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Contracts Update

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CAPT Bruce Urbon , USN, Commanding Officer Mr. Ken Slaughter, Technical Director (Acting). 21 October 2009. Contracts Update. Tidewater Association of Service Contractors (TASC) William Paggi/Donna Murphy 2.0 Contracts Department. 1. TOPICS.

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Presentation Transcript
contracts update

CAPT Bruce Urbon, USN, Commanding Officer Mr. Ken Slaughter, Technical Director (Acting)

21 October 2009

Contracts Update

Tidewater Association of Service Contractors (TASC)

William Paggi/Donna Murphy

2.0 Contracts Department

Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (20 October 2009).




  • Charleston Industry Council Initiatives
  • Procurement Status
  • Navy ERP

Statement A: Approved for Public Release. Distribution is unlimited (20 October 2009).

charleston industry council
Charleston Industry Council
  • Formed in 2005 to increase the degree of integration and quality of the business partnership between SSC-CH and its industry partners
  • Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas to enhance processes
    • Smarter, better, more efficiently
  • Develops a culture of continuous improvement to produce better products/services
  • To co-evolve technologies to maintain competitive advantages for SSC-LANT and Industry
charleston industry council cont d
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)
  • Government Members
    • Members of the SSC-LANT Contract Strategy Council
    • Deputy for Small Business
  • Industry Members
    • 3 members of AFCEA
    • 3 members of CDCA
      • Nominated by AFCEA and CDCA Presidents
      • Represent Large, Mid-Sized and Small Business
  • Ad Hoc Members
    • Temporary appointments to assist with specific projects
charleston industry council cont d1
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)

Government Members

  • William Paggi, Chair
  • Donna Murphy
  • Jim Crawley
  • Kristy Penninger
  • Bob Meddick
  • Frank McAlhany/Carissa Miller (Alt)
  • Kay Swann
  • Donna Bedford
  • Bill Schneider
  • Crystal Potts, Recorder
charleston industry council cont d2
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)

Industry Members

    • Mark Gadomski
      • Large Business
    • Linda Cutlip
      • Mid-Sized Business
    • Rebecca Ufkes
      • Small Business
  • CDCA
    • Jack Hogan
      • Large Business
    • Steve Golle
      • Mid-Sized Business
    • Beth Waugh
      • Small Business
charleston industry council cont d3
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)

Previous Initiatives/Accomplishments

  • CMMI Standardization across Contracts
    • Develop criteria for “compliance” versus “certification”
    • Standard language in RFPs: Compliance with SSC LANT’s Engineering Process Office (EPO) program. Contractors to use processes and procedures already established for the project/program, and deliver products that are compliant with those processes/procedures
  • Performance Based Acquisition/Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans
    • BSA/QASP – Templates developed; Automation Tool Enhancements in Progress
  • Standard Labor Categories
    • In place
charleston industry council cont d4
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)
  • Software Process Improvement Initiative (SPII)
    • Standard language in RFPs: Task order level Software Development Plan (CDRL); SDP modeled after IEEE/EIA Std 12207
      • General Software & Improvement Processes
      • SDP Specific to Sample Task
  • Navy ERP Transition
    • Industry Actions
    • Impact to Procurement Operations
charleston industry council cont d5
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)

Current Initiatives

  • E-Commerce Posting of Draft Documents
    • Continuing need to post draft documents (PWS, Sections L&M, etc.) as soon as they become available
  • Market Research Strategy/Instruction
    • Proceeding as local policy module
  • Accounting for Contractor Personnel
    • How many are supporting our mission?
    • Where are they?
    • Need method of streamlining data collection
charleston industry council cont d6
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)
  • SB Set-Asides under MACs
    • Will be trying various approaches, including limiting competition to SB primes and/or teams structured with high percentage of SB participants
    • Recognize need to post draft technical requirements
  • Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Reports
    • Discussions related to generating CPARS at the task/delivery order level (similar to SeaPort-e)
    • Concerns regarding threshold levels, adequate mix of orders, representation across majority of individual contracts, affect on monthly reports, & COR training on process
charleston industry council cont d7
Charleston Industry Council(Cont’d)


  • Means of Disseminating Council Information
    • AFCEA/CDCA Meetings
    • SSC-CH Quarterly Small Business Symposiums
    • CorpWeb, Public Websites, etc.
  • Get Involved!
    • The Industry Council represents government and contractor interests
      • Contact an Industry Council member to offer suggestions, feedback, topics of interest, etc.
contract status
Contract Status


Mid-JUL 09 – SEP 09

contract status cont d
Contract Status(Cont’d)


Mid-JUL 09 – SEP 09

navy erp ssc lant
  • Currently in Phase II – Manual
    • Mission Critical Requirements
    • Minimal Transactions
  • Phase III – Catch-Up & Ramp-Up
    • Manual load of Phase II data
    • Initial Entry to Navy ERP Based Upon Assigned Roles
  • Estimated Go-Live Date: Mid-December 2009