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Top Website Traffic-Attracting Content PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Website Traffic-Attracting Content

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Top Website Traffic-Attracting Content - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top Website Traffic-Attracting Content
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  2. Content is a vital element of SEO. In fact, a lot of professional SEO practitioners and digital marketers agree that it is and will most likely continue as one of the essential organic search ranking factors. But due to the advent of the so-called age of content explosion, the creation and distribution of multitudes of content have become more complicated.  Due to this condition, many of those who want to attract more traffic to their websites through content marketing is having a hard time getting the desired results. So, if you are currently looking for the best way to boost your site’s visibility in search engines, try to conduct the needed research to know the type of content that you should publish on your site. You can also start doing this by considering the following.

  3. 1. Written Content According to a recent survey conducted, the written content remains as the most effective type of content that will most likely lead to more improved website traffic. This is because many readers and site visitors are considering the content written by real people as a genuine source of information. Thus, it is obvious why about 40.4 percent of the survey respondents said such.

  4. 2. Video Content The same survey also revealed that about 34.3 percent of the respondents view video content as one of the most effective content forms that drive more traffic to their websites. This is because most site users are considering video as an effective media that help them understand concepts, encourage them to buy products or avail the services offered by a particular site.

  5. 3. Visual Content Finally, about 25.3 percent of the survey respondents agree that visual content is quite effective in boosting their sites’ traffic. Many digital marketers also agree with this notion since visual content are quite effective in presenting information that site visitors value much.

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