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People You Work With. The Happy Employee. The Greedy Employee. The Joker. The Leader. The Loud Mouth. The Busy Body. The Disgruntled Employee. The Informatics Specialist. Keeper of the Nuts. The New Guy . The Expert. The Supervisor. The Mole. The Frustrated Employee.

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Exploring Personality Types:

Finding Your True Colors

Presented by Wm. (Bill) J. Fetter, Ph.D.

Human Resources - Training and Development


Name, Function, Department

3 Adjectives that

Describe You

Fictional Character

You are Most Like

  • Identify Your Personality Style
  • Understand 4 Basic Styles
  • Understand Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Build Positive & Satisfying Relationships
  • Understand Your Leadership Style
history of true colors
History of True Colors

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Bryce Insight Personality Instrument

history of true colors21
History of True Colors
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Captures Essence of individual’s view of the world
  • Discreet Independent Personality Types
  • Oriented and Focused toward Outside World
  • No attention to Intelligence or Character
history of true colors22
History of True Colors
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter
  • Comprehensive Model - non linear
  • Temperament and Character Traits
  • Interests, Orientations, Values,
  • Self-image, Social Roles
history of true colors23
History of True Colors
  • Bryce Insight Personality Instrument
  • Personal Style, Communication, Values,
  • Growth Areas, Management Styles,
  • Team Dynamics, Blind Spots
  • Personality is NOT Discreet and Independent;
  • Blend of different “Colors”
history of true colors24
History of True Colors

Colors Compared with Other Systems

color types
Color Types
  • Complete True Colors Questionnaire
  • What is your True Color?
personality styles why bother
Personality Styles Why Bother?
  • Helps understand people better
  • People learn in different ways
  • Process information differently
  • Communicate differently
  • Relationship building differences
  • Values/Purpose for life vary
  • Different Goals
color of words
Color of Words

Words different Colors Use


Attentive, Warm, Kind, Spiritual, Patient,

Likable, poetic, genuine, devoted, caring,

Compassionate, personal, sensitive,

Artistic, romantic, accepting, idealistic,

Perceptive, gentle, emotional

color of words28
Color of Words

Words different Colors Use


Curious, deep, independent, factual

complicated, Inventive, loner, clever,

egghead, fair, level headed, skeptical,

theoretical, expert, Non-conformist,

technical, scientific, distant, bookish

color of words29
Color of Words

Words different Colors Use


Stable, responsible, consistent, organized,

Concerned, loyal, procedural, dependable,

Firm, thorough, punctual, conservative,

Structured, sensible, traditional, practical,

Cooperative, protective, goal-oriented,


color of words30
Color of Words

Words different Colors Use


Active, adventurous, impulsive, fun-loving,

flashy, bold, optimistic, tolerant, smooth,

energetic, skillful, open, competitive,

powerful, charming, generous, brave,

flexible, exciting, daring

personality color
Personality Color



Clever Finicky

Level-headed Critical

Logical Skeptical

Competent Sarcastic

Visionary Non-compliant

personality color32
Personality Color



Warm Untruthful

Kind Unrealistic

Devoted Emotional

Compassionate Self-absorbed

Artistic Withdrawn

personality color33
Personality Color



Adventurous Violent

Generous Loud

Tolerant Rude

Skillful Impatient

Charming Belligerent

personality color34
Personality Color



Consistent Abusive

Loyal Self-righteous

Thorough Fussy

Traditional Compulsive

Cooperative Demanding

building relationships
Building Relationships


Listen to their ideas

Allow independent work

Provide mental challenges

Allow access to resources

Recognize their competences

Allow sufficient time

verbs and color
Verbs and Color


Affect, analyze, answer, ascertain, ask, break, challenge, choose, clarify, classify, concentrate, critique, debate, decide, define, design, delineate, determine, differentiate, direct, discard, discern, discount, dispose, dissect, divide, evaluate, fix, focus, grade…

building relationships37
Building Relationships


Recognize leadership skills

Set attainable goals

Provide structure

Give responsibilities

Recognize achievements

Value their work

verbs and color38
Verbs and Color


Abide, arrest, assign, boss, caution, check, close, command, conserve, defend, delay, demand, detail, detain, discipline, endure, enlist, ensure, goad, grow, guard, halt, hire, hold, initiate, step…

building relationships39
Building Relationships


Recognize their talents

Promote optimism

Provide chances to shine

Appreciate their humor

Give leadership roles

Give immediate rewards

verbs and color40
Verbs and Color


Act, assume, believe, build, crash, create, dance, develop, divine, dream, expand, explode, explore, fire up, generate, germinate, grow, guess, hint, hope, imagine, tease, venture, view, visualize, win, wish..

