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TRAINING TRIVIA I . Where is the Residence Campus Security Office?. Give 2 examples of Para-verbal Factors. True or False: The constitution can bypass the bylaws.

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You interview a resident and he says that someone else at the incident never, ever consumes alcohol, and was not drinking at the time of documentation. What type of evidence is this?


Who has the power to impeach the President, Vice President (Residence Affairs) and Vice President (Discipline)?


What is the “Standard of Proof” we use in Residence?

  • (hint: it’s not “beyond a reasonable doubt”)

You and your house team are enthusiastically selling tickets to a Lenny Kravitz concert taking place at Grant Hall. Before issuing a new NCPR, you carefully check the number on the previous NCPR in order to make sure that all receipts are in sequential order. The last receipt you issued was #22001 and the next available NCPR is #22003. You notice NCPR #22002 is missing. What should you do?


Draw out the flow chart for how a level 1 incident progresses in the Student Conduct System.


You’re selling house clothing in the lobby. By the end of the day, you’ve completed $310 in cash sales and $200 in TD terminal sales. According to Financial Policy and Procedures, list at least 3 things that you complete before you go to sleep?

regardless we love you
Regardless: WE LOVE YOU!

Thanks for showing up to all your sessions and interacting with others and being engaged at your sessions. Keep it up for the rest of Training and year 