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Can-Sian Restaurant. By: Ye Yang Sang Kim Natsuko Soejima Vince Wang Chloe Liu Jin Liu. Elements of a Business Plan. 􀀄 Goals and Missions 􀀄 Management Team Location 􀀄 Product / Service Description 􀀄 Market Opportunity 􀀄 Competition Analysis 􀀄 Financial Projections

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Can sian restaurant

Can-Sian Restaurant

By: Ye Yang

Sang Kim

Natsuko Soejima

Vince Wang

Chloe Liu

Jin Liu

Elements of a business plan
Elements of a Business Plan

  • 􀀄Goals and Missions

  • 􀀄Management Team

  • Location

  • 􀀄Product / Service Description

  • 􀀄Market Opportunity

  • 􀀄Competition Analysis

  • 􀀄Financial Projections

  • Legal Requirement

Can sian restaurant

  • Produce good reputation and royalty from consumers.

  • We expect to have a constant 15% annual growth rate,


  • We supply the good quality and delicious food with reasonable price.

  • We provide a good balance diet to customer

  • We provide a good atmosphere for the family to spend time together.

Management team
Management Team:

  • Experience in catering industry for 10years

  • Chief Chef was awarded the Best Chef in Korea in 2000


The West Lethbridge Advantages

  • Population of Lethbridge


  • The strongest population growth

    • University Students

    • New Housing

  • No direct competitors

  • Not enough restaurants in West

  • Location2

    Specific Site

    • West Village Mall

      • Easy access from University Drive.

      • Close to a dense population of the target market

      • Walking distance of University

      • Enough parking spaces


    Quality must be at the fore of our product:

    • Quality in Food

    • Quality in Service

    What type of food we provided
    What Type of food we provided:

    • Chinese Food

    • Korean Food

    • Japanese Food

    Integrating supply chain
    Integrating supply chain

    Three main ingredients

    • Meat (Beef, chicken and fork)

    • Vegetables (typical vs. basic)

    • Other ingredients (spices, salt, sugar and etc.)


    5 conditions

    • Cost: Charges for transportation

    • Time: Adequacy and speed of transit

    • Capability: The competency of suppliers to provide amounts of ingredients we request

    • Dependability: Reliability of service regarding time, loss and damage

    • Frequency: Scheduling

    Meat supplier
    Meat supplier

    • Local (Lethbridge) transaction

    • Advantage

      1.Best quality

      2.Cost effective: low cost for transportation

      3.Easily monitor: How the supplier produces

      products (quality of meat)

      4. Customized products

    Vegetable supplier
    Vegetable supplier

    Typical ingredients (Chinese white cabbage, Japanese parsley..)

    Transaction proceeded in Calgary (Chinatown)

    • The cost for transportation

    • Possible economic detriments regarding to time, damage and loss

      of vegetables.

    • Typical services offered by supplier (delivery, discounts, credit, promotion, promotional support materials, guarantees and technical assistance) are not guaranteed.

      4) Need to acquire dependable suppliers and capability of managing adequate inventory level (constant and accurate inventory check).


    Basic ingredients (onion, garlic, rice…)

    • Transaction proceeded in local markets

    • Local farmers

      Integrated market: Farmer’s market in Lethbridge

      None or inexpensive cost for transportation: delivery service

      suppliers offer and closeness to markets

      Face to face contact with suppliers (if vegetables have bad


    Supplier for other ingredients
    Supplier for Other ingredients

    Ingredients like sauce, salt , pepper, sugar..

    Easily run out but easily purchased from local retailers (Wal-Mart, Sears Canada..)


    Using inventory organizer (Chart or notice board) and collective inventory management involving all managers and employees.

    • Unnecessary to purchase them in large quantities.

      (expense of cash out of our pockets)

      2) Accurate estimation from chefs, assistants and employees

    Two ways to purchase equipments
    Two ways to purchase equipments

    • Buying the used Equipments

    • Leasing

    Can sian restaurant

    3 conditions for purchasing decision:

    • Sales service: credit sale, guarantee,..

    • Repair

    • Affordability:reduce star-up cost

    Marketing opportunities
    Marketing opportunities

    target market:

    • familiesin Westside

    • University Students

    Marketing strategy
    Marketing strategy

    • Taste and service

    • Pricing



    • No Chinese restaurant in Westside

    • Only have the fast food chain available


    • Low competitive with downtown restaurant


    • Flyer

    • Coupon

    • Word of Mouth

    Sales promotions
    Sales promotions

    • Lunch combo

    • Discount for every Tuesday


    • 2 Chefs

    • 1 Store Manager

    • 4 Part time waiters

    Break even analysis
    Break- Even Analysis

    • The Fixed Cost is $248720

    • The Contribution as % of Sales is 75%

    • The Break-Even Point is $331627

    Legal structure limited partnership with 4 silent partners

    Legal Structure:

    Limited partnership with 4 silent partners.

    Legal Requirements

    Legal requirements cont d
    Legal Requirements (Cont’d)

    Licenses and Taxes:

    • Provincial business license

    • Taxes:

      Provincial Sale Taxes (PST)

      Goods and Services Taxes (GST)

    Legal requirements cont d1
    Legal Requirements (Cont’d)

    Intellectual Property Protection:

    Gain a trademark from government for the name of our restaurant—Can-Sian.