building relationships41
Building Relationships


Show caring and concern

Give creative opportunities

Recognize individuality

Accept their feelings

Express appreciation

Help in building relationships

verbs and color42
Verbs and Color


Add, associate, attach, band, bind, bond, bridge, build, care, cement, cluster, collect, combine, mix, hug converge, couple, group, snuggle, include, merge, partner, relate, sew, share, splice, team, touch…

blue green gold orange
Blue Green Gold Orange

6% Green

40% Orange

44% Gold

10% Blue

jobs and true colors
Jobs and True Colors
  • Blues
    • Concentrate on people and relationships.
    • Focus on service, and health and welfare of people.
    • Warm, supportive, harmonious environments where workers are free to cooperate and communicate with each other.
    • Are imaginative, enthusiastic and concerned about the personal welfare of those around them.
    • They dislike competition, conflict, bureaucracy and domineering authority figures
    • They promote creativity, flexibility, individuality and personal expression.
jobs and true colors45
Jobs and True Colors
  • Orange
  • Tackle their work with enthusiasm so they can quickly move on to other pursuits
  • They are great at working under pressure and prefer to work on jobs that are lively, risky, and unpredictable.
  • They grow restless with jobs that tie them down and limit their personal freedom.
  • They are straightforward, realistic, and practical workers who bring a flair, energy and excitement to the workplace.
  • They are talented, resourceful, skillful and adaptable.
  • They are upbeat and social in nature, and present a positive self-image of themselves and their company.
  • They are action-oriented workers who know how to get results they desire.
jobs and true colors46
Jobs and True Colors
  • Green
  • Driven towards work that involves an analytical and creative focus
  • Visionary and independent workers who can tune out the world as they work on things that capture their interest.
  • Most productive when they can perfect an idea, then move on and leave the project to be maintained and supported by others.
  • Work well with complex strategies, abstract concepts and theoretical models.
  • Prefer a work environment with minimum structure and little bureaucracy.
  • Enjoy taking risks to test their innovative ideas.
  • Their biggest asset is their drive to be competent, logical and accurate.
jobs and true colors47
Jobs and True Colors
  • Gold
  • Prefer jobs that allow them to be thorough, accurate, and systematic.
  • Prefer to work in situations where they can see a job through to the end, and then touch and feel the results.
  • Are practical, efficient and cooperative workers that respect authority, discipline and punctuality.
  • Work best in environments that are traditional, structured, orderly and filled with other hard-working people.
  • Have a compelling need to follow established procedures and routines and do things the “right” way.
  • Are stable, honest and dependable workers who generally put the needs of the company above their own.
basic leadership temperaments
Basic Leadership Temperaments
  • An understanding of personality types in general, and YOUR OWN in particular, helps to recognize and appreciate the unique GIFTS of yourself and others.
  • Success, in any enterprise, demands the unique skills of each type.
    • Pragmatics (SJ) Guardian Logistical - Gold
    • Vision (NT) Rational Strategic - Green
    • People Skills (NF) Idealist Diplomatic - Blue
    • Analysis (SP) Artisan Tactical - Orange
16 personality types
16 Personality Types














Four Temperaments break down into 16 personality types

traditionalists sj guardian gold istj isfj estj esfj
Traditionalists (SJ) Guardian - GOLDISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ
  • See world as facts and realities
  • Want to organize them
  • Give stabilization to organization

Strengths: Practical




Systematic follow through

Weakness: “A rule is a rule is a rule”

Want to be appreciated for:

Their careful, thorough, accurate work

visionary nt rational green intj intp entj entp
Visionary (NT) Rational – GREENINTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP
  • See world as possibilities, meanings, relationships
  • Want to examine their consequences analytically and impersonally
  • Are architects of change

Strengths: Looking ahead and designing change

Setting high standards

Seeing “The Big Picture”

Contagious enthusiasm for ideas

Taking the challenge “it can’t be done”

Weakness: Lose people with their fascination for complexity

Want to be appreciated for: quality of their ideas and intellect

catalyst nf idealist blue infj infp enfj enfp
Catalyst (NF) Idealist - BlueINFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP
  • See world as possibilities, meanings, relationships
  • Want to judge their value to people and for people
  • Get people to work effectively together

Strengths: Participative leadership

Sensitivity, empathy

Being creative, good marketers

Learning new things


Weakness: “Biting the Bullet”, hurt easily

Want to be appreciated for:

Themselves as someone who makes important contributions

troubleshooter sp artisan orange istp isfp estp esfp
Troubleshooter (SP) Artisan - ORANGE ISTP, ISFP, ESTP, ESFP
  • See world as facts and reality
  • Want more facts to manipulate
  • Give action, excitement, competition to organization

Strengths: Good in crisis

Ingenious, resourceful

Make things happen


Risk takers

Weakness: “Ready, fire, aim”

Want to be appreciated for:

The clever way they get things done


10 Commandments of Color

  • Don’t stereotype others
  • Don’t try to change people
  • Don’t negate the values of others
  • Don’t let strengths become weaknesses
  • Don’t use Colors as an excuse
  • Keep your observations private
  • Give good gifts
  • Carry your Colored Lenses with you
  • Validate the strengths of each Color
  • Learn from Others
insight learning systems
Insight Learning Systems

To Learn More about Nathan Bryce and Insight Learning Systems, Inc.

Visit their website at


Should You Have Questions

Or Would Like Additional Information.

Contact Dr. Wm. (Bill) J. Fetter