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Storytelling with Audio

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Storytelling with Audio. Multimedia Storytelling Fall 2013. Importance of audio journalism. Presence Emotions Atmosphere Depth. How news organizations use audio. Reporter overviews Podcasts Audio slideshows Breaking news/mobile reporting. Audio journalism inspiration.

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storytelling with audio

Storytelling with Audio

Multimedia Storytelling

Fall 2013

importance of audio journalism
Importance of audio journalism
  • Presence
  • Emotions
  • Atmosphere
  • Depth
how news organizations use audio
How news organizations use audio
  • Reporter overviews
  • Podcasts
  • Audio slideshows
  • Breaking news/mobile reporting
audio journalism inspiration
Audio journalism inspiration
  • Backstory – NY Times (reporter overviews)
  • The Unger Report – NPR (podcasts)
  • This American Life – NPR (podcasts)
  • One in 8 Million – NY Times (audio slideshows)
  • BBC - (breaking news)
types of audio
Types of audio
  • Narrative
  • Interview
  • Natural sound
  • Dead air
preparing for audio interviews
Preparing for audio interviews
  • Make a list of background sounds you might be able to gather for intro, transitions
  • Have a detailed interview planned
  • Make sure your equipment is charged
  • Clear off your audio recorder
recording audio interviews
Recording audio interviews
  • Choose a location
  • Record natural sound
  • Prepare your subject
  • Watch what you say
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Pause between Q & A’s
  • Record dead air
recording voice overs
Recording voice-overs
  • “When you’re writing for the ear, you are not only a journalist—you’re also a performer.” -Jonathan Kern, NPR
  • Write a script
  • Warm up
  • Find operative words
  • Adjust the following based on your operative words:
    • Volume
    • Pitch
    • Rhythm
    • Tempo
  • Keep it conversational
choosing audio clips for audio slideshows
Choosing audio clips (for audio slideshows)
  • Listen to all of your recordings before selecting your clips (context)
  • Find natural sound to open the slideshow
  • Listen for a good quote to transition from background noise to the subject
  • Listen for details that might serve as good transitions
  • Include memorable quotes/colorful phrases
  • Listen for a good “kicker” quote to round out the story
editing audio clips basic
Editing audio clips (basic)
  • Cut out verbal stalling
  • Cut out words that don’t add to the story: like, kind of, you know, etc.
  • Cut out reiterations
  • Cut out coughing, long pauses
  • DO NOT take out words that change the meaning of what was stated
  • Add fades
  • Add cross-fades
so why an audio slideshow
So… why an audio slideshow?
  • “The thinking person’s video”
  • Still images (alone) leave the mind unguided
  • Video centers the viewer’s eye from beginning to end
  • Audio slideshow leave room for contemplation, thought
audio slideshow do s
Audio slideshow do’s
  • 8-10 images/minute
  • Create a relationship between images & audio
  • Edit the audio in a way that creates a narrative thread with a beginning, middle and end
  • Consider captions under images
  • Include natural sound
  • Include a picture of the person narrating
  • Record a minute of sound in the room where you’re recording
audio slideshow don ts
Audio slideshow don’ts
  • Use too many images
  • Use too few images
  • Include awkward transitions
  • Allow background sound to drown out narration
  • Use music or images you don’t have the right to use (Intellectual Property)
  • Go over 5 minutes