Cell phone jammer advantage disadvantage
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Cell Phone Jammer Advantage & Disadvantage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cell phone jammer is new technology got the most media attention because of its amazing feature where it can disable networks and makes the space much disturbance-free. http://www.infostream.biz/3-in-1-cell-phone-jammer.html

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About us
About Us

Cell Phone Jammer is the ultimate device which can be used by the university authorities to keep a tab on the students and their activities. It will help create a friendly atmosphere in the school rather than disturbances all around.

How works cell phone jammer
How works cell phone jammer

Jamming devices overpower the cell phone by transmitting a signal on the same frequency and at a high enough power that the two signals collide and cancel each other out.

Advantage of cell phone jammer
Advantage of Cell Phone Jammer

  • By using cell phone jammers we can maintain law and order for maintaining peace.

  • It is very necessary to use cell phone jammers in nasal feared places. This helps the authorities to work their duty softly.

  • By using cell phone jammers in the vehicles, we can overcome accidents problem which is very helpful to the people.

  • We can provide security to V.I.P’s from the anti-social elements

Disadvantage of cell phone jammer
Disadvantage of Cell Phone jammer

  • Cost oriented.

  • Requires special hardware.

  • People feel inconvenience.

  • V.I.P.’s may lose some important calls.

Cell phone jammer advantage disadvantage

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