heroes journey the heroes journey and the monomyth n.
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Heroes Journey . The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth PowerPoint Presentation
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Heroes Journey . The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth

Heroes Journey . The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth

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Heroes Journey . The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth

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  1. Heroes Journey.The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth

  2. (1) Call to Adventure • The hero is “invited” by a power or event to join the world of the fantastic, often the hero does not know about the troubles that they are called to help with. • Ex: Heracles

  3. (2) Refusal of the Call • The hero denies their destiny as “the chosen one” and tries to convince the messenger of their plainness. • Ex: Harry Potter

  4. (3) Supernatural Aid • The hero is taught by a figure often fatherly about their hidden past or of the powers they possess. They begin training and preparation • Ex: King Arthur

  5. (4) Crossing the First Threshold • The hero can no longer go back to their life as it was, they have officially started their quest and must finish it. They have set off. • Ex: Superman/Clark Kent

  6. (5) The Belly of the Whale • The first true test of the hero’s abilities, often a seemingly hopeless situation. Either a feat to be accomplished or a Foe to defeat. • Ex: Pinocchio (Not the actual Whale scene.)

  7. (6) The Road of Trials • The hero is challenged and must fight (mental or physical) through a set number of tasks, each more dangerous than the last. • Ex: The trials of Heracles

  8. (7)Meeting with the Goddess • The hero is now ready, he has achieved most if not all of his potential and must now continue. He must now learn the next step from a character, often female. • Ex: Galadrial Lord of the Rings

  9. (8)Temptation • The hero is tempted by the very forces he is sent to defeat. The foe realizes if they tempt the hero, the prophecy will fail. • Ex: Darth Vader, Star Wars.

  10. (9)The Ultimate Boon • The hero has finished the battle and emerged victorious, and comes away with the ultimate reward. • Ex: Romulus and Remus

  11. (10)Refusal to Return • The hero has become so used to the realm of the fantastic they wish to stay there forever. But may soon see the folly in that idea. • Ex: Bellerophon

  12. (11) The Magic Flight • The hero is whisked quickly back home either by a magic device or the powers of the montage. If only they had that earlier. • Ex: The Great Eagles of Middle-Earth

  13. (12) Crossing the Return Threshold • The hero must now overcome a challenge to go back to the regular. Often ironically the return threshold is the reverse of the first threshold • Ex: Luke Skywalker

  14. (13) Mastery of Two Worlds • The Hero now has completed their first quest and now can blend seamlessly the realms of the fantastic and those of the Ordinary. • Ex: Batman/Bruce Wayne

  15. (14) Freedom to Live • The hero having completed their task is now allowed to choose their path, most however are never truly able to return thanks to the events that happened. • Ex: Frodo Baggins

  16. Myths and Films • The Lord of the Rings Books by J.R.R Tolkien. Step(s) 7, 11, 14 • Batman by Bob Kane. Step(s) 13 • Star Wars by George Lucas. Step(s) 8, 12 • The Trials of Heracles, Greek Mythology. Step(s) 1, 6 • Pinocchio by Carlo Conodi (who interestingly enough had a nose fetish). Step(s) 5 • Rome Founding Myth. Step(s) 9 • Superman by Jerry Siegal. Step(s) 4 • Bellerophon and the Winged Horse. Step(s) 10 • Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Step(s) 2 • King Arthur of the Britans. Step(s) 3