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Audio 101 DVD PowerPoint Presentation
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Audio 101 DVD

Audio 101 DVD

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Audio 101 DVD

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  1. Audio 101 DVD

  2. Set Structure

  3. What is Jazzercise set structure? Importance of set structure: Jazzercise consistent worldwide Set structure and uniformity Maintains quality of Jazzercise Promotes the integrity of Jazzercise “Regular” set structure guidelines will be covered today at the workshop. Set Structure

  4. Work large muscle groups continuously and rhythmically at an aerobic level. Perform frequently (three to five times/week). Work the heart at 64-94% of maximum heart rate (HR). Activity is continuous and has a duration of 20-60 minutes. Include strength training at least two days per week, sufficient to condition the major muscle groups. Resistance bands, balls, weights etc. Well-rounded and includes stretching exercises in every class. American College of Sports Medicine Industry Standards

  5. Routine info Movements Technique and safety tips Routine set (R-set) variations and song info Alternative movements Abbreviations Choreography Notes

  6. Parts of a Class • Part 1: Warm-up and Aerobic • Part 2: Strength Training, Stretch and Cool Down

  7. Purpose and labels Write the title of the O/I Write the total warm-up time on the left side of the set structure sheet. Warm-up Segment

  8. Purpose and labels Requirements Aerobic curve progression Move Forward 0 to 1 Column Only L or LM Move fwd 1 M Move fwd 1 L or LM MH H M Aerobic Segment

  9. Build an Aerobic Set! • Consider both the label as well as the musical flow from one routine to the next. • Write the title of the aerobic routines Write the total aerobic time on the left side of the set structure sheet.

  10. Warm-Up & Aerobic Considerations • Perceived Exertion Chart • Required to post in every class. • Required to reference during aerobic section. • Where to place a BCO routine • Music changes should flow from one routine to the next. • Cut unnecessary time from end of aerobic routines.

  11. Strength/Stretch/Cool DownPurpose • Purpose of strength training segment • Purpose of stretching segment • Purpose of cool down segment

  12. Strength/Stretch/Cool DownLabels • Strength • Meets requirement • Optional • Versions • Transitions • Stretch • Cool down (“E” in the label to end class) • SAE – Stretch/Ascend/End • SE – Stretch/End • SAE or SE Combo (Combo = Strength Training)

  13. Strength/Stretch/Cool DownCan Be Taught as…. • Standing/FloorDescend to the floor at some point during the strength training section and ascend prior to or during the final routine. Required to teach one complete strength training routine on the floor. • All StandingRemain standing from the warm-up to the last routine.

  14. Strength TrainingRequirements • Must have minimum (3) strength training routines: (1) gluteal, (1) abdominal, (1) upper torso. • Can have maximum (4) strength training routines. • Does not include stretch or cool down routine. • Fourth routine can be labeled optional or meets requirement. • If you repeat a muscle group, use a different movement to do so. • No more than two consecutive routines without equipment.

  15. Choreographed Stretch Routine Definition • Entire routine spent stretching Placement • All Standing Class: • Place anywhere within the strength training segment. • Standing/Floor Class: • Prior to descending • Immediately following a descending routine. • Immediately prior to an ascending routine. Always read your notes for placement!

  16. Stretch/Cool DownRequirements Every class ends with an “E” • You have met the stretching and cool down requirements when ending class with a “E” in the routine label. • In addition, if you choose to use a choreographed stretch, your “E” routine must include strength training.

  17. Write three required strength routines. Add required ender/cool down “E” routine. Add additional routine strength routine. Add a choreographed stretch routine. Write the total time for the strength, stretch and cool down combined on the left side of the set structure sheet. Build a Strength Set

  18. Total all class segments on set structure sheet. Is your total correct? Add 10-20 seconds (slug) between aerobic and strength section when picking up equipment. Calculate Your Worksheet

  19. The music is current (and oldies rule). There is enough diversity and style and feel of the music (more to be reviewed on Feel & Flow DVD). If there are a variety of movements in your set. Your routines belong on the front or backside of the curve (remember BCO label). The music and movements build class up and bring it down/flow. Your total class time meets the requirements. Ask Yourself If….

  20. Domestic Jazzercise music on iTunes Independent labels Soundburst Blank Audio Files International instructors can access music from or playlist within select countries.Talk to your district manager. Securing Music for Class

  21. The purpose of set structure is to provide a safe and effective workout. Putting together a set is an important process that requires thought and planning. Routines Database – check it out! The Take Away

  22. Let’s test your set structure knowledge! Set Structure Quiz

  23. Time for a Break

  24. Feel & Flow DVD

  25. InjuryAwareness

  26. Industry Standards “A facility must offer each adult member a pre-activity screening that is appropriate to the physical activities to be performed by the member.” Not adhering to industry standards can result in legal judgment in favor of the customer.

  27. Participation Authorization Release ALL customers must complete a Participation Authorization Release. Screen for customers with pre-existing conditions. Review Participation Authorization Release prior to the class. Evaluate customer readiness. Encourage high-risk customers to watch first. Get written permission from a physician if necessary. Update forms annually.

  28. New Customers Workout Guide Perceived Exertion Chart Learn the Moves Encourage customers to ask questions.

  29. Ask Questions If Customer Informs You of a Problem Does your doctor know you are taking Jazzercise? What movements cause discomfort? Ask customer to identify movements that cause pain. Instructor can show modifications for those movements prior to class. No Yes Give literature and offer to answer any questionsthe doctor may have. Ask if there are any guidelines or warnings given.

  30. Injury Prevention What could potentially create an unsafe class environment? Wear proper footwear. Be aware of the customers. Encourage layered clothing. Bring water container with lid. Ear plugs (not cotton) can provide 20 dB of protection. Adequate room to dance and include safety tips when cueing! Have required emergency supplies in each class (See Class Structure sheet of evaluation form)

  31. What to Do When an Injury Occurs Keep class going if possible. Aid and evaluate injured person. Offer ice pack. Activate EMS if needed. Teaching instructor completesIncident Report. DO NOT give medical advice. Refer customer to a doctor. Refer to Emergency Card.

  32. Taking Care of Yourself Voice Use microphone properly. Hydrate prior to class. Hearing Check the balance on sound system. Research use of a stage monitor for sound. Eat Well Eat a healthy, well balanced diet. Rest Listen to your body for appropriate number of classes for your body. One 24-hour rest weekly is ideal.

  33. Quick Quiz If an injury occurs, what form must be completed? Where is this form located? Who completes the form? What form must all participants complete prior to class? What measures can be taken to prevent an incident?

  34. The Take Away All customers must complete a Participation Authorization Release. If an accident occurs, do not give medical advice. Complete an Incident Report ASAP after an accident.

  35. Jazzercise – Yesterday & Today DVD

  36. CorporateConnection

  37. Corporate Structure

  38. We believe fitness is an important aspect of well being and enhances the overall quality of people’s lives; therefore Jazzercise is committed to helping people understand and value the importance of health and fitness. Jazzercise, Inc. Philosophy

  39. Jazzercise Goals MORE Instructors Classes Customers

  40. What are your short-term and long-term goals for your Jazzercise franchise? How do your goals align with Jazzercise, Inc. goals? Achieve your goals! Utilize all Jazzercise resources and understand your franchise. Open classes when possible – class proposal procedures on JCLS. Your Jazzercise Goals

  41. District Manager Jazzercise, Inc. Resources: Franchisee and Customer Support EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) JFAS – Jazzercise Franchise Assistant Software Marketing/Media Relations/Public Relations Jazzercise Apparel Contact Information

  42. Choreography Notes online/Routine DVD shipped. District Hotline District meetings Other corporate communication – e-mails, mailings, conference calls, postings. Corporate Communication

  43. Legal binding document Variety: Sub or regular franchisee Addendums: Juniors, Lite/Low Impact, or Business Franchise State/territory where your franchise is valid Franchise/Instructor number You own your own franchise. You can teach for anyone you choose in your franchise territory. File your copy of Franchise Agreement. Franchise Agreement

  44. MUST abide by franchise agreement terms and conditions. All instructors – current liability insurance paid by November 1. $250.00 deductible. All instructors – current CPR and Internet access required. All instructors – satisfactory annual evaluation. All instructors – attend all district meetings. CFF paid on all class generated income the 5th of each month. Sub/Associates report all classes taught by the 5th of each month and must sub 4-8 times per month. Sub/Associates - sub annual fee paid by November 1. NOTE: Late filing of any payment or report will result in a late fee. Terms & Conditions Termination of your Franchise Agreement will occur if you do not abide by the terms of the agreement. All Terminations are FINAL.

  45. Terms & Conditions Annual Evaluation of Instructors • Review Class Performance Review forms in Trainee Packet. • New instructors notified prior to 1st evaluation. • Workshop routine set will be considered current (only) for 60 days. • Ideally evaluated within 60 days of the workshop to give you helpful feedback and encouragement.

  46. More Instructors – More Classes – More Customers Your district manager is your first point of contact for any questions. Use your Jazzercise resources to achieve your goals. The Take Away

  47. Franchise Zone & Business Center

  48. Zone/Business Center Business Center Franchise Zone

  49. Once your paperwork has been received and processed, you will receive your instructor number and temporary password via two e-mails from Then follow the steps below: Go to Click on Franchisee Login on the top menu bar. Enter your instructor number. Enter the temporary password and login. Once in the Franchise Zone, click on Your Business Center on the top menu bar. You will then be immediately prompted to enter your desired permanent password. Accessing theFranchise Zone Above information is located in your Trainee Packet.

  50. Let’s Review: Business Center & Franchise Zone Business Center Franchise Zone