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  1. Amy M Lavine is the owner and operator of SKETCH, a Hudson, NY-based art supply and stationery shop that carries a selection of both professional and student grade art materials for members of the local art community. As the owner of SKETCH, Lavine seeks to be the area's premier source of quality art supplies, and to provide both aspiring and experienced artists with the knowledge and materials they need to realize their creative vision. AMY M LAVINE - BUSINESS OWNER

  2. Entrepreneur Amy M Lavine established SKETCH, a Hudson, New York art supply and stationery shop, nearly two and a half years ago. She enjoys providing students and professionals throughout her community with the supplies they need to achieve their artistic goals. She also produces and distributes stationery items such as postcards, greeting cards, and calendars for local artists as part of her business. Art Supply Business Owner Amy M Lavine currently owns SKETCH Hudson, an art supply and stationery store in Hudson, New York that provides the local arts community with a source of high-quality art materials. SKETCH also stocks student-grade art supplies, arts and crafts supplies for children, stationery, office items, and other gifts. Aside from running her art supply business, Lavine is also an attorney and freelance legal writer.

  3. Accomplished Attorney Amy M Lavine has been a professional member of the legal community since being admitted to practice in New York in January of 2008. She has provided exemplary legal services to a variety of organizations and individuals, including through her past employment in academia and pro bono service. Her primary fields of interest involve state and local government law and land use planning matters in particular. Sketch Stationery As the owner of Hudson, NY-based SKETCH Art Supplies, Amy M Lavine began producing her own line of fine art postcards and greeting cards in 2012. The stationery produced by SKETCH Stationery uses both public domain images as well as works licensed by local artists. SKETCH Stationery has also printed wall calendars and has plans to continue expanding the line.

  4. Framing In addition to offering a full selection of student and professional art supplies, as well as stationery and kids’ items, SKETCH Hudson also offers fine art framing services, including mat cutting, glass cutting, and frame finishing. As the business owner and framer, Amy M Lavine strives to provide both beautiful and archival framing solutions. Frames are available pre-made or through special order. Public Authorities Amy M Lavine is a New York State attorney with significant experience in the field of public authority regulations. She was a founding member of the Public Authorities Blog and has written on numerous occassions about the need for improved oversight and accountability for these entities, especially economic development authorities such as local development corporations and industrial development agencies.

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