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Ways To Get Inspired To Create Content PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways To Get Inspired To Create Content

Ways To Get Inspired To Create Content

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Ways To Get Inspired To Create Content

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  1. Ways To Get Inspired To Create Content

  2. Creating Content • Where do you get your inspiration to write? • How do you put yourself in the right mood?

  3. Free Writing • This is a tried and true method that most people will learn in an intro to creative writing course • Write about whatever you want, and keep writing that is key, even if you have to write “I don’t know what to write” • When you go back and read over your free writing you might find a topic to write about.

  4. Walking • Being tied to a computer all day or in an office is not always conducive to creative thinking • If you find yourself sitting down to write a blog post and it just isn’t happening...go for a walk.

  5. Reading • If you are stuck in a rut and don’t feel like creating content then start reading a book. • The great thing about reading is it is universal to all types of niches. • Whatever your tastes are, you can find a book that will inspire you to create.

  6. Keeping a Journal • Anytime you have a great idea write it down, any time you find yourself with some free time jot down some of your thoughts.

  7. Keeping a Journal • Keeping a journal is great for two main reasons. • First, it allows you to keep in the habit of writing. When you are keeping a journal it means you are writing fairly constantly. • Secondly, it can be a huge source of ideas and inspiration. I suggest everyone reads their journal regularly, I know it seems weird to read your own journal but that is the point.

  8. Write Tired • You don’t have to always write tired, but if you are suffering writers block then a couple tired sessions might be enough to get you back on track.

  9. Talk To Someone - A Writing Buddy • Two views on a subject are usually better than one. If you find yourself lacking content ideas, you can ask your buddy for some help as well.

  10. Competition • You can challenge your buddy to blog posting competitions. • If you are a person driven by competition then you should really think about a writing buddy. • The idea may seem kind of old fashioned and something you would do in elementary school, but the benefits are entirely real and useful.

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