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Unit 1 读下面的调查表,写一份调查报告 No.3 Middle School : Activity Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 读下面的调查表,写一份调查报告 No.3 Middle School : Activity Survey

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Unit 1 读下面的调查表,写一份调查报告 No.3 Middle School : Activity Survey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1 读下面的调查表,写一份调查报告 No.3 Middle School : Activity Survey.

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Presentation Transcript

Unit 1 读下面的调查表,写一份调查报告

No.3 Middle School : Activity Survey


Here are the results of the student activity survey at No 3.Middle School. Some students are very active .They exercise every day .Some students exercise once or twice a week .Many students exercise three or four times a week .As for Internet ,most students surf the Internet three or four times a week .Some students surf the Internet once or twice a week .No students surf the Internet every day . The results for “drink milk” are interesting . Most students drink milk every day .Some students drink milk once or twice a week . A few students drink milk three or four times a week .



假如你是Gina , Tony和Julie的老师。表格内容是你根据他们的问题提出的一些建议。请根据表格内容,写一篇60词的短文。


Gina always feels tired . She should go to bed early , and she shouldn’t watch too much TV .She should have a good rest and try to exercise to keep healthy .Tony is stressed out ,so he should listen to some music to make himself relaxed .He shouldn’t study late . Julie is too fat and she should take more exercise . She shouldn’t eat too much meat or junk food .She needs exercise to stay in good health ,too .



根据提示写一篇60词的短文: 怀特一家假期打算大连去旅



The Whites are going to visit Dalian for vacation .They are going there by train because they want to spend less money ..They are staying there for a week .They plan to go swimming in the sea and eat delicious seafood .They hope to make some friends there .Dalian is very beautiful and the weather is fine , too .The Whites will have a relaxing and happy vacation there .





My father takes the subway to work every day .His office is about five miles away from home .It takes him ten minutes .He likes it because it’s fast .My mother takes the bus to the hospital every day . It’s eight miles away from my home .It takes her twenty—five minutes .She can’t stand it because it’s too crowed on the bus .My grandma goes to the supermarket on foot every morning .It’s very near ,only about one mile .And it takes ten minutes .She likes it because she thinks it’s good for her health .I always ride my bike to school .It’s about three miles and it takes fifteen minutes .I think it’s OK because I have to do it .


Unit 5

Kate 准备下星期举办自己的生日晚会,并邀请你参加。但你下周有自己的安排。写一封短说明你的理由。


Hi Kate:

Thank you for your invitation .I’m sorry I can’t go to your party next week . I’m really busy .This evening I’m going to the concert .Tomorrow ,I’m going to have a piano lesson .On Wednesday ,I have to go a doctor .On Friday evening ,I am studying for a test .I hope you will have a good time .

Write soon

Yours , Linda



Yu Ying Middle School 八年级五班的同学开展以“Should friends be the same or different?” 为主题的班会。请你发挥自己的想象,写 一篇60词的短文。


Should friends be the same or different ? I don’t think it’s very important .In my opinion , I like friends who are different from me . For example I’m quiet and shy , but my best friend Linda likes making friends and she is more outgoing than me .Lida likes sports and music ,But I am better at math and English than she is . We both like red coats , and we enjoy interesting stories and do the same things . We also both like pop songs .In some ways we are different , but we are good friends .


Unit 7

How to Make Fruit Salad

First cut up three apples , two bananas and a watermelon .Next put the fruit into a bowl .Then put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of yogurt .Finally mix it all up


Unit 8

以An Awful Day Off 为题,记述你一次不愉快的假日。


An Awful Day Off

We finally had a day off from school this week . But I had a awful day .I got up early but the weather was bad ,so I stayed at home and helped my parents clean the garage . Then I read a boring book and played computer games .My parents wanted to go for a drive , so I went with them ..But that wasn’t very interesting , too .Then I went to the movies . I saw Shark , but it wasn’t a very good movie .


Unit 9



Deng yaping is my favorite sports player.

She was born on June 2nd ,1973 in Henan .When she was five years old ,she started to play table tennis .She begin to join the Henan table tennis team when she was ten years old . In 1998, she was so great that she joined the national table tennis team . From 1993 to 1998 ,she was number one wamen’s singles player in the ITTF during the five years . She was also good at study . She went to Tsinghua University and majored in English and management at the age of twenty—four .

I think she is a great player .


Unit 10

根据所提供的词语,写一篇短文,介绍David的新年决心。要求用第三人称。Play an instrument, part—time ,save money ,make a soccer team ,good grades, healthier food, do more exercise


David’s Resolutions for New Year

Next year , David is going to learn to play an instrument . He’s going to get a part—time job to save money . He is going to use the money to buy a violin . He likes soccer very much . He is going to make a soccer team . He’s going to study hard and get good grades in school . Health is the most important . He’s going to eat healthier food and do lots of exercise .


Unit 11

下周你和家人要去度假,你请你的朋友Gina 帮忙照顾你的小狗。请根据提示,给她写一张留言条。Take care of ,feed ,give water , go for a walk , play with ,clean his bed .


Dear Gina .

worry about my pet dog ,Dudu . Could you please help me take care of him for a week while we are away ? We have enough pet food . And could you please feed some pet food and give some water to him twice a day ? Dudu likes taking a walk outside in the evening . Could you please take him for a walk every day if it doesn’t trouble you much ? Could you please play with him as often as you can ? He is very clever and I am sure you will like him . By the way , Would you like to clean his bed once a day?

I am sorry to trouble you so much .I hope you will like Dudu .

Thanks a lot

Yours, Lucy


Unit 12



I live in a beautiful city . There are many schools in our city . But No.12 High School is the best because it has the best teachers and it has the most beautiful school yard . The best movie theater in my city is Modern Cinema .It has the biggest screens . There are also many clothing stores .The best one is Xingxing Clothing . It has the best quality clothes .Of all the hospitals ,People’s Hospital is the best . It has the friendlist service and it isn’t expensive .