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CONSUMER MOBILITY (NETWORK PLANNING -I) TAMIL NADU CIRCLE Management Meeting Chennai PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. CONSUMER MOBILITY (NETWORK PLANNING -I) TAMIL NADU CIRCLE Management Meeting Chennai 10.07.2012 Phase V.1 & VII Projects Review

  2. Phase VII GSM Expansion Project

  3. PH VII GSM EXPANSION PROJECT • Authorized Capacity for TN Circle : 5,62,000 lines • PO placed for Zonal equipment on : 23/05/12 • PO placed for TN Equipment LOT-I on :15/06/12 • LOT-I : All Core, 2G BTS--268, 3G Node Bs- 211 and associated infrastructure. • LOT-II : 2G BTS --115, 3G Node B --110 • LOT-III : 2G BTS --117, 3G Node B -- 99 • Equipment will start arriving by the end of Aug’12.

  4. PH VII GSM EXPANSION PROJECT • Authorised Fund allotment for Infra works by circle @450/- per line amounting to Rs 25 cr. • This fund to be used for • 40 M Ground Base Tower Foundation + Erection • Acquisition of Land & Bldg if any • Electrical Installation/Environmental works such as DG sets, AC units etc. • Provision of Transmission Media. • As very limited fund is available, in fructuous expenditure to be avoided in all the above works.

  5. PH VII GSM EXPANSION PROJECT • At the time of sanction of Project Estimate, Finance wing of Circle office has given specific advise to be followed strictly. • There should be no Cost over-run as the project is financed through loan from banks. • Planning wing to ensure that ROI is maximised by cutting wasteful expenditure and time delay in execution. • Planning wing to give instructions to SSAs with regard to maximum amount that can be sanctioned for each activity. • Hence SSAs/Civil/Elecl wings to coordinate and cooperate with planning wing for the above and for timely rollout of the project.

  6. Expenditure limits for each activity • GBT Foundation + Erection • Avg cost in Vellore SSA for 74 GBTs—Rs 5.27 lakhs • AP circle-- < 5 lakh • Hence provision made @ Rs 5 lakh/tower. • Electrical installation/environmental works • DG Sets (recd. under Ph V.1) to be commissioned at 75 sites including Plinth, installation and commissioning, etc. Provision made @ Rs 1,00,000/site. • AC units:- 2*1.5 TR units required @ 80 indoor sites. Provision made @Rs 70,000/- per site

  7. Expenditure limits for each activity • Transmission Media • Minilink and radio modem from vendor for 275 sites. • For balance 225 sites, avg OF reqt of 1 km considered as all sites are planned in places where OF NW already available • Funds available for OF media extension is @200/- per metre including cost of material like PLB, OF cable etc. • Transmission Equipment • Out of 225 OF sites, OF modems being procured from vendor for 50 sites. • For balance 175 sites CPE-8 eqpt @ 2*21000/- provisioned.

  8. General Guidelines • Estimates to be made only for the BTS sites as approved by Radio planning wing. • Civil/electrical works not planned at any of the core sites including BSC/RNC. • No expenditure should be made for PP, Battery, furniture, computers etc. • No provision to be made for contingencies. • All Estimates to specifically indicate that the work is under Ph VII GSM Project. • Copy of AA&ES/Sanctioned estimates to be sent to Circle planning and CMTS Trichy.

  9. Preamble and Objectives of Ph VII plan of GSM Expansion Project First phase • Select topmost revenue generating Cities and SSAs for introducing the latest equipment. Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Kulzhithurai SDCA in Nagercoil SSA. • Efficient utilisation of multi technology cabinets with minimum disturbance to existing network • Speedy redeployment of swapped equipment in new areas/ vantage points with high revenue potential and enhanced coverage.

  10. Radio and Infra Plan • ZTE BTS/Node B’s are to be installed in the core area of major cities viz Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and Kuzhithurai SDCA in NGC SSA. The swapped equipments will be redeployed in other SSAs. • Infra planned as per the guidelines i.e 50% of sites by vendor. In respect of Tower ,25% of sites by vendor and 25% by BSNL. • GBTs are to be erected by BSNL Civil Wing Circle and RTT by vendor. • Mini link proposed in major city sites for faster rollout. • Efficient usage of spared available Micro BTSs, Mini Links, RF cable, and DGs.

  11. Methodology for selecting Sites • Meeting with each SSA/ DE BSSs Team conducted at Chennai under the chairmanship of Sr. GM . NWP. • Detailed RF Study with ATOOL & Google Map at Planning section at Circle Office and discussion with SSAs/DE BSS team. • The following Points were taken into account while selecting the Sites a) Revenue Potential of the Site. b) Improving the Indoor Coverage in Urban Area. c) Gray Areas in Urban Limits d) Educational Institutions and Corporate Bussiness Areas. f) Important Tourist Places/Vantage Points. g) Traffic study of adjacunt sites.. • The data base of Latlong details of all IP Vendors are compared with our Latlong details of new Sites and 255 IP sites are matching with our RF Plan finalised which is also circulated in Intranet.

  12. Swapping Macro BTS Proposal

  13. Number of Sites Planned

  14. Requirement and Swap Details

  15. Number of Urban Sites Planned for survey by Vendor

  16. Proposed Nearest IP Sites

  17. Deliverable by SSAs Concerned • Acquisition of sites – Coordination with RF Team of Vendor for finalizing the new candidates and further acquisition of sites on getting approval from CMTS Planning Wing. • Media Plan to be prepared and requirements to be projected.. • Issuance of AA&ES to Civil Wing/Electrical Wing for erection of GBT and installation of DGs for the sites under the scope of BSNL. • DG Plinth not to be provided by Civil Wing for the DGs to be installed by the Vendor.

  18. Deliverable by DE (BSS) Team • Coordination with Vendor for Survey & Identifying Candidates for 152 New Sites in Existing Network Area. • Surveying & Identifying of Candidates for New Network 93 Sites as communicated by this office. • Field Verification of IP sites for issuance of SO to IPs. • Verification IP sites after declaration of RFIE by IPs. • Re deployment of Swapped 168 DMW systems.

  19. Deliverable by Civil Wing • Erection of 125 GBT Towers (Tentative) for the acquired Sites under GBT option. • DG Plinth not to be provided by Civil Wing for the DGs to be installed by the Vendor.

  20. Deliverable by Electrical Wing • Installation and commissioning of 75 Spare DG Sets allotted in various SSAs procured under Phase V.1 project. • Electrical Wirings for Indoor New sites. • Installation and commissioning of AC units 1.5 ton X 2 in 80 indoor sites.

  21. Deliverable by Vendor (M/s. ZTE) • Redeployment of swapped 500 BTSs equipments and 420 Node Bs Equipments • RF Survey for 152 Existing NW Expansion Sites. • Erection of 6 GBTs and 119 RTTs. • Installation of 175 Engine Alternators including Plinth • Installation of 250 Battery sets and Power Plants. • Installation of 40 Pre fabricated Shelters. • Provision of 125 Earthings • Provision of 250 Electrical Fittings. • Obtaining of EB Connection in 250 Sites • Installation and commissioning of 265 Mini Links.

  22. Phase V.I GSM Expansion Project

  23. Status of Phase V.1 Project at a Glance (as on 09.07.2012)

  24. V.1 2G, 3G, A/T Completions at a glance

  25. SSA wise BTS Extnl. Alarm Extension Pending Status

  26. BTS Extnl. Alarm Extension Pending in BSNL Sites • Electrical Wing is requested to extend infra alarms • for the following Sites under Phase V.1 Project. • Number of Sites where Engine Alternator is provided by • Electrical Wing - 175 • Number of BSNL Exchange Sites where Alarm to be • provided by Electrical Wing - 83 • Total Sites where Alarm Extension to be provided by • Electrical Wing - 258

  27. 14.4 Mbps Speed for all Node B Sectors • As on 31/03/2011, 670 sites were working on OFC media and these sites are migrated to IP media. The sites which were progressively converted to OFC media later are also being migrated to IP media. The present status as follows. • Total Node Bs Planned 1126 • Total Node Bs Commissioned 1097 (97 %) • Node Bs With OFC Media 829 • 14.4 Mbps implemented 767 ( 97% ) • Node Bs With Microwave Media 297 • M/s Huawei has supplied only 300 SFPs against 1126 Node-Bs and balance SFPs yet to be supplied by the vendor.

  28. Wi MAX



  31. WiMAX BTS Installation/Integration pending due to BSNL - To be attended • CDL SSA: Nagalur - Diverted to PY Main Exchange.Py SSA to • make arrangements to dismantle and install • in the new location immediately. • 2) TR SSA : 1) Kattur - TR has requested for change of site to • Veppur.Feasibility study is in progress. •   : 2) MG Gate - TR has requested for change of site • to Keeranur. Feasibility study is in • progress. • 3) MA SSA : Tiruppalai - Power problem to be resolved.

  32. WIMAX TARGET FOR 2012-2013 & ACH FROM 01.04.2012 TO 08.07.2012

  33. WIMAX BTSs 4E1 connectivity to be upgraded to STM1/DF

  34. WIMAX BTS 4E1 connectivity to be upgraded to STM1/DF

  35. CDMA/WLL

  36. DEL Target for the year 2012-2013

  37. EVDO Target for the year 2012-2013

  38. REPORTS PENDINGFROM SSAs • Payment pending status to M/s LG for WLL Equipments: PY only • The stock of recovered FWTs/IFWTs in SSAs and New FWTs/IFWTs stock as on 31-3-2012 Audit reply DPI, TNJ,TR.

  39. REPORTS PENDING FROM SSAs • ISSUE OF PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE FOR THE SUPPLY OF 6650NOS. OF FWTs SUPPLIED BY M/s Teracom VIDE P.O NO. CE/PO-008/09-10 dt.2-7-2009 SALEM, KARAIKUDI and MADURAI. • Issue of Performance certificate for supply of EVDO DATA Cards issued under various Purchase orders. All SSAs.



  42. Total sites leased out so far up to 9/7/2012 • M/s VTL 69 • M/s TTSL 03 • M/s AIRCEL 19 • M/s VODAFONE 43 • M/s AIRTEL 66 ----- TOTAL 200 -----


  44. Total amount collected so far • Amount collected upto 2011-2012 = Rs. 80326359 • Amount realized during the = Rs.20378125 1st quarter of this FY (2012-13) Break up: APRIL, 2012 Rs. 5437861 MAY, 2012 Rs. 240264 JUNE, 2012 Rs.14700000 ----------------- TOTAL Rs.20378125 -----------------


  46. Service Orders pending for declaration of RFIE from M/s AIRTEL • Valathi Cuddalore • SIDCO PDK, Trichy 3. Dhenkanikotta, Dharmapuri 4. Roshanai, Cuddalore 5. Kadachenanthal, Madurai 6. Vellaiyapuram, Karaikudi 7. Papakudi, Tirunelveli 8. Vazhavallan, Tuticorin

  47. Service Orders pending from M/s Aircel and M/s Vodafone 1. Golden Nagar, Karaikal, CRDA 2. Golden Nagar, Karaikal, CRDA

  48. CMD BSNL has written a DO letter expressing dissatisfaction over the performance of TN Circle during the last financial year which is reproduced in the next slide. Copy of the same is being forwarded to SSA Heads. As the target set for TN Circle is huge, all out efforts by the Head of SSA may kindly be taken to achieve the targets.

  49. In this connection, CGM TN Circle has written a DO letter to SSAs vide letter No.GM(Infra)/PI/110-2/2012-13 dated 10/5/2012 instructing SSAs to achieve the targets set in infra sharing of towers. • CGM TN Circle may review the achievements on fortnightly basis.

  50. CEO of M/s Airtel Smt Kamat has visited this Office for sharing of the following towers in TN Circle: • BHEL WRI Hostel} • BHEL }Trichy • BHEL Unit II } • SASTRA College, Thanjavur Although Trichy and Thanjavur SSAs reported non feasibility of these sites for sharing, further efforts may kindly be taken to declare the site feasible. • Institute of Medical Science, Pondicherry – Feasibility report awaited from SSA • RGM TTC, Chennai – Permission from Cantonment Board is awaited • Opp to Collectorate, Coimbatore- SSA requested to send the feasibility report. CEO of M/s Airtel reportedly stressed upon for getting these sites and to get more business from M/s Airtel, feasibility for the above sites may kindly be declared at the earliest.