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'where in the world'. Future Career Intro to College Prep And Career Awareness. Career Goals and Steps to your Future. Objective: You will brainstorm and gather information to evaluate what steps you need to take to achieve your career goals. DRILL:

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Where in the world

'where in the world'

Future Career

Intro to College Prep

And Career Awareness

Career goals and steps to your future
Career Goals and Steps to your Future

Objective: You will brainstorm and gather information to evaluate what steps you need to take to achieve your career goals.


  • Take a couple of minutes to close your eyes and imagine running your own ideal business or enterprise.

    Not necessarily profit-making in a conventional business sense - it can be a service of any sort; some people for example seek to be careers, or writers, or gardeners, or cooks, to have a shop or a cafe, or to teach others. It is important to emphasize that everyone - not just entrepreneurs - can follow their dreams. Visualizing and stating one's dreams helps greatly to make them happen. Think about and express personal dreams and passions relating to your ideal business or service activity or enterprise, which involves exploring their fulfilment of personal potential and strengths.

2.Write down your ideas: Provide as much detail as possible.

3. Close your eyes and think where in the world would you locate your business/service activity and why?

4. Describe the place in as much detail as you can.

There are no right or wrong answers –

The activity is an opportunity for people to think and imagine possibilities for themselves beyond the constraints that often limit us and our fulfilment.

What other ideas do you have for your future?

How can you achieve your goals
How can you achieve your goals?

1. What do you need to reach your goals?

2. What steps you need to take? Today? This month? This year?

3. What certifications or degrees do you need?

  • Who can help you?

  • How can you make it happen?

Choosing a college that is right for you
Choosing a College that is right for you:

Objective: You will research tips and strategies for choosing a college in order to match your needs as a student.


  • What are you looking for in a college? Size? Location? Major?

  • List some tips from the following slides and website to aid in your quest.

3 tips for choosing a college that matches your needs
3 Tips for Choosing a Collegethat Matches Your Needs

1. Pick up a College GuideA good college guide can help you choose a college by offering detailed school profiles. You'll learn about the programs offered, tuition costs, campus culture, and much more. College guides that I recommend include: Complete Book of Colleges, America's Best Value Colleges, and Best 361 Colleges2. Visit the School's WebsiteYou can't choose a college without knowing what type of programs they offer. One of the easiest ways to get this info is through the school's website. 3. Talk to College StudentsIf you want to get the skinny on a college, you need to talk to one or more of the people who attend the school. They can give you the type of information that you'll never find in a college brochure.

Choosing the perfect college
Choosing the Perfect College


Click on the site above to view 15 traits to look for in your perfect college.

Low student faculty ratio
Low Student / Faculty Ratio

Drawing by Laura Reyome

Request applications
Request Applications:

  • Use the websites to find a college.

    • Based on location

    • Based on major

    • Based on interests

  • Request an application.

Financial aid for college you might be surprised who is eligible
Financial Aid for College(You might be surprised who is eligible.)

Objective: You will analyze facts about financial aid in college in order for you to increase your awareness.


  • Read the statements and answer true or false on the worksheet.

  • We will learn the answers.

  • What is FASFA?

Financial aid free money activity human barometer
Financial Aid Free Money Activity Human Barometer

Students are to stand if they identify with the statement. Please stand up if:

1.You lost a family member on 9/11

2.You have parents in the military

3.You have done voluntary community service

4.You are the first person in your family to go to college

5.Your write poetry, short stories are engage in creative arts

Stand up if
Stand up if:

6. You are considered a minority. (NON-WHITE black, Hispanic, Asian, East Indian)

7. You come from a low income household.

8. You are a non-citizen of the United States.

9. You are 22 years old or older.

10. You want to major in math, science, engineering, technology or foreign language.

11. You are a young woman.

12. You are a minority male.

Scholarships grants
Scholarships/ Grants

  • www.phoenix.edu

  • www.ClassesUSA.com


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