increase among the business owners. • Probably the whole of business owners using other hosting services may turn to use cloud hosting in a few years.