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Expansion Bus Video Notes

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Introduction I/O Addresses The Dreaded Hex IRQs/COM & LPT Ports DMA Legacy Architecture: MCA, ISA, EISA, VESA. PCI USB Firewire Installing & Troubleshooting Exp. Cards. Expansion Bus Video Notes. Expansion Bus Introduction 1. The expansion bus is important because…(3 pts)

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expansion bus video notes

I/O Addresses

The Dreaded Hex

IRQs/COM & LPT Ports


Legacy Architecture: MCA, ISA, EISA, VESA




Installing & Troubleshooting Exp. Cards

Expansion Bus Video Notes
expansion bus introduction 1
Expansion Bus Introduction 1
  • The expansion bus is important because…(3 pts)
  • The expansion bus allows many different types of cards from many different manufacturers to work on any given computer; does that mean all cards have to operate at the speed of the CPU? Expansion Bus? Why? (3pts)
  • What did IBM do, related to the expansion bus, that was so revolutionary?
  • Can anyone make a PC? Why? (2 pts)
  • ISA stands for…
i o addresses
I/O Addresses
  • I/O Address are the __________________________ ______________________ for devices on the EB.
  • The address bus discussed in the video is __________ bits wide.
  • __________ binary numbers are used to represent an address on the bus (How many?).
  • What’s the “…dreaded hex!
the dreaded hex
The Dreaded Hex
  • How many numbers are used in the Hexadecimal system?
  • Why do we need to use hexadecimal to identify a binary address?
  • How is it that hexadecimal works so well in converting binary numbers into 8 bit numbers?
  • What is the I/O “base” address?
  • The “h” in 03Fh indicates it is a _____________________ number.
irqs com lpt ports
IRQs/COM & LPT Ports


  • Come up with your own analogy for IRQs.
  • What happens if you use the same I/O address or IRQ for two different devices?

COM and LPT ports

  • Did Mike make a sexist remark?
  • Do you think Mike was being serious when he suggested you memorize the COM and LPT port addresses and IRQs? Why?
  • How can we get away with assigning COM1/COM3 and COM2/COM4 the same IRQs?
  • You should not change the I/O address or IRQ of a device (T/F). Why? (2 pts)
  • Why do you think the industry invented DMA for PCs?
  • What’s another name for Ultra DMA?
  • What is Bus Mastering?
  • A sound card labeled “Ultra” would mean what?
  • What is Reserved Memory?
  • What four items are referred to as System Resources?
legacy architecture mca isa eisa vesa
Legacy Architecture: MCA/ISA/EISA/VESA
  • What are two significant benefits of MCA
  • Why did MCA fail?
  • EISA = 7 MHz, 32 bit, self config.
  • VL = ____ _____ ___
  • What was speed and bit width of VL?
  • When was VL in use?
  • What prompted VESA Local Bus?
  • What were two drawbacks of VESA?
  • PCI is an acronym for ______________ ________________ ______________
  • Who Created the Bus and Chipset?
  • What is a Mezzanine bus?
  • List four specifications for PCI
  • “Above 15 IRQs” is significant for?
  • What changed in design regarding Southbridge/Northbridge from early 90s to mid/late 90s?
  • On a non-ISA MB why do we need IRQs?
  • USB is an acronym for __________ __________ __________
  • How many devices can you control on USB?
  • How can you add more devices to an Existing USB?
  • What happens if you do plug in 127 devices?
  • What is the maximum distance for USB?
  • List the three connectors for USB
  • List the speeds for USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
  • How many divices can you connect with Firewire?
  • What is the maximum distance for Firewire?
  • What are the speeds for Firewire IEEE 1394 A & B?
  • What connectors are used with Firewire?
  • What do you think, does Meyers love firewire/USB
installing troubleshooting expansion cards
Installing/Troubleshooting Expansion Cards
  • How should you hold and store card
  • List two kinds of legacy
  • What is significant regarding ACPI?
  • What’s Meyer’s trick regarding device drivers on a floppy?
  • Which Setting in Resources is the “do it yourself” setting